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След цяло денонощие полети вече съм на друг континент. Преди кацането в Найроби посрещаме изгрева на слънцето в самолета!
The very first impression of Kenya: watching the sunrise from the plane!
Следват 8 дни работа: обучение на "старите" артисти и новите желаещи. Процес интензивен, трениращ способността да променяш плановете си в крачка, да работиш в екип. Белязан от любопитство, ентусиазъм, радост и трудни моменти. Но в крайна сметка, донесъл истинско удовлетворение.
The first 8 days of the training are over: we met the "old" artists and the new volunteers. So much joy, enthusiasm, inspiration and smiles!

От понеделник започва вторият етап на  проекта: работата с деца по сиропиталища. Младите вече са разпределени  в екипи. Ще наблюдаваме работните им процеси, за да разберем доколко успяват да приложат в действие наученото от нас, а когато трябва - ще помагаме.:)
Tomorrow starts the second module of the project - the work with children at the orphanages. The teams are ready. We are going to coach and advise them, to follow their work in details.:)
Пет приказки от цял свят, пет тима. Аз отговарям за двата, които ще използват във финалните си представления кукли. Визуалните артисти започнаха да работят за този момент буквално от първия ден.
Five fairytales from different countries will construct the final performance. I'm in charge of two of them - those who will use puppets. The visual artists began to work upon them since the very beginning.
Запознаване с приказките...
Listened to the stories...

Рисуване на скици, изработване на кукли от подръчни материали...
Drew some sketches and made improvised puppets...

Обсъждане на системите кукли, дискусии върху литературния материал и сценографското решение.
Discussed the systems of puppets and the visual decision of the tales.
По-опитните кукловоди обучаваха новодошлите.
The already experienced puppeteers trained the new ones.
И ето го резултатът!
And here's the result - I'm so proud of them!

Те самите изработиха импровизирани кукли-явайки...
They managed to make improvised puppets on rod by themselves!

Каква радост е да събудиш интерес, да провокираш въображението, да спомогнеш за придобиването на нови умения... Разбира се, без тяхната мотивация, това не би било възможно.
But nothing is possible to be done without a motivation!

Импровизирано мини-шоу с уроците по кукловодене в действие: водене на една кукла от трима души, работа зад параван, етюд с шестима, което изисква координация, партниране и усет за пласиране на тялото в пространството. Направо невероятно!
My award was this improvised mini-performance showing that all the efforts were not in vain! Some of these young talented people have a potential to become good puppeteers!
Иначе - откраднати минути край езерото Виктория или вечеря навън не липсват! Невероятно красивата градина на хазяите ни и несекващите птичи песни са всекидневната ми доза вълшебство. Но повече снимки -  следващият път.:)
Meanwhile we have had some exciting moments at Lake Victoria and during our late dinners outside, of course! We are staying at the same beautiful place with the Paradise Garden, so there are some new photos to come!
До скоро!:)))        See you!:))))

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  1. What wonderful enthusiasm and creativity you are sharing with your young protoges, and I think that you and they are learning from each other!

    I imagine that the puppet performances are quite wonderful.

    It's grand that you have been able to send a post from Kenya. Hoping that we will soon be able to see more of this story.

    (It's now below freezing here in New York, so I also feel the warmth from your photographs!)


    1. I know winter is coming! If I could send to all of you a little bit of the sun here! By the way, it's not really hot! We are wearing blouses with long sleeves in the evenings.;)
      There're five performances to be created for the final day - with puppets and masks, and dance, and music. I hope we'll have a successful process and the result will be good.

  2. How wonderful. I am really looking forward to the next ones

    1. Hope to have time (and photos!) for a new post soon. This one I wrote for three days...

  3. Hi my Friend
    How's that going?
    How are your emotions?
    I can only see beautiful people sharing something wonderful. I was thinking of a word to say about this experience of yours, and I think that Communication is a good word.
    and is a word that contains many things, and the lack of this, does not allow us to know the other, and love the other.
    you're making it!!!
    I love the last photo, 8 hearts beating at the same rate!!! :))♥
    (be careful with desserts, my dear friend ;)))

    1. Hi, Roberto!
      I'm O.K.! We work hard, every day differs from the other and I like it! Tomorrow we'll have a day off, so we'll go somewhere to take a breath!:) The weather is fine (long leeves in the evenings, even jackets and shawls!), big bright stars (especially Venus), not that delicious food (sometimes we eat pizza!), so that dessert was a good surprise!
      I'll do my best to post again soon!
      I like your avatar. We have 4 dragons (they'll be puppets) in one of the fairytales!:)))
      Have a nice weekend!xx

  4. Ah, Venus
    I do not know if you can see Venus at night in the northern hemisphere (I think not)
    Venus (at least in my country) is the first star you see at sunset (though not a star, Venus shines like a star, and people say it's a star) and is the last star visible at dawn . This is known as The Lucero, (the Morning Star) is very poetic, Lucero, here, even is a woman's name
    OK. I want to send a kiss to you, look at the Lucero and there's my kiss! :)

    1. They told us here this is Venus on the sky when the evening falls down.. So big and bright! We can see it in Bulgaria also early in the morning and after sunset. And, yes, she has two different names because of that. And the morning one is also a female name - Zornitsa (Зорница).!!!
      Anyway, thanks for your kiss!...xx

  5. the puppets are so very beautiful!
    it seems like such an amazing experience to do something like this, to share artistically and experience joy and a good feeling for learning new things with new people.

    1. They learn form us, we learn from them... Oh, if you could see the other puppets! Those, that the visuals create for the performances!!!
      The festival is on Wednesday, so I'll probably post some pics soon.
      Thanks for commenting, you made me smile!:)

  6. looks like a wonderful experience for you and all of your very happy students!

  7. And it surely was!:) I'm back home now and need some time to adjust to my habitual way of living. I have so much to share... and I'll do it soon...

  8. Ha, you are back! Are you shivering in the cold weather and the grey city? Hope the warmth and the colors will sparkle in you for a long time. Very excited to hear and see about your adventures. Lots of welcoming kisses!!! Hedwig

    1. I'm fighting with the cold, still smiling in an "African" way...:) Hope to post soon. Hope also that your memories from the journey keep you warm inside!:) xxx

    2. O, I'm allready back to normal, but yes, my trip was good. Lovely to be with my sister.

  9. Hi, Dear Rossichka!!
    Long time ago that we did not sit down to drink tea and chat, right?
    How are you and your family, your son back for the holidays?
    OK. I just want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a 2014 full of happiness, and health and good times
    (I know, I should send a card to you., but, you know, I have not forgotten, at least that's something)
    Happiness and Love! ♥ :))))))))))))))
    roberto (from the southern summer :))

    1. Thank you, my friend! I miss you and our "chatting", too, but I still cannot get back to the normal rhythm of my life... In case that I don't find another opportunity - Merry Christmas and a Happy, Beautiful, Exciting and Marvellous New Year!xxx

    2. Hi, you two! Let the African sun and the Argentine sun warm our hearts. Let the Northern stars lighten our souls and let's be friends in 2014! Love you, Hedwig.