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Не мога да повярвам, че този пост е стоял четири месеца в компютъра - започнат в Кисуму, но недовършен. Ето го...
I started this post in Kisumu four months ago. I have completely forgotten about it. But it's never late to show you that miraculous world. Here it is...


Малко красиви моменти от Африка.... Претрупана от работа, нямам време и сили за блога, но за снимане - винаги!:)
Some beautiful moments from Africa... Overwhelmed with work, I have no time and force for blogging, but for taking photos - always!:)

Вчера следобед тази дъга се появи на небето при положение, че не беше валяло! Няколко секунди стоях безмълвна, наистина бях поразена!
Yesterday I saw this rainbow on a cloudy sky, without any sign of rain.... I stayed speechless for a few seconds - what an amazing thing!

Проектът върви успешно. Младите артисти са невероятни, децата - прекрасни. Денонощието едва ни стига за всичко планирано. Вали по-често от друг път (в края на дъждовния сезон сме). Иначе - красота в изобилие, ярки цветове, толкова много нюанси на зеленото и невероятни залези над езерото Виктория... Откраднати моменти в началото и в края на работния ден!...

Everything with the project is going on as planned. The young artists and volunteers are amazing, the children - wonderful. At the end of the day I feel tired. Don't sleep enough. But I am always in awe of the beauty that I see every minute everywhere: flowers, trees, the magnificent lake Victoria...

Едномесечният престой в Кения този път мина почти неусетно за мен. Спомените не избледняват. Макар и не толкова чести, появата им винаги ме кара да изтръпна и да се усмихна (поне вътрешно)!

The memories are still fresh and vivid. When I think about that one-month stay in Kisumu, my heart sinks and I smile! As I'm doing right now...

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  1. Hi, Ro!
    Wonderful photos!
    I imagine that wonderful trip and wonderful experience. I guess this is a small sample of what you have seen in this country. I think, if I could make a wish, hoping become real, I would ask to travel the world and know beautiful places. what a wonderful planet we have. and how little we care it!
    Do you know the white flower (bell-shaped) here is called "floripón" is a flower that opens at night and full of a sweet perfume all over the place. I had it in my old house, white and pink color. (I have heard it is a very powerful hallucinogenic plant)
    ok. always your post are beautiful and with a such feeling!
    PS: you're a good photographer! :))))

    1. My dear friend, I was absent for a while and "avoided" Internet in order to enjoy my holiday at full!
      Most of those beauties were growing in the incredible Garden of our hosts... I used to take photos usually in the morning, just before going to work. Thanks for telling me about that flower - I found information and now I know more about it!
      Our planet is so beautiful, yes! But on the other hand I think that a lifetime is not enough to be everywhere in our homeland - there are still so many places in Bulgaria that we have not visited!:( It was such a pleasure to travel the last few days...
      I'll have a new post soon. Stay tuned!:) xx

  2. Rossichka, what a pleasure to look at your very fine photographs and imagine that I am in a very different part of the world. I thank you for giving me this little afternoon journey, with no airplane required.

    May I also wish you a very Happy May Day! xo

    1. Dear Frances, thank you! I feel the same way when I read your posts.:)
      When in Kenya, I have the feeling that if I imagine a flower and draw it, I will find it growing somewhere there... There are such incredibly beautiful species!
      Have a joyful May!:)))

  3. Отговори
    1. Actually it was in November-December!:D But it's always like that in Africa!!

  4. Oh, thanks for these splendid flowers from Africa!!! What an incredible nature! I hope you enjoy the Bulgarian spring. I understand you have had a little time away? That's good! In Holland it is nothing compared to that African abundance, but still very beautiful.
    I wish you all the best! Love, Hedwig
    I wish you

    1. I was surprised to discover they've begun to import Bougainvillea here! (Not from Africa, of course!)
      The spring is beautiful as ever, although a little bit rainy this year. I'll post about my short spring journey very soon.
      Big hugs, Hedie!xx

  5. Stunning photos my dear friend :D
    Thank you for your kind comments, I've not been blogging so much due to my workload, but I must try harder :D

    Hugs to you.xxx

  6. Please, don't miss my next post - about my trip to the seaside.:0)
    There's nothing better than to work what you love, so enjoy every single day! x

  7. Yes, you are right - "heavenly" is the word!:)
    Thanks for visiting!