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Отдавна не съм се радвала на по-прекрасна есен - блага, тиха, топла, красива, богата на цветове, мирис и вкусове... Наистина "златна"! Съжалявам, че няма да мога да й се насладя докрай, защото един друг континент, с вечно лято, ме зове отново - Африка! Някои от вас знаят за предишните ми пътешествия дотам. Звучи екзотично и прелюбопитно (и си е така!), но за мен Кения е свързана най-вече с усилена работа (почти без никаква почивка): обучение на млади хора в изкуство, социализиране на деца чрез изкуство... В блог-дневника съм разказала много. Но досега не намерих време за това...
We've been having the most beautiful, quiet, sunny, warm autumn since a long time! Full of gorgeous colours, long walks in the park, sweet chatting at the cafes, happy dogs and pigeons, lazy cats, delicious fruits and plenty of vegetables! I'm sorry I will miss the rain, that will inevitably come, and the final dance of the leaves. But Africa calls me again! So... here are the summer dresses, the sun oil, the light shawls... The empty suitcase is open.:)

Както виждате, кенийците са талантливи художници. Ако пък сложиш картината в рамка, направо грейва!
I've written a lot about my African adventure, but I couldn't find time for this... As you can see, the Kenyans have a talent for art! 
Изборът на уникални, ръчно изработени картички е голям.
They are such inventive and creative people! There's a big choice of unique, hand-made cards .
Всички тези рисунки са купени от Масай маркет в Кисуму - малка, прашна уличка,  пълна с туристи и чудно красиви предмети, изработени с вкус и находчивост. Продавачите (понякога самите майстори) изникват на всяка крачка от сумрачните магазинчета и те канят да разгледаш сувенирите им. Някои са толкова настойчиви, че не можеш да им откажеш.:))
All these drawings and paintings were bought at Maasai market in Kisumu - a small, dusty street, full of tourists and amazingly beautiful souvenirs. The sellers (sometimes the craftsmen themselves) go out from the tumble-down shops to offer you their treasures: "Come, sister, some! Just have a look!"...:D
От тази дама купихме "армагани" - гривнички и прекрасни памучни, ръчно боядисани  шалове (не тези, които носим).
We bought from this lady some gifts - bracelets and lovely cotton shawls, dyed by hand (not those on the photo).

Очите ми останаха в плетените купи и чинии! 
I couldn't take my eyes off these bowls!

Любителите на маски имат богат избор, а ако успеят да  се спазарят за добра цена, могат да се завърнат вкъщи с истински трофей!
The masks lovers have a rich choice, but have in mind that they are expensive! Still you can meet over a price!

Най-уморителното нещо за мен е, че трябва да се пазариш за  абсолютно всичко. Цени няма, но горе-долу се знае кое колко струва (особено, ако вече си пазарувал там). Кенийците смятат, че всички бели хора са богати, и обичат да се пазарят. Ако купиш повече бройки обаче (за приятели и роднини), великодушно ти занижават цената и/или ти правят подаръче!:)
The bargain is the most tiresome thing for me, though I was surprised that I managed pretty well!  There are no written prices, so it's not easy to bargain. But if at the end you become friends or if you buy more souvenirs, there's always a reduce of the price and even a small gift!:)

С този пост ви казвам довиждане до около Коледа! Надявам се да успея да публикувам нещо (живот и здраве да е!), ако имаме добра Интернет връзка.
Тази година проектът завършва. Младите артисти ще приключат обучението си по маски, танци, кукли, музика и визуални изкуства. Но има нови желаещи! Така че, хвърляйте поглед тук от време на време!:) 
With this post I tell you "bye!" for a month. Still I hope to post something from Kenya if we have a good Internet connection!
This will be the end of the three-years project (see the previous posts of this journal). The young artists will complete the last step of their training in masks, dance, puppets, music and visual arts. But there are volunteers again!

Всеки един от тези хубави млади хора притежава някакъв талант. Те натрупаха немалък опит. Срещнаха се с европейския начин на мислене и работа. Развиха дарбите си. В бъдеще са готови да работят с деца от многобройните сиропиталища. Предстои ни нова вълнуваща среща и много, много труд!! Стискайте палци!:))
Each one of these charming young people  has a gift for art. They learnt a lot. Developed their talents. Met the European way of thinking and working. More experienced and self-confident now, they are ready to work with the children from the numerous orphanages. A new, emotional meeting is "knocking on the door"! And weeks of hard work!!...

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  1. I'm the first! That feels very special :)
    Dear dear dear! Rossi, I wish you a wonderful time in Africa! I assume you have found a fairy tale and now you are off for the real work. I'll wave to you from my plane. Take good care of yourself. Love you!!! Hedwig

    1. My dear Hedie, have a wonderful stay at your sister's place, too! Full of laugh, warmth, sharing and new discoveries! I haven't forgotten - I will wave to you in the air, too!:D The fairy tales are found, yes, and even translated! I have just about 10 sentences left to finish the second one - maybe in the next half an hour. There's a real mess in my room, everywhere luggage and things that I hesitate whether to take...:0)
      Take care, too!Hugs and kisses: R.

  2. Enjoy your trip Rossichka! Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Thank you, Sasa! Hope it will be interesting as before! I will definitely share here my impressions.

  3. First:
    Rossichka, you always look beautiful in all the pictures, (obviously, also in real life, haha​​) (I envy your hair, I really envy your hair! I wish, have your hair!)
    African art is beautiful, no question, I think that the origin of man occurs in Africa right? (Australopithecus africanus) then, genetically, we have something atavistic, with Africa, that attracts us.
    I wish you a beautiful new experience, with new surprises, new loves (because surely a small piece of your heart will be in each person you meet there) and surely, new tears, because I guess the day that you return to your home country more than a few tears will come from your eyes. And to cry also is part of the experience, because we too cry for joy.
    A kiss and a hug!
    PS: I have bad news about the pigeon, some ate their eggs. :((

    1. My hair? Leave it to me, please!:0) BTW, it had much better times...:D Thanks for the compliments!
      I will re-read your wishes, Roberto, when it gets hard. The tears are already here, anyway...
      I'm in a hurry now to answer the comments, then I'll switch off the laptop, because there are so much things to be done!
      Have a nice November and December!
      I'm so sorry about the pigeon eggs! They looked perfect! Poor soul!...

  4. .. а какви красиви платове имат, немога да им се нагледам! на добър час, Роси! :)))))))))))

    1. Мерси, Ясминка! И аз страшно ги харесвам. Всеки път си нося парченца за спомен и с намерение да ги "претворя" в мънички красоти. Ама кога?...

  5. What a beautiful art!

    I know you will enjoy there, so I will be waiting for your posts when you'll return! - so curious what new adventures, thoughts and photos you will bring home. :)

    Have a great time!

    P.s.: I think they just recently "discovered" that the origin of the man is probably not in Africa, but even so - I think there is something in that continent that attract us constantly - well, actually like all native peoples do, no matter what continent. :)

    Beautiful hair, agree! :)

    1. Thank you, Maja! I have lots of photos, but there're always new things to be seen. And maybe new discoveries... I'm curious to see how the Garden of Heaven looks like now
      My hair is a bit shorter, a ittle change!
      I wish you all the best and many smiles!

  6. Oh, another thing, by the way: the other day there was a tv show here, a travel documentary about the southern Bulgaria - wonderful! Maybe some day ... :)

    1. Maybe... Why not?... You should see... We have the Black Sea.... And beautiful mountains... And ski resorts...:)))