петък, 7 януари 2011 г.


Искам да ви покажа няколко от хартиените изрезки, които стоят седмици на бюрото ми и така се получават своеобразни изложби. Но от пипане и преместване вече се поизмачкаха! Време е да ги прибера в кутиите, за да направя място за нови.

I decided to show you some papercuts, before closing them in the box. They have been staying on my desk for some weeks and from touching and holding they've finally become creased (I hope I'm using the right word).  I regularly make small exhibitions with the papercuts I like and  thus postpone the moment of saying "good bye" to them...

Изражението на лицето се променя в зависимост от светлината.

You see how his facial expression changes, according to the light.
Това червено момиче ми е скъпо, защото е първата фигурка, която може да седи!

This red girl is not a Beauty, I know, but I cut her while rehearsing in another town and that's why  she's dear to me. Besides she's the first one to sit down!

Ето един човек от любимата ми серия - "Нещо от нищо".

And here's a fellow from my favourite series  "Something from Nothing".
 Не е ли симпатяга?

Isn't he adorable?
Вижте другото му "аз" - на обратната страна на листа. Потънал в таблици и цифри, пак е щастлив! :0)

See his another "me" on the opposite side of the paper sheet - full of tables and figures, but still happy!:0)

По коледните празници участвах в уъркшоп за деца. Събрах част от хартиите за изхвърляне, в които видях бъдещи фигури. Ето някои от тях...

Some days ago I took part in a Christmas workshop for children. We made Christmas ornaments, including reindeers through outlining  hands and feet. I collected some of the papers that remained, seeing in them future figures. Such as...

Не знам коя е тя, но според мен живее сред вода и скали...

I don't know who she is, but I suspect she lives among water and rocks...


Не е ли сладур? :)
Isn't he cute? :)

A Pharaoh...

A Mandarin...
 Жена с една обувка...

 A woman with one shoe...
И няколко животни...

And some animals...

За финал - кратичка история за красотата около нас. Знам, че краката на този господин са къси, но парченцето хартия беше малко. Ще го изрежа отново и мисля този път да не бъде сам. Ако имате идеи кой да участва в историята, ще ми е страшно интересно да ги прочета!!

And here's a short story about beauty around us. I know the legs are short, but the "trouser's" left over was small! I'll cut this character again, hopefully in proportion! And maybe there'll be someone next to him - who do you think it should be? If you have any ideas, I'll be happy to read them!!:)

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  1. Мерси!! Как си? Мислено сме с теб с обич!:)

  2. beautiful post, love all your paper cuts, the children did a very good job!!
    Have a fantastic week end.

  3. Thank you, Ale! Just a little note - these papercuts are all mine. The children did Christmas ornaments - reindeers and snowmen.:0) I wish you a nice weekend, too!

  4. Fantastic paper cuts!
    Something from nothing and the little elephant are my favorite!!!
    I wish to do it with my sons...

    Hugs Rossichka.

  5. Thanks for the compliment! How old are they? If they can hold the scissors, you could try!:)

  6. Dear Rossichka,
    your cutting works already carry a story in themselves.
    You lovingly remove all that unecessary.
    The man with flower and butterfly which later becomes a necktie is a very nice idea.

    I wish you a good weekend,

  7. Dear Rosi, I was disappointed to see that the butterfly has lost its orange colour on the photo... But I'm glad you've got the story! In fact I cut the flower and the necktie in addition to the figure. And the story was born. I have a "Love Story" with papercuts. I'm not sure whether we had met by the time I posted it, so you can see it here - http://artsyville.blogspot.com/. Thanks for understanding me so well!:)

  8. I'm sorry, Rosi, I made a mistake! Here's my "Love Story" - http://rossichka.blogspot.com/2010/02/love-story.html

  9. Rossichka, you are so wonderful and kind to me. You continued to visit me even though I have been keeping to myself lately. I appreciate you very much. I would like to thank you by sending you a couple of ATCs. They are called Atist Trading Cards but I am not trading them, I call them A ThankYou Card. Only if you would like to have a couple of my acorns, no pressure. I will try to draw them this week. I will post my email address on my profile. Thank you again.

  10. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  11. Dear Ces, I can't believe my eyes! I feel so happy by your proposal for a... gift! To have a couple of your acorns will be an honour for me! So, I say "yes"! ... Thank you! You've been obvioulsly touched by some words of mine and you reacted emotionally. For me this is one of the magics in the blogging world - that our souls meet and "talk". I'll try to wait patiently for the precious acorns...:)

  12. The elephant is so cool!
    Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a great week.

  13. Thank you! I like him, too! It's funny to change his expression only by moving the eyebrow..:) I hope Nigel's doing fine with you!:0)

  14. ah! your characters are adorable and so unique. you clip and create in a charming way, so lovely to see.

