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Последен ден в Португалия... Имах късмета да го прекарам в невероятно живописното, чаровно, мистично, магично, романтично, приказно градче Синтра, намиращо се на около 40 минути път с влак от Лисабон. Готови ли сте за разходка?
The last day of my stay in Portugal I spent in Sintra - the amazingly beautiful, picturesque, cheerful, romantic, full of wonders and mystery little town, situated close to Lisbon. Just have a look...
Кралският дворец с причудливите комини - The Sintra Palace with the two weird chimneys
Кметството - the Town Hall
мавританската чешма - the Moorish Fountain
парка на Свободата - the Park of Liberty
Дворецът Регалейра, царство на езотериката 
the Regaleira Palace - full of esoteric symbols
къщите - the houses

мoзайките - the mosaics

уличките - the streets
 балкончетата - the balconies

В този хотел Байрон е написал голяма част от "Странстванията на Чайлд Харолд"
In this hotel Byron wrote a big part of "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage"

Дворец, превърнат в хотел - the Seteais Palace , a hotel now
интериор - the interior
сутрешен чай със сладкиши - a morning tea with pastries
и аз, в опит да се пренеса във времето назад - and me, trying to go back in time

невероятни скулптури навсякъде - amazing sculptures everywhere

и невиждани цветя - and flowers unseen

примамващи ресторантчета - some nice restaurants

изобилие от сувенири - plenty of gift shops

и тайни за следващия път - and secrets to reveal next time

На сбогуване със Синтра, отнасям една уникална португалска дума, която няма аналог на друг език и на практика е непреводима... "саудад"  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Подарява ми я една нова приятелка... "Саудад" - сладка мъка...
On leaving Sintra, I receive as a gift from a new friend of mine a unique Portuguese word, which cannot be translated in any other language. But its deep meaning can be explained - "saudade" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  "Saudade" - a sweet sadness...
Усещам значението й в това приказно кафене - уютно, артистично и пълно с вкусотии...)
(снимката не е моя)
I get closer to its meaning in this wonderful art-cafe - cozy and with a long list of delicious wonders...:) (the photo is not mine)
И така... За да посети човек най-известните забележителности в Синтра, са му нужни още ден-два. Аз нямах толкова време, но не съжалявам! Успях да видя много от този замайващ град и ви го представих такъв, какъвто го усетих. И трябва да призная, че магията му е много силна и ме тегли назад...

So... If you want to visit the most famous tourist attractions in Sintra, you must have one or two more days. My time was short and I didn't see them, but I am not sorry, for I felt the magic and the unique atmosphere of this charming town. And tried to represent them to you in my own way...
To be honest, I long to go back there again!:)

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  1. left breathless...
    прекрасно, Роси! благодаря...:*))))

  2. Ох!!... Това са само част от снимките...
    Дължа тази разходка на един прекрасен човек!

  3. леле, страхотно, заплювам си я и аз за някой следващ дълъг път :)))

  4. Rossichka, what a beautiful trip you have done,
    Portugal is a beautiful country, with a beautiful light and beautiful people and beautiful music, I saw you in a couple of pictures! your hair is like a flame of light haha :)

    I apologize for not coming to thank you for your comments.
    But today I'm here:))) One day you go, and one day I come
    Ah, you are a fine photographer!!!!
    otherwise we would not have seen such beautiful places!
    Ah saudade is a beautiful word, you know that Brazil is a country bordering with mine, and his music is widely listened in my country, and the word saudade is always very present
    OK, I am sending you a kiss and a hug.
    Is the window of your avatar your house?

  5. Непременно, непременно, Ясминка!!!

  6. No, dear Roberto, unfortunately we live in an apartament...:( This is a balcony in Sintra. Oh, Portugal... I knew I would fall in love with that country! Its sky is beautiful, its architecture is amazing, its men are charming, its wine and pastries are delicious, its people are kind and cheerful...
    "Saudade" is such a magical word, though sad! But as I was told, there're sparks of hope and joy in it!

