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Рядко съм се чувствала толкова впечатлена, вдъхновена и щастлива, колкото в събота! Не само по време на работилничката "Малките майстори", но и след това... Радостта ми не отшумява.
I can't explain how impressed, inspired and happy I felt on Saturday! And I'm still excited. See what happened at our traditional workshop...
Любимият ми Ежко! - My favourite hedgehog!
 "Леле, каква игра ще падне вкъщи!" - "We'll play at home, won't we?"
Влюбена съм в тази шапка!:D - I'm in love with this hat! :D
 "Да танцуваме!" - "Let's dance!"
"Ще те хвана!" - "I'll catch you!!" 
Чинии, пълни с приказки! - Fairytale dishes!
Какви невероятни деца имаме!:))) 

What wonderful kids we have!:)))
Започвам да се чудя къде отива този вроден усет за красота; естествената потребност да твориш, следвайки интуицията си; да създаваш изкуство, радвайки се... Какво приспива фантазията ни? Кое спира развитието на собствения ни почерк и го избутва неусетно на заден план, докато забравяме, че можем "това" и "това"! И когато след години, вече възрастни, отворим някоя кутия, скицник или блокче с детските ни творения, ахваме и се чудим: "Я-я! Колко е хубаво!" Понякога цял живот повтаряме (и вярваме!), че не можем да рисуваме, но дали това наистина е така? Или пък съжаляваме, че сме пропуснали може би прекрасни възможности, защото като деца сме обичали да рисуваме, но не сме поели по тоя път...
Трябва да окуражаваме децата си да творят, да развиват фантазията си, да им предлагаме разнообразни възможности за проява на артистичните им заложби. Защото всички деца са талантливи!

I'm just wondering where this creativity and natural sense of beauty go. When and how our unique style of artistic expression disappears? Or maybe why? It happens so often to many of us to open a sketchbook or a box with "treasures" from our childhood and to exclaim: "Are these drawings mine? Have I really made this? Oh, how beautiful!"
We must help our children to keep their imagination alive. We must encourage them to create and give them opportunities for artistic development. Because all of them are talented, I believe that!
Изморени, но щастливи! - Tired, but so happy!
Не сте ли изкушени да опитате и вие? Наведете се и мушнете в джоба някой кестен или шишарка. Достатъчно е за начало...:-о)

Don't you feel tempted to try ? Just look down and take an acorn or a leaf. This is a perfect beginning... :-o)

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  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeх, че хубавооооооооо :)))))))обичам как с лекота ви идваат всякакви възможни луди вдъхновения?!!! :))))) много ви обичам също и на фурна с печени чушки, чесън и оцет, но най-ви обичам точно така прегърнати :*

  2. А ще ни обичаш ли, ако ни видиш как с НЕлекота се навеждаме за стотен път в парка - я за шишарка, я за шапчица на жълъд? Или пък как заспиващи, посред нощ, сортираме материалите по чантите? Или как на сутринта, мърморещи, че ето на-пак-тръгваме-по-късно, скачаме в колата?!...
    Виж, на фурна с печени чушки, чесън и оцет сигурно ще сме най-за обичане:Илия - ухилен до ушите заради оцета, а аз -"заключила" уста пак заради същия:))))

  3. Bravo to you and to your talented, imaginative students whose creativity is marvelous to behold.

    Yes, I was also asking myself that question you pose, as I scrolled through the wonderful funny, witty and wise photographs. Do children edit themselves to fit some expectation, or are their creations edited by others by some sort of grading system?

    I don't know the answer, but think that most artists do have an inner rebel instinct that keeps their energy flowing, no matter what.


    1. You don't know the answer? Neither do I.:) Perhaps there's not just one answer... But I have the impression that quite often children's creations are edited more than necessary. And they are so FREE and HAPPY when they can draw, paint, glue, cut as they feel it...
      Thank you, Frances, for the nice words! Maybe you don't know, but our family theatre group is running these workshops in one of the city malls and the children change every time. There're always new to come, but the main part comes regularly.
      I wonder what happens with this creative energy when the person chooses a different profession..:)

  4. I have been looking at the question of what happens to children's innate creativity. I have come to the conclusion that self awareness and comparison with their peers pays a large part. By the time my pupils get to 9, 10 and 11 they start to complain they "can't do things" because it doesn't look "real"

    Here in the UK, we also don't really value creativity properly. It is squeezed out of our teaching in schools and seen as "not a proper subject". It is a tragedy and through this short sighted view we lose our visual literacy.

    I love your workshops.

    1. I so agree with you, Charlotte! We are following very interesting processes in our workshops. We are not pedagogues or psychologists, but are very responsible in our work with children (the long experience in puppet theatre helps us). We want to give them various opportunities to create,so we try to choose activities that can develop different skills in them, starting with the so called psychomotor skills.
      The fact that lots of families come regularly, speaks a lot. I'm happy when teenagers visit us, just out of curiosity (the boys!) and the next week they come again with friends!! This means that children NEED to make art.
      What about their parents or grandmothers and grandfathers... Words fail me to describe how inventive and creative they are... And this is the "lost" or "forgotten" creativity, they wear all their lives with them.
      Thanks for your nice and thoughtful comment!:))

  5. Each and every piece is wonderfully charming and a joy to see. I love that these art times happen.

    1. Me, too. I'm a little bit nervous before the very beginning - there're so many things to prepare beforehand, but after the first 15-20 minutes, I'm already smiling. Besides, we are three, plus teen-volunteers, when we need additional "hands", so we always manage!:D
      Thank you, Tammie, for the encouragement!:)

  6. It looks like you created a little piece of crafting heaven for the children. Their creations are so much fun. There's nothing like children's art; it's so free to be itself, just like the children themselves!

  7. If we could be ourselves all the time, too... Without thinking about people's opinion or whether it's good or not, right or wrong; without worrying about who will like our art and will they like it at all!!!
    Children show us so many things!:))
    Thanks for this sharing!:D

  8. Thank you, Alexiev, from the name of the children and their parents!:)

  9. Hello, dear friend!!!!!!
    You and your husband make children smile and feel good
    and that is something that can not be paid with any money from the world.
    You wonder where it goes this natural creativity?
    I do not know, go away, because everything makes humans forget our childhood. when a teenager makes a prank, we say: "When will you grow?
    And all of our relationships with people and the environment around us is changing sadly, we lose the joy. we forget to play, and we forget to express our creativity, children express their creativity because they are playing. Is sad...

    Ok. another subject, my daughter Virginia married and I should travel to her wedding, that's why I was away from home for several days! Now I go return, but my work is late, ha ha! but I'm happy!!:)))))))))))
    Good weekend for you and your family dear friend!

  10. Oh, what a good news!!! Congratulations on your daughter's wedding, Roberto, and warmest wishes for a happy life, full of love and wonders!
    So, your lovely family became bigger - this must be an extraorinary, beautiful feeling for you and your wife!

    You are right - when adults, as if we cannot play and amuse ourselves in the way a child does. Usually we remember how we used to do this when we become parents and then our own children save the children in us...

    Thank you for the warm, friendly words!!:)))) Big hugs from me and my husband!:D

  11. I'm thinking that when we grow, we forget to play with the other, because we started to compete with the other. maybe it's survival as a race. is something genetic that we bring in our own, could be, right?
    Have a nice Sunday!!!!!!!!

  12. Yes, there's always a moment of competing - in different moments of our lives, at different levels... The exams, the competitions, in our job, in love also, to name a few! The good thing is that there's so much creative, good energy around us! The point is to let it go free!

    Lovely Sunday to you, too!:)