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Съхранени мигове от последните съботни работилнички на нашата театрална група...

I want you to feel the atmosphere of our theatre group's October workshops...

Образците ни (техниката e отпечатване на листа с помощта на водни бои)

Our samples (we showed the technique of printing leaves with the use of watercolours)
и резултатът... - and the result...

Ако тези коне ви напомнят нещо, сигурно сте чели летния ми пост , в който показах техния първообраз. Ето как развихме идеята впоследствие...

If these horses seem familiar to you, then maybe you have read my summer post where I promised to develop the "horse craft" idea and to keep you informed! So this was our proposal.
А това са някои от детските кончета-вихрогончета!!!:0) Страшно се затрудних в избора на снимки: и кончетата хубави, и децата - красиви!!

And now let me show you some of the horses the children and their parents made!!!:0) What a difficult choice - all of them are beautiful and charming!!
Днешният сив, мокър, ветровит, студен ден и многото писмена работа на компютъра ме затвориха вкъщи.  Топли чорапи, жилетка, димяща чаша ароматно кафе и вкусния сладкиш с целувчен крем, който направих вчера, ми създадоха необходимия уют, за да работя с удоволствие. Е, както се вижда, даже успях да сглобя, макар и на пресекулки, този пост. Започнах го сутринта, завърших го след полунощ!:0)
After yesterday's 27 degrees Celsius,  I shivered at today's 7 degrees and stayed at home. I had a lot of reading, thinking and writing on the computer to do in connection with my participation in a big project. So... while it was rainy, windy and cloudy outside, I felt cosy inside with my favourite coffee, a piece of the cake that I made  last evening, a winter cardigan and a pair of warm socks... 

Където и да сте, надявам се да се чувствате добре и пожелавам на всички ви хубава нова седмица, въпреки студа и дебелите палта!...

Whenever you are, whatever the weather is there, I hope you are all feeling great and wish you a wonderful new week!:)

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  1. What a wonderful project. Don't you just the love the direction children take with an idea. Always in ways you never quite expect.

  2. You are absolutely right! They always develop the idea, as we like to say - upgrade it! And the process becomes mutual - inspiration flows between us...
    Only a person who has an experience with children can write this, thank you!:)

  3. What lovely creations and yes please I would like a piece of that cake! ;)
    Jess x

  4. Thank you, Jess! I could try to translate the receipt for you...:D

  5. Hey RossiCheeka :) Ahh your cake makes me hungry. How can it be 27 and then 7. Gee the poor plants must have a hard time.

    Ahh I love just love those horses - and the animalsinsects made from the leaf patterns! The horses look wonderful though and they have my vote for superbity. Superbity isn't a word so don't go looking for it!

    see you I am going to have early lunch because of your deklicious cake :) :)

    hugs from oz!

  6. The cake disappeared quickly and only the photo is a proof of its "existence"!:D
    I think the children (and the adults) were really inspired - you see the variety of horses. Not only they made them, but also played with them, so we are thinking of making some cardboard toys of the kind in future. I'm so glad you like them!! My husband sends a "Thank you!"...
    What about the temperatures, it's true. Such temperature anomalies are typical for our town and this is not that pleasant at all. I hid at home for two days and felt O.K., but today I have so much work to do outside!... Still I "win", because the sun appeared again.
    Thanks for coming, Andrew! I hope you have completely recovered and are getting ready for the exhibition. Good luck!:)

  7. Always happy about the autumn leaves. Looks pretty!

  8. They continue to be a source of beauty and joy in so many ways, after falling down!:)
    Thank you!

  9. Hi R. I love to see children and adults focused on what they are doing!!! obviously this is due to the teacher's quality!!!
    i love the animals made with leaves, amazing!!!!
    I can not believe that you are a person who not laugh easily,
    to see this people doing this things must give you a great pleasure and satisfaction!!!!!
    as much as eating this cake jaja!!!

