вторник, 7 януари 2014 г.


Моите двама любими мъже ми подариха този куб цветни листчета. Приех го като знак, че е време да се върна към хартиените изрезки. И реших всяка вечер, доколкото ми е възможно, да правя по една. Започвам с лица. Ето ги първите...
This pile of coloured papers  is a gift for me from my husband and son. A sign, that it's high time to take the scissors again. And I decided to make papercuts every evening (when possible), so here are the first ones...

Отново с ножица в ръка, се почувствах като риба във вода. Хрумват ми най-различни идеи и  този път мисля да ги изследвам.
I took to papercutting like a fish to water. This time I intend to explore the ideas, flowing around!

Така че се надявам през тази година често да ви показвам хартиени творения. Ето няколко миналогодишни изрезки, минути преди да ги затворя в Специалната им кутия.
So I hope to show you often  papercuts of mine. Here are some "old" ones, just a few minutes, before closing them in their Special box.

И снимка на картичка, направена за подарък през пролетта.
And a forgotten pic of a card I made for a friend of ours.

В момента подготвям драматургичен материал по Андерсен. Кой знае, това може би също ми влияе? Чета си от "тухлите" с изследвания върху Андерсен, донесени от Дания, и се чувствам неимоверно добре. И за пореден път си мисля, че в България не го познаваме - нито живота, нито богатото му творчество. Жалко!
I am working upon a dramatisation after HCAndersen now. So, who knows, maybe this influences me in a way, too? Reading about Andersen makes me feel great!

П.П. Цветовете не са истинските - синьото от кубчето всъщност е зелено, бледо лилавото и бледо синьото съвсем изчезнаха, част от лицата са оранжеви, но не можах да се преборя със светлината...:(
P.S. It's a pity that I couldn't hold the proper colours of the paper - the blue is actually green, the lilac and the light blue completely disappeared, not to mention that half of the faces are orange, but I can't help it...:(

14 коментара:

  1. a prefect gift to inspire you!
    i always enjoy seeing your paper cuttings, the card is so charming!

    wishing you a 2014 that feels wonderful to you!

    1. Yes, and it was made "just like that", not even for Christmas!:)
      Thank you, Tammie, you encourage me!

  2. Rossichka, what a delight to see what you have been creating from paper, with scissors! I love the color papers, but also just like what your talented eyes, mind and hands have made from the brown paper.

    I have a collection of brown paper bags brought home week by week full of groceries from a neighborhood market. I sometimes use this paper for wrapping parcels to be mailed, but now want to try to sharpen my scissors and my own imagination and sense of fun...and see what these paper bags might turn into.

    If there are any worth a photo, I will send the pix to you via email.

    Thank you for your kind comment over at my place. xo

    1. Oh, I'm eager to see what you and your scissors will find out in the paper! It will be fun, I'm sure!:)
      I use wrapping (brown) paper from time to time. For example here -
      Actually the faces you are talking about, are cut out from orange paper, but I couldn't take good photos...
      Thank you for the nice words!!

  3. You work with your scissor as I do with a pencil, and that, I find incredible! How do you it? How can you know how the outcome will be? It's so unique, a rare, bit old fashioned art form. It goes with the world of fairytales and Anderson and Tove Jansson. You go, girl. Rossichka scissorhand! I love that pile of paper! XXX Hedwig

    1. I don't know how I do it:-). I just imagine things in the very moment of cutting. Without drawing. And my hand leads the scissors.
      Thank you, Hedie, I have never expected such words from someone, they mean SO much for me! But I don't think I do something special. It's just a big pleasure for me, it really is!xx

  4. I think I agree with Hedwig, how do you know what will be the result????.
    OK, when I put the brush with watercolor on the paper and add a drop of water, the result is random, (somehow) but when you cut paper with scissors, no return!!!!
    Do you know what I think? I think you should show this as a new and avant-garde way to make art
    This you do, need, knowledge, sense of aesthetics, handle spaces, colors, materials, know about, previous project, and if this is not art, then I do not know what is art.
    Suggestion of a guy like me:
    do it larger,
    show it on the streets of your city.
    overwhelms people with your art,
    no fear, no shame.
    cut with your scissors large cardboard, and make a expocición in a gallery!
    Kisses! for you!!!!!! :)

    1. Oh, my dear friend, are you talking about me?! I blushed and blushed... Thank you, but I really don't think I deserve such strong words. Though, to be honest, the thought of an exhibition has been living in my imagination for quite a long time.:-) And maybe I should really try to cut something bigger. By the way, I taught children how to make such kind of papercuts some years ago (surprisingly then I was not tempted to do it, as I am now) and their big animals were quite impressive. If I find some pics, I'll send you to see.
      What about the result - I cant's explain it, but I "see" it in the very moment of cutting.
      See you! xx

    2. I "see" it in the very moment of cutting.

      OK that's the key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
      you see ... and others do not see, that's your skill, you must develop that skill, and do more and more art.
      Rossichka, when I say do art, I do not speak, to make money, or make presentations, or be famous, I say, make yourself happy doing something you love
      and ... not many people can do it.
      I am sure that in your house you have something woven, made by your grandmother ok?
      It was her skill. and that ability lasted for years.until this days.
      leave your ability to your grandchildren (but first shown this art to us who love you) :))))))))))
      Cute Sunday to you! my dear friend!!!!!!!!

    3. xxx
      I guess you are right! But I'm afraid I will leave to my grandchildren piles of paper if I continue to cut with my scissors in that tempo.:DDD

      I've always thought I've inherited some skills from my grannies, who both made amazingly beautiful things with their hands...

  5. Hello my dear friend, I've been thinking of you a lot recently. I hope you're doing well. I adore your paper cuts, you have such a talent for creating magical shapes :D

  6. Thank you, Kimberley! Your support strenghtens my desire to papercut!:)))