четвъртък, 26 юли 2012 г.


Обожавам комините на родопските къщи!...

I adore the chimneys of the Rhodopean houses!...


Аромата на бор и ела...

The scent of fir and pine-trees...

цветята - the flowers...
билките - the herbs...
реките - the rivers...
Който не е ходил в Широка Лъка, трябва непременно да го направи! Който е ходил - знае защо!:)

So... welcome to Shiroka Luka- a picturesque small village in the Rhodope Mountains!
Сред тази красота и прохлада за десета поредна година се случи нещо вълшебно - Лятна театрална академия за деца в риск. Повече ще разберете от статията на Мирела Иванова.

And here, among beauty and fresh, sweet air, something extraordinary happens for  a tenth year now - a Summer Theatre Academy for Children at risk. Young Bulgarian and European artists lead workshops in dance, masks, puppets and music. Thus, through the means of art, they help children to express themselves, to socialize easier, to show and develop their artistry... Serious goals, great results! 
The site of the event is under construction now, but I'll post it at the moment it's ready.
През 2007 и 2009 година със съпруга ми бяхме част от екипа, ръководил ателие "кукли" за деца. Дълго е за разказване и приятно за спомняне...

In 2007 and 2009 together with my husband we were part of the team, that led a puppet workshop for children.There's so much to remember!
Индийски приказки - 2009 г.Indian fairytales - 2009

Наш приятел - прекрасен художник, направи куклите.

A wonderful artist - a friend of ours, drew and made the puppets.
Най-сладкият момент! - The sweetest moment!

Тази година задачата ми беще друга - да ръководя няколкодневно ателие КУКЛИ за възрастни - студенти, педагози, психолози, социални работници; всичките пряко работещи с деца в риск и/ или в неравностойно положение, както и с техните семейства.

This year my task was different. I led a PUPPET workshop for adults - students, teachers, social workers, psychologists... All of them work closely with children at risk, orphans, disadvantaged children and families. I showed them how to make puppets and use them in their work. 
Ето какви кукли създадоха моите "ученички", които за първи път се докоснаха до тънкостите на куклената технология, но с такова желание, енергия и въображение!...

Enjoy some of the puppets my "students" made just for a few days - for the first time, but with so much energy, desire and inspiration!...
Импровизирани кукли - Improvised puppets

Явайки - Puppets on rods

И мъпети! - And muppets!
Магията на Родопите, прекрасни хора, любими приятели, нови приятели, изкуство и вдъхновение, усмихнати деца, птичи песни, плачещи гайди, толкова много красота  и радост! Това беляза краткия ми престой в Широка Лъка. Както винаги. И се чувствам доволна. И благодарна...

Magic mountains, lovely people, good friends, inspiration, art, smiling children, joy, beauty! My brief stay at Shiroka Luka was marked by all this. Again! And I'm so glad. And grateful...

Вече знам, че това е нощна пеперуда, която лети денем - шестточкова Zygaena Filipendulae.:)

My dear friend Gretel told me that this is not a butterfly, but a moth - a six-spot Burnet! Thank you, Gretel!:) You opened for me a tiny new window to nature...

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  1. Rossichka, dear, what a beautiful country you have!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    and what beautiful people are you and your husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've seen the pictures one by one and moved me.
    I must say I congratulate you two for the work you do
    I saw that that area of ​​your country is similar to the south of my country, mountains, forests and lakes.
    And I saw with surprise that the picture of the last flower that you show is a wildflower that grows here where I live!!!!! I think it's the same flower :)))))))))))
    we call this flower "Penquita" and that's the name of my house!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))

    That flower if you cut it and let it dry, always retains color as if you had not cut.
    I'll send to you some pictures.

    Well, you put gladness in my morning, thank you very much, beautiful friend and a big hug your husband!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My dear friend! I'm glad on my turn that I made someone feel well and begin his day in a good mood!:)My evening has just begun and I'm going to prepare the dinner with a smile!:0) Thanks for all the warm words about me and my husband (he's the man on the pictures). Well, my blog friend Gretel (she's a wonderful children books' illustrator and a felt toy mastress) told me that the English name of the flower is "scabious". That beautiful moth above prefers it! I found some information in "google" - "scabiosa" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scabiosa: Its pronunciation in Bulgarian is the same. How small the world is!!
    A Portuguese friend of mine gave me a flower with the same pink-purple colour that is always staying dry. So, it's now at home!


