четвъртък, 11 октомври 2012 г.


Когато имам няколко минути, рисувам на случайни листчета - набързо, ей така, за себе си.... (Само това лице е прерисувано от снимка.)
When I have some minutes, I draw faces on small sheets of paper, just for myself... (Only this one I watched from a photo.)

Или правя любимите си "нещо от нищо"  фигурки ...

Or make my favourite "something from nothing"-s...
Или си измислям нови хартиени изрезки!

Or I invent new kinds of papercuts!
Когато успея да отделя поне половин час, вземам някоя книга и чета по малко...

When I have at least half an hour, I read... (Jerome K.Jerome, Tove Jansson, Andre Maurois 
and  Jorge Bucay- only the last author's book is new to me!)

Ако отново си открадна няколко часа за разходка, ще проверя дали дърветата в парка са облекли жълто-оранжево-червените си дрехи. В неделя още бяха със зелените...
If I find some hours for wandering again, I'll go to the park to see whether the trees have put on their yellow-reddish dresses! This weekend they were still in green!:)
А вие какво правите, когато ви остане малко време за вас самите? :)

What do YOU do when you have time for yourselves? :)

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  1. Hey Hey Hey! I like your drawings!! :))))))))
    and I like papercuts and photos!:)))))))))
    congratulations!! you should do it more often, draw is like learning to ride a bike, the more you do, the better you do, believe me :))))
    hey, take a walk through my blog, please, and see what I have in my hand :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )) Byeeeee♫ ♫ ♫

  2. Oh, thank you, Roberto! There's no reason not to believe you, so what I need is more free time!
    You are sounding so merrily, I wish you a marvellous day!
    Here it's time to go to bed and I've just made a smaaaaal cup of coffee in order not to fall asleep in front of the laptop!:o)

    I'm going to check your blog right now, hey, hey, hey!:))

  3. Oh, I smiled WIDELY! Thank you, it's an honour to be part of your blog interface!:0))) I'm going to pour my hot coffee into the twin cup now! BYE!!!!!

  4. Rossichka, it's lovely to see how your imagination is set free with some free minutes! These are times captured quickly for playfulness, experiments and fun.

    I like every one of your photographs, but my favorite is the papercut reader. May it encourage many folks to do more reading.

    (I like to use my free moments for reading, but can also switch over quickly to knitting or crocheting. Drawing or painting will take me a bit more time to get properly engaged...in hand, eye and mind.)

    Best wishes!

    1. Yes, Frances, such "playful" moments are completely conducted by our imagination. And we just enjoy ourselves. Without a special aim, without the thought that we have to please someone and what we are doing should be beautiful, otherwise...
      The papercut reader is "sitting" on the piano now and maybe he'll inspire the whole family to read more, we'll see!:)))
      Thanks for the sweet comment!!

  5. Hi Rossicheeka :) Yes the ones from your heart are the best, the ones without photographs, the ones that are you :) They are always best straight from the heart - I wish I could find mine :) How are you? I am sorry I am sparse - what do I do in my spare time? I come to your blog and write nonsense !! :) :) The pictures of the trees remind me that I should sometimes leave my house and look up at the sky ( as long as abird isn'tflying past over my head :) that would be bon chance!)

    see you :)

  6. Hello, Andrew, I'm so sorry I can't comment on your blog, but it's comforting to know that you come here, so we keep in touch!
    I'm fine, thanks! But as usual in autumn my professional life becomes more intense, so I'm getting used to it now!
    I share what you say - what we create from our hearts, unpretentiously, just for ourselves, that's what are we! Oh, go out and look at the sky (but not in a dark, cloudy night!)- is there anything that you've forgotten about? I doubt ...:)))
    I hope you are O.K. and what happened to your arm is like a bad dream... Now it's time for the good ones, isn't it?:)

  7. wonderful faces
    and you are so creative with paper-cuts
    i see your style in both of these, i love that
    lovely to see the world through your photography too!

  8. Thank you, Tammie, you are so kind! There's nothing special in these photos - just some moments from the "la vie, comme elle va"...:) I'm so impatient for my new autumn series, but it's still early!
    I really should go back to papercutting...:) Have a wonderful new week!

  9. Hi, I'm back. I missed you too.
    You have been very creative! I like the way you make a kind of mis-en-scene for your paper figures. That way they really come to life and get personality. The women you 've drawn, they look a bit sad, or perhaps it's more dreamy.
    I want to thank you for your comments on my blog. You really see what I'm doing and what I mean. Your words make me very happy.
    In my spare time I try to draw, but I'm really lazy: most of the time I read a newspaper or sit behind my laptop.
    I walk every day with my dogs. Reading I do only in bed, before falling asleep. Now I'm gonna watch a dvd with my husband!
    Bye bye, till next time. Hedwig.