    1. Yes, Roberto, the satisfaction is great! Children always give us energy and then I smile a lot!
      They made wonderful collages, but we had a problem with the camera and couldn't shoot all of them.:(((
      Thanks for the sweet words!
      Happy November!
      P.S. The cold weather provokes my wish to make and bake cakes...:D

  10. How wonderful to see all these fun and beautiful creations. Memories that may last a life time. i love the projects you share with others!

    1. Thank you, Tammie! We publish all the photos in Facebook, so that the parents could have them. Some of them have made special albums to keep the sweet moments of their kids' artistic activities.
      All the workshops are interesting, but I post photos from time to time.

  11. Hmmm, this looks like a very colourful autumn. The prints are great. So simple and so good, because it combines nature and creativity. Old (leaves) and new (art).
    The horses are a great invention too, with the clothpins for legs! It must be very exciting to see that you can inspire other people. The parents look really concentrated and the children so proud.
    And last but not least, your cake and the little insight in your house. The colourful coffee mug and the white tablecloth. Hmm, a very warm and happy house!

  12. The coffee smelled great, the cake was delicious, it was warm inside, so... the moment was happy!:)
    We provoke children's (and adults') imagination and they inspire us on their turn... I am happy when I see how a small kid becomes more skillful in using the scissors or in painting with watercolours. But I am very contented when teenagers come just "to have a glimpse" and after that come again with friends!!!
    You should try to make such prints, I'm sure you'll like the technique!:D (Put the watercolour upon the leaf's veins and after that press on a sheet of paper.)

  13. The watercolour leaves are beautiful Rossichka I am only trying watercolour for the first time and I find it difficult so I really appreciate how lovely yours are.Are'nt childrens imaginations fantastic -such variety at your class-we can spend hours "will I won't I" and they just do!!and the concentration on their little faces!.I don't want the cake I want the gorgeous mug !!!!!!!Hope your keeping well -talk to you soon MP

    1. You are absolutely right, Patricia! Children just do things, without hesitating. They follow their imagination and their moment's feeling for the things.On the other hand in the workshops they influence one another in such a creative way!!
      This mug is a present from my husband - I'll tell him that you like it, too!:)
      If you use watercolours, then try this technique - I'm sure you'll have lots of fun! (See above my explanation to Hedwig)

  14. The horses are enchanting. What a wonderful idea!

  15. Thank you, Robyn!:) We are planning to make another "objects" of the kind, using clothes-pins. In this moment I'm just looking at the photos from our today's workshop. I'm VERY MUCH excited, because children made uncredible things, using chestnuts, acorns, fir-cones and plasticine!!! I have to make a special post for them!!!
    I've been very busy during the last couple of months. I have not much time for commenting, but I never miss your beautiful, inspiring posts!!!
    Have a lovely November!

  16. Hi Rossichka!!
    Do you know why i came???
    to let a kiss, here in my comment: Chuic!!!! :))

    1. Gracias!!:)))))
      I've just continued (after the lunch break) to write an important document for a project, I'm participating in. I really don't have much time later! Just came for a minute to see your last drawings and that's all for now. But I hope to get free later today. Then I hope to post something new and to visit your blog.
      I'm sending you a kiss, too!
      Here the sky is full of fluffy little clouds, it's sunny, the trees are taking farewell with their leaves... But tomorrow everything will change.:(((I don't like the rain!)
      Do you enjoy spring?

  17. The results of this workshops are amazing !
    It's lovely the way you manage to interact with the children's criativity and the way they can create out of a diversity of uncommun object, all set together! It's great!!! :)

    Congrats. It's a really beautiful work!

  18. Thank you, thank you!!!
    We were very happy that even the little ones worked alone, inspired by the new objects, the plasticine and the other children and their creations... So they become self-confident and skilful, step by step. It's always thrilling to see a 3 year old child to cut with scissors or at least to try it!:D

  19. Анонимен11.02.13 г., 10:11

    ooch the horses look amazing!! so nice to see how your ideas make so much people happy playing and creating :-)

  20. Thank you! We like them, too! We have kept two at home to make it prettier!:)