четвъртък, 30 декември 2010 г.


Реших в последния момент да участвам в един много симпатичен конкурс, организиран от Mr.Spoqui - изработване на кукла от празна ролка тоалетна хартия. По времето, когато хората обикновено спят, аз потънах в хартии, изрезки и модели...

I read about Mr.Spoqui's contest in the blogs of Roberto and Ale. I decided to participate in the last minute and last night, long after midnight, I felt inspired to cut and glue, while the normal people were sleeping!:)

В крайна сметка избрах тази двойка...

Finally I chose this couple.
Жалко, че не можах да "хвана" подходящата светлина...:(

But I'm sorry I couldn't "catch" the most suitable light... :(
Истински се забавлявах! Не ми се беще случвало от времето , когато децата от куклената студия създаваха подобни същества. Като ей тези. Не са ли прекрасни?

I enjoyed myself a lot and I think that's the point! It hadn't happened to me since the times, when we were creating such dolls in the children's puppet studio. But I hadn't made a single one for myself - I just showed "what" and "how".... See what marvellous photos I've kept!


Може би си спомняте  този пост.
В него ви дадох възможност да участвате в създаването на една коледна картичка с ваши идеи. Всичките бяха чудесни! Е, картичката - подарък вече  пътува към Але и се надявам да пристигне, докато сме още в празнично настроение!:)

Maybe you remember  this post, where I gave you the possibility to take part in creating a paper card  with me. I received very interesting suggestions of what the angel is throwing down. Thank you!

Well, the giveaway card is finally on its way to Ale. I sent it some days ago and I hope it will reach her safe and sound and will bring some joy!... Here it is...
Весело посрещане на Новата 2011 Година! На всеки да му се падне такъв късмет от баницата, който да го зарадва! :0)

I wish you all an unforgetable welcoming of the New Year! :0)

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  1. Hi, your card looks great now, Im sure it will make all the trip safe to its new house, thanks so much.

    Im so happy you made your paper roll toy, they look great, well, after I read you kept awake working on them, that only happens when you enjoy what you do, Im so happy for you!!

    Have a very Happy New Year, my best wishes for you!! and all your family!!


  2. Hello, Ale! I'm so glad you like the card! You suggested the angel was bringing peace for the New Year, that's why I put the white bird in his hand.
    Yes, it was a pure joy making the roll puppets. In the morning I was sleepy, but delighted!
    Happy New Year to you and your family, too!:)

  3. Hello Rossichka! from all the contributions we received, this one's the most exciting! your couple is so adorable, and your dolls from the children's puppet studio are really funny! the last photo, with the girls and their paper roll characters, is the best! thank you so much for your contribution, happy holidays and happy new year! we will post about these in our blog ;) thank you!

  4. Dear Mr.Spoqui, thank you for your nice words! I'm really glad to know someone likes my dolls! I'm not that young, but creating characters from different materials or making art with children bring me pleasure and joy that cannot be compared to anything else!... That's maybe because of my profession - they say that one stays forever young if connected with puppet theatre.:))) I wish you all a Happy and Unforgetable New Year, full of nice emotions, good friends and love!!

  5. страшни муцуни са тия двамата горе, хихихи :))) много ми харесаха :)))

  6. "Муцуни" е меко казано...:) Голяма забава падна снощи - до към 3.30! Просто си легнах насила, имах още идеи, но останаха като чернови. Днес надвечер с Илия и други колеги имахме предновогодишно участие с много деца - той с игри, аз с рязане на цветни хартии и изработване на украси. Така че не изпуснах ножицата. Голям купон!! Сега и двамата ни болят гърбове, крака - "старост - нерадост"...:( Но душите ни пеят!:))) Имаше едни висооооки татковци-братя, които така апликираха едни балони, че още не можем да ги забравим! Ох! Затварям устата...
    Ти как си? Надявам се, че не си съвсем самичка!!
    Хубав ден утре!хх

  7. виждам, че много весело си изкарвате двамата :))))
    аз съм добре, беба се намести, чакаме я вече :)) с мама двете ще сме си утре, но за мен новата година ще дойде в два наобяд, когато в БГ се вдигне наздравицата, така че - с вас съм :))))

  8. Ще пием шампанско и за вас! Ех, че вълнения...:-)

  9. Your artwork for the Paper Quilt Project finally arrived :) Thank you very much for participating!

    I just wanted to stop by to also thank you for your sweet comment(s) on my blog. I hope you have a lovely New Years Eve celebration and wish you the very best in 2011. Hugs!