  10. Hey, Hedwig, you wrote me a real small letter - that's how I feel it, thank you!:)
    I move my figures and create some mise-en scene, unconsciously. Maybe it's due to my profession - I've been working as a puppet theatre director for about 30 years now...(OH, is it THAT LONG????) Here is one paper story, that you might like. I posted it a couple of years ago -
    I'm happy that I get close to what you want to say and express through your wonderful drawings!:))
    I don't have time to read ,too. Internet is one of the reasons, don't you think?:)))That's why I'm re-reading books, that I like, but have read long time ago and I'm curious to perceive them in the way I am now.
    I'm sending you a hug!

    1. I feel a connection with you. I think you have an eye for details and can see the beauty of things that look plain and simple, but they aren't. I don't know if I explain this clearly, but it's all about making something from nothing, and you are a master in it. You make a whole tragic love story from this simple papercut figures. Just by moving their head. For me that's art. It touched me more than big difficult ART in musea, allthough I can like that too.:)Enjoy the autumn!

    2. Oh, Hedwig, are you talking about me?! If you see things that way, then THANK YOU! It's a big compliment!
      I was surprised by your words, maybe I blushed and I don't know what to say... You made my day!:))))
      When I started this blog, I intended to share mainly my experience in puppet theatre. Then my passion for paper cutting burst and I began to post most of the figures that I was creating. Now I don't have much time for that, I'm busy with other things, life brought difficult periods to go through, but still I find short moments to free my creative energy and then I use different materials and objects - just to enjoy and relax...
      You are so sweet! It's really nice to "talk" with you, too!:))))xx

  11. You are one busy girl. :)

    Time for myself, eh?... Hmm that is a good question. I'm always making stuff. So if I'm not sewing, I'm cutting or pasting or knitting or crocheting or drawing. But if I'm not doing crafty stuff, I'm often reading (in general not fiction though). But I also love movies and listening to podcasts. And finally, I will go for walks or runs.

    I really love that bird silhouette, by the way. It has personality!

  12. I know you enjoy crafting, but the other activities - for your soul- are so delightful and necessary, aren't they?:)
    That bird was cut from a left over that reminded me of a bird and I just "helped" a little with the scissors to bring the silhouette out to the "day light"!:))

  13. i love your blackbird ♥

    what do i do.. what do i do... hmmmm... i like marathoning TV series on DVD hahaha :D

  14. Thank you, Mita! As I wrote above I "saw" the birdie in the leftover and just cut here and there to get it free... I love the black cardboard, myself! An artist, a friend of ours, gave me the pieces that remained after making some cardboard elements for an event...
    Watch, watch, if you need it, but stay in the reality!:0)))))

  15. How do you cut a new form, create a new Mary, watering the garden, looking at the birds, playing with the dog, look at the shadows on the ground. Thanks for the comments on my blog, and the boy in my lap there in the photo album is my grandson.


  16. I see you are busy with doing things that you like, that make you feel well and happy! Have a quiet, smiling weekend!
    Your grandson is lovely! It's nice to see you!:)))

  17. Hi Rossichka How are you and your family??
    just i realize that you ask about what we do when we have time for ourselves:) OK:
    I like to read, this year I've been able to read more than 8 books, but you know what? I do it with guilt
    because I feel like I should be doing something else. (are these stupid things that we sometimes have in the head) :(
    good week for you!! :))))

  18. Hello, Roberto! You don't forget me!:) Excuse me for not commenting in your blog, but I'm very busy with a new project - reading and writing... I hope to "get free" for a while tonight. Your last couple of paintings are wonderful!!
    It's nice you found time for so many books, you'll do the "something else"-s later, don't be sorry...
    We are all doing well at home, I hope it's the same with both of you!Hugs!:0)

  19. Rossichka, thank you very very very much for your kind and beautiful comments (I liked the lesson) indeed, I think, in some of my drawings, I will use those words in your language.
    them sound ♫ ♪ ♫
    You tried it mate? haha! ok that's called Globalization Ja Ja.!!
    I must try some food from Bulgaria (I'll look for an easy recipe online, and will give it to my son, he studied at a school for chef)
    (I sent the invitation again)
    PS: Do not work too hard, draw more, collect more stones, take more photos and share them with us :)))))))

  20. I'm glad you liked how the Bulgarian words sound, Roberto!
    I found some traditional Bulgarian recipes here -
    http://sharemykitchen.com/recipes/traditional-bulgarian-recipes/ and here -
    You could try, for example, Topcheta Soup or Stuffed Peppers or Tarator soup.
    I hope your son will cook them deliciously!:0)
    But, of course, it's better to taste them here, made from Bulgarians!:)))Tomorrow, for instance, I'm going to cook spinach with rice...
    Maybe in a month you'll understand what I am busy these days with. I'm gathering to post some photos of our last workshop activities next week.
    Have a good rest in the weekend!