  15. These are the sweetest words about my papercuts! Thank you, Tammie!

  16. I love these crafts. Very creative. I hope this new year will be very happy for you. We read and share looks to art.

  17. Thank you for the kind words and for the New Year's wishes! I hope you've already read my wishes for you!... Your blog is one of the most beautiful places I visit in the Blogging Land! Some of the illustrations provoke my thoughts, my imagination and keep my energy to create. And who knows... maybe something will give me the idea for my next puppet performance?:)

  18. wow! how much skill you have, a few cuts and accomplish amazing things! a kiss.

  19. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  20. Thank you so much for you kind words!! I discovered this hidden skill last winter, although long before that I had taught children how to cut out faces by folding paper. The zest to make my own paper cuttings bursted unexpectedly, like a fire!:)

  21. Hey Rossichika Ca Va? I hope you are well. Your cutouts are wonderful. And I am enamoured of your toilet rolls as well. A new emotion for me - to feel warmly for a toilet roll :)

    Your eye for creatures is magnificant and full of so much fun.

    You have inspired me to do some shadow cutouts - digitally of course - because I am lazy.

    see you from Oz!

  22. Hello, Andrew! Je vais bien, merci!
    Yes, who could expect that from some insignificant toilet paper rolls? :) Did you see the gallery of the contest - there's such a variety of creatures! As a matter of fact imagination helps us to reveal the secret life of so many useless things that we call "garbage"... I am sure you'll be impressed by this, as well as by the whole site -


    Thanks for the sweet compliment!
    It'll be nice to see your shadow cutouts one day!
    Bye for now!!

  23. Oh, I LOVE them all!! They're so rich in characters and curiously picking at my brain to imagine so many things. That sitting girl is wonderful!

    Anyway, thank you for your insightful comment! You are always so willing to share your thoughts and feelings on things. Yes, memories are like jewels, aren't they? Even the bad ones teach us something in the end... I can imagine how beautiful your life must be in the past, because you came out to be such a beautiful person yourself. I hope you find so much more memorable moments in the future, my friend. oxx

  24. Love all of your wonderful paper cuts! That red girl is a beauty! She looks like ancient designs and is so special! Love your cute elephant too!

    Hugs!! xoxo

  25. I love the fellow stretching up with a flower and the little elephant. The last fellow needs a dog or maybe a watering can.
    Rossichka, thanks so much for always leaving such thoughtful comments on my blog.I really appreciate them.

  26. AMALIA, dear, you are encouraging me again! I'll cut out more sitting figures, maybe it'll be interesting to explore the movement... What about sharing my thoughts and feelings - you make me "go out of my shell"! Sometimes, deep inside of me I hesitate whether to reveal myself, but the willing to share turns out to be stronger! Maybe blogging and meeting people like you are changing me to be more "open-hearted", who knows!:)xx

  27. Hello, Afi! Thank you for having been here! Yes, the elephant is the Favourite one! Mine, too! I'll cut out more fellows in the girl's style and we'll see what will "happen"! Have a nice weekend!

  28. Oh, Robyn, I'm glad my comments of a non-professionalist are meaningful to you. I just say what I feel, while admiring the various types of art, you are so generous to present us! Thank YOU!
    These two characters are my favourites, too (I think I mentioned it somewhere above...). You are the only one to make a suggestion about the new story with the Man With the Flower and I'll have it in mind. I find it inspiring! Thank you!!

  29. I'vejust gone in to follow your blog,-it's cool in another language,I did'nt really know what I was doing but it worked.I would be grateful if you couuld follow me on my blog www.patriciasfabricart.blogspot.com

  30. Hello and welcome! I hope you have already noticed that my posts are written in Bulgarian and in English, so it will be easy for you to follow!:)

  31. Hi Rossichka, I loved your work, simple roles that turn into poetry.

  32. Hello! Your attention is an honour for me! Thank you for the kind words! It was not long ago that I discovered your blog but I somehow didn't dare to comment... Now I will!:)

  33. Oh yes, this is the same idea as working from a accidental stain. But with paper it's more special and so fragile, both the making and the meaning. You are really a magican. Thank you for showing me these!

  34. Do you like them? Thank you!!!! I'm in a papercutting "pause" now... Lot's of ideas, but waiting for my lost favourite scissors to appear...:( (Or maybe that's my excuse?)