  10. Hurray, hurray! The Old Year fulfilled her "task".:) I would like to tell you how much I'm happy I found your blog and that every piece of your art brings joy and pleasure to me! Happy Evening and Night, Dawn!!!! Did you read my comment on the name Sofia?...xx

  11. Wonderful and very meaningful.

    Happy New Year to you and thank you for being an inspiration.

  12. Thank you, Dave! You make me feel well.:)Just imagine how many special moments will happen and will attract your eye of a photographer!

  13. Dear Rossichka,
    I love your craft very much, it remembers me little works I made with my kids.
    I wish you a good year full of happiness and joy!!
    Lots of love, Rosi

  14. Dear Rosi,
    We have something in common - our work with children! I'm so glad I found you and your artistic, beautiful blog, full of wonders! Let the New Year brings you and your family health, love, new worlds to discover and smiles!
    Lots of love from me, too - Rossi

  15. Sweet Rosi, you have sunshine in your heart. (^_^)

    I can just imagine the amount of work and dedication you put into everything you do! These dolls are just reflections of a much bigger picture of yourself, yes? And they are so full of life...

    Thank you, for your wonderfully insightful comments on my last posts. You always manage to make me pause and think! Isn't it amazing how time flies? Another year, and now another page turned, more stories to write, and even more to review. I hope everything turns out wonderfully for us, and I have no doubt that you will bring more successes in your life this new year... stars and sunshine for you!

    Many hugs,
    Amalia oxx

  16. My lovely friend! Your warm and encouraging words may "cure" me. I'm a little bit sad and confused in the beginning of the year. What concerns work, I'm an active person (born under the sign of Aries). I feel well when I have rehearsals, projects waiting, goals to achieve. But now I cannot do that because of some circumstances and I feel strange. Maybe it's a good chance to pay more attention to my dear family, to the household and to all the ideas I have about PAPER!? Of course I have some concrete projects to fulfil as acting in a puppet show and making a new one together with my husband (I'll have a post about it), but this is not my habitual way of living and maybe that's the new thing I have to accept for now. Less stress, more free time... My dear Amalia, thank you for your support and belief in me! This is so nice and encouraging! You understand me from such litte things...
    I hope we will have very special and joyful meetings in the blog world during 2011! Kisses!XX

  17. Dear Rossichka, your work is so beautiful and full of joy. Don't worry or fear, step back and take deep breaths, trust in the Universe to hold you safe. I know what you mean about being a restless Aries, as I'm one too :D

    May 2011 be full of joy for you and your family.x

  18. Dear Kimberley,
    Thank you for your friendly support! Yes, maybe the Universe and God know what and when should happen to each and everyone of us... When we think that we choose the right moment to do something, maybe Someone Else is doing it in fact... Today I saw some "light" in front of me and I felt a surge of energy and hope... Thank you, my dear, once again! You've been always so much concerned about me!xx

  19. Thanks for your visits, more sympathetic characters, brilliant, with lots of color as I like to me!, my best wishes for this year, a hug

  20. Thank you, Paty! I'm already "giving birth" to new sympathetic characters!:) I'll show them soon. It's so nice to see you've been here!

  21. Hello, Rossichka!
    I loved these rolls!
    all are amazing creations. (the dog is very good, eh)
    Do you think we can go out and write something on the walls?
    You start on a wall there, and I start on a wall here. And maybe, we are suddenly in a corner, and I say: "Uh .... you're Rossichka?" And you say: "Hey ... You're Roberto?"
    Ha ha.
    Laugh all year long!

  22. What a nice vision!! I imagined it and liked it!!Roberto, you made me smile, thank you!xx I'm just wondering what we are actually writing down... This is for homework!:)))