  7. Beautiful scenery! It looks like quite a romantic and inspiring place. I can see why you'd need a little more time to really see it. Perhaps you'll go again one day. :)

  8. Perhaps, Michele! I'd like to! But if I can't, I'll be glad to know that someone of you has been there and to discover Sintra's beauties through his/her eyes!:)

  9. You have every reason Rossichka, Sintra is a magic place, some fairies live there for sure. You must be feeling at home. You'll never forget this incredible word "Saudades". Kisses NOTE: Magnificent photos.

  10. so much artful beauty
    thank you for sharing glimpses of what your heart leaned into
    very beautiful and enticing
    lovely to see you~

  11. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  12. Fairies? For sure, Maria! Especially in the locked gardens... But I just wonder what's behind the door in the last photo!
    My camera is not a professional one, but the weather was fine and I tried to catch interesting "objects"... So, I'm glad you like the results, thank you!:)

  13. Enticing? Yes...An exact word, Tammie! Time flew there very quickly and we had to stop our walk, simply because we had to go back... Now I have the feeling I was shooting at every step, but I missed a lot for sure. I know there're numerous wonderful places in the world, but in Sintra there's a variety of beauties - for every taste, for every soul...

  14. Oh, never mind if that's not your window, probably the window of your house is more beautiful!
    I just wanted to make a joke, saying: What a beautiful window to someone give you a serenade!!!!!
    and then you lean out the balcony Ha Ha :DDD
    Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♫ ♫ ♫

  15. A serenade for me? Maybe 20-30 years ago...:))))))))
    "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
    Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
    Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
    And I'll no longer be a Capulet."

    You made me dream, Roberto! Fisrt I must find a similar balcony and then... who knows? Maybe I'll hear a song?

  16. it looks as though you had an amazing time. :) I had to look very closely in some of the pictures because I thought it looked like me! Thankyou for your message, that's very kind of you. :)
    Jess xx

  17. Do you mean I look like you or it's someone else?... I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, Jessie!:)

  18. I AM J.E.A.L.O.U.S!
    i think you had a nicer trip than i did!!!
    i love those sculptures ♥♥♥

    thanks for visiting my blog while i was away, i'm sorry i'm blogging less nowadays =(

    take care Pretty Rossi! xxxxxooo from Indonesia.

  19. "Saudade" - sounds so beautiful, doesn't it????... (a sigh!)
    My husband knows all these mythological persondages, I'll send you some more pictures, Mita and will tell you who they are.
    Pretty(?)Old Rossi xxx

  20. Must be a beautiful place to visit :D Love the thrill of discovering hidden treasures and chillin' at those restaurants!

    and...I'm still finding time to finish off my embroidery project (haha). The colors are randomly picked so might take some time to see how they fit together. Love to have a look at your embroidered butterfly too <3

    A great summer to you :)


  21. Oh, how I wish to go there again and to see more of beautiful Sintra!... And this time to taste the food in the restaurants, not only the pastry and the coffee!:0)
    ... I'm sure you'll combine the colours in a lovely way! My butterfly? Maybe it's time to choose the colours for it... And to take the needle...:)

  22. Sintra is, indeed, a magical place. All the corners seem to be taken out of some fairy tale. :)
    You have really nice photos of your visit to Portugal. Congrats! :)

  23. Oh, how nice to welcome you here! A part of my heart belongs to Portugal now...:) Attending the Grimm conference was a wonderful experience, too!
    See you!

  24. Thank you for your lovely comments and the gift of Saudade :D

    Your photos are stunning and clearly show your love of the gorgeous places you visited. I hope you get to return someday soon.x

  25. You are welcome!:)
    I do hope to visit Sintra again! There's so much to be seen!!!... I dream of entering the Saudade cafe, of buying a souvenir from their shop this time and of eating some delicious Portuguese pastry with the cup of coffee!:))))