  3. Hello, I'm here again.
    I searched on google images Scabiosa but I must say that I think is not the same flower.
    The Scabiosa, also grows wild, here where I live!
    And I do not know why people villager, the mountain people, call this flower "little widow" and we have learned from them and so we also call it.
    OK, we will investigate further, about the flowers of our beloved planet! :)))))))))))
    It's okay to cook with a smile. the food must be done with love. (even after many years cooking is boring) :((((((((((

  4. Yes, we'll investigate. The point is that we don't pay much attention to the "modest" flowers (at least me), we've simply got used to them. As if I see their beauty when taking photos of them.
    I'm going to taste the dinner now, it smells so deliciously!Mmmm!!!

  5. Oh, Nooo, me here again!

    Listen, Rossichka, I liked that about the series "SAD" I think I shall adopt that name for my series of women with a broken heart or who broke a heart.
    I'll tell you a secret. The number 13, seen in my drawing, it is actually the number 13 of the Tarot card, death.
    I did not put it out of superstition, but to reinforce the idea woman who broke a heart-dead bird-Tarot card. :)))))))
    Buon Appetito!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  6. Well, I am not aware of the "dark matters"... But anyway, I got the idea.:) What about the "SAD" series - it provokes our interest, as you can see. Maybe because everyone of us has passed through a similar situation!

    It was delicious - a Bulgarian traditional "banitsa" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banitsa... Now I'm saying "good night!" X

  7. so many wonderful sites to see.
    awesome to see the world through your heart and lens.

  8. There Rossichka, what a wonderful post you have in your blog for everybody, showing us a place of your beautiful country, this post is like having a tea or coffee with you, and you telling me about your visit and your workshop in this place,
    I must say also, what a wonderful work you and your husband as all the people do for the young people or people with some needs,that bring a big smile to me, I can see all the people having lots of fun in the workshops!!
    Have a good one! (as people use to say here, Southern Quebec).

  9. It must keep the puppet-making inspiration flowing to be surrounded by such beauty as the Rhodopean mountains. Wow Rossichka!

  10. Thank you, Tammie!:) It's good to see especially the site about Shiroka Luka. It's a famous tourist destination.

  11. Dear Ale! In fact this is exactly my deep desire - to share with all of you exciting moments of my life. Where I've been, what I saw, whom I met, how I was feeling, what I dream of, etc. - all those things that we tell to a friend! Of course with a cup of coffee or tea in hand!:0)
    Thanks for the good words from the name of us both!:)

  12. Thanks, Michele!The magic of the mountain helped a lot for feeling comfortably and "called" the inspiration, for sure!:)))) Making a kind of muppets was new to me, but I enjoyed it a lot, too!

  13. What a wonderful, magical place, perfect for creating fairy tales and puppets!
    I hate to disagree with Roberto :) But having Googled 'scabious', it most certainly is, the wild variety; the moth which Rossichka shows feeds mostly on that particular flower. There are different varieties which look slightly different, but wild scabious it is!

  14. Dear Gretel, the Rhodopes are really a magical mountain! They say here lived Orpheus - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orpheus!... And when your soul is full and you feel well and inspired by everything around, it's easy to create...
    What about the flower - yes, it is "scabious" (the one my picture). You are right - there's a variety of that kind.
    But we continued our "talk" with Roberto in Internet and he had in mind another flower, very similar to this one, which grows at his place. He sent me photos of it and we decided IT is probably not "scabious". So, he's writing about it...:))
    Now I'll have a look round about my town - to see whether it grows here.
    Have a fantastic weekend!:)xx

  15. Dear Rossichka, first of all: Thank you for your comments on my blog. Your words allways make me happy. I feel a bit out of my shell too and it's so good to know I have a regular follower.
    Now about you. You live in a wonderful country. Your fotographs show a very old land. I can imagine Hansel and Gretel walking there, picking flowers and wading through little rivers. My sons are grown up now, but I built my own puppet theatre for them and made the puppets. I love it that you do that for work.
    Now I'm gonna make breakfast for my friend who stays here and is awakend. Bye, Hedwig.

  16. Dear Hedwig, I am a person who doesn't like to share a lot. Still it happens from time to time and my blog is a place for such moments!:) That's why I entitled it "Out of the shell"...
    I'm glad you liked the photos. Bulgaria is really a very beautiful country with mountains, plains, rivers and sea!
    It's so exciting to hear that once you've made for your sons a puppet theatre with puppets! Well, I like my profession VERY MUCH! It's always interesting, thrilling and funny! If you want to see photos of some of my puppet productions, click on the label "puppet theatre".

    Thanks for stopping by!:))

  17. Quanta allegria e pace in questo post, mi sembra di essere li!

  18. Oh!... That means that you should come, visit and feel the place, Rosi! And then you'll UNDERSTAND!...:) We just finished watching your lovely video - my husband and me! So... we were "together" in the last minutes - what a nice coincidence!!x

  19. Aaah, happily I can comment again. Not sure why I couldn't before!!!

    Gorgeous photos :D It's good to be able to 'talk' to you again. Take care dear friend.x

  20. HELLO!!! I'm so happy to see you here again! I didn't receive "messages" by your new blog, so I didn't follow it for a month. But now everything's O.K! We'll keep in touch! Have a lovely August! xx

  21. Hi R.!!!
    Have a nice weekend near your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Thanks, the same to you, dear friend! I'll visit your blog soon, I don't have the appropriate mood just now... By the way, we don't have "normal" weekends since a long time...:( I mean, two days to rest and have fun...

  23. Wow, such an enchanting place to hold such an event! You're lucky to be doing something that you're passionate about, Rossi. It shows in each post you create! :)

    That Indian fairytale looks familiar. is it about the Ramayana story? Because it's a very popular one here too!

  24. Dear Amailia, this is a tale from "Kalila and Dimna" - "The Girl who was transformed into a Mouse". It was thrilling and easy for the children to manipulate the puppets!
    Thanks for the support and the friendly attitude towards me that I always feel!xx

  25. My dear and talented friend
    You are too kind to me. before this year ends I will send to you an original watercolor of mine, OK?
    do you know that every day I drink my coffee with the cup that you sent me?
    is the best!
    Oh, I would send a little of the cold weather that we have here!!!! by the mornings before the sun rises behind the mountains the temperature is 8 degrees below zero, sometimes 5 degrees, but never less than 2 degrees below zero haha we are waiting the spring!!!!!!! HA HA!!
    Well, I am sending you a kiss and a hug for all your family!

  26. Oh, am I dreaming?:) I'm already full of joy, thank you, Roberto!It would be such an honour!
    Do you know what I'm doing right now? Just looking through a book about drawing with watercolours (still "believing" that I will make some attempts, he-he...)!
    I love to use the twin sister of your cup of coffee, too. (Its colours are just rearranged). I like to hold it.
    What about the cold wave - they say it will come in a day or two, so thanks!! I must send you on my turn some warm wind and sun rays... Hello to you and your wife! xx

  27. Looks like a wonderful time. Those puppets made me smile. What a wonderful project in a beautiful place. x

  28. The puppets were semi-professional. I mean that this is one of the ways we make heads in our puppet theatres. The eyes, the hands and the dresses were improvised. But such puppets are perfect for working with children!
    Thanks for the nice words!:)

  29. Hi Rossichka I have'nt visited you in a while but I've had a wonderful time reading all your posts and news.I am always amazed at the work you do for children and the interest in your country gives me heart.You are always doing something good .I thank you for visiting me (as you always do)and I hope you had a wonderful summer but now we can look forward to my 2 favourite seasons autumn and winter.All the best for now Mary Patricia.

  30. Dear Mary Patricia, thanks for the warm words - they mean a lot to me! Sometimes we talk with my husband that our work for children is much more important and responsible than it may seem at the first "sight"! I strongly hope that we make something good, because everything we do is done with love and thought...
    My summer hasn't finished yet. But the last month an a half were like a nightmare - it was too hot! I hate that! This evening it rained for the first time, so now I can breath normally! I still enjoy the summer freedom, the autumn is far away from my thoughts ... I wish you more sunny days!x