четвъртък, 28 юни 2012 г.


Вярно е, че докладът ми бе одобрен за участие в конференцията... Вярно е, че зад него стоят години на упорит труд, творчески търсения и "узряване" по пътя. Но нищо нямаше да се случи, ако не бях намерила информация за това събитие в невероятния блог на Хайди Хайнер!  

Everything began with Heidi Heiner's incredible blog , where she was so kind to share with her readers several events,  dedicated to this year's celebrations of the brothers Grimm! I was interested in the conference in Lisbon, submitted for it and was so happy when received the approval for my participation.

След няколко месеца на подготовка и нетърпеливо очакване, ето ме на път за Португалия...
So, after several months of hard work upon my paper and growing impatience, here I am flying to Portugal...


 Тя се проведе в прекрасния Лисабон от 21 до 23 юни.
It was held from 21st till 23rd of June in the beautiful town of Lisbon.

Нов Университет - организатор на събитието
 the New University of Lisbon, where the paper sessions took place
и красивият му двор, пълен с теменужено ухаещи дървета
and its beautiful, sweet smelling yard
Работната атмосфера беше прекрасна - приятелска и творческа! Това, че бях в литературна, а не в театрална среда по никакъв начин не ме накара да се чувствам изолирана. Напротив! Намерих местенцето си, потънах в света на братя Грим и бях изключително щастлива, че докладът ми предизвика интерес!Но за това ще пиша в специален пост...
The conference atmosphere was creative and friendly! Although not knowing anyone in the beginning, I felt comfortably amongst people, dedicated their lives to literature and was so glad when my paper provoked their interest. But I'll write about it in another,  a GRIMM post!


първи впечатления...
 first impressions...


известната керамика по сградите
the famous Portuguese ceramics on the building walls
 the  habitual pavements

палми на всяка крачка
palm-trees everywhere
и графити!
and graffiti!
"Хайде на черешите-е-е!"
"Delicious cherries!"

гара Росио
the Rossio Railway station
the National Theatre Dona Maria II
музика - music
и традиционните сладки изкушения - and the traditional sweets
изключителна улична анимация - романтика и носталгия 
a breathtaking street animation - romantic and touching
великолепната архитектура - the glorious architecture
 към река Тежу - to the river Tagus (Tejo)
Търговският площад, реконструиран след голямото земетресение през 1755 г.
the Commerce Square, reconstructed after the earthquake in 1755

От няколко дни съм на родна земя, но душата ми е още там- във вълшебната приказка, преплела по невероятен начин чара на Лисабон с магията на творчеството на братя Грим и чудесните приятели, които открих!...

I'm back home, but my soul is still there - in this amazing fairy tale, born by the magic of the brothers Grimms' stories, the charm of Lisbon and the new friends that I met!...

П.П. Случайно забелязах, че това е 100-ят ми пост! Благодаря на всички, които ми идват на гости от време на време! Без вас нямаше да има смисъл да пиша каквото и да било... 

P.S. I've just noticed that this is my 100th post!!:) Thank you, my dear friends, for the support!

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  1. Hi Rossichka!!
    We miss you!
    beautiful Portugal!!!!!!

    Very beautiful language Portuguese,
    brother of the Castilian, Italian and French, you know, we are Latinos ha ha! almost, we understand all we talk :))))))))))

    I'm sure you've spent some wonderful days and you wonder, really. but it is nice to return to the home country also !!!!
    Well, thanks for showing such beautiful pictures!

  2. Thanks, Roberto! I liked the Portuguese very much!:)) The official language of the conference was English, but I travelled by train and by metro, so I could listen to the Portuguese with pleasure! I even began to understand a little, thanks to the French and to my little conversation book. And do you know what? We found some common words in Bulgarian and Portuguese!!! Such as "garrafa" - "гарафа". Besides, it has the same meaning! Hmmmm, hmmm...
    I hope it's not that cold in Argentina and you are doing well! Here, it's really hot!

    Bye-bye and hugs!

  3. Hi Rossichka, it´s good to see you back at home and so happy, thanks for this wonderfull tour of a beautiful country, it´s good to see a new country by your eyes and beautiful soul!, what a beautiful country Portugal must be!


  4. The buildings, the blue sky, the fado music, the open-hearted people, the cocks on the top of the churches... Everything impressed me, Ale! I wish you to go there one day!:)My next post will show photos from a marvellous place...

  5. Wow, so beautiful! Can't wait to read more! xx

  6. I'm glad to share my impressions! Now I'm preparing to attend another project here in Bulgaria. But'll travel again, so my suitcase remains open...:)I'll do my best to write another post about Portugal before leaving! I hope you feel well, Nadja, at your new place!:)))

  7. Oh you lucky thing I feel so boring -you're always going somewhere and doing so much-sounds like you had a wonderful time

  8. :)))) I'm not "always going somewhere", Patricia! This is just happening to me now - after a lot of years staying "in harbour"... But I want to share with all of you my emotions, because they have an important role in my life now and because I hope some of you will visit these places!

  9. how wonderful that you got to take this trip. I can feel your happiness. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs too!

  10. When a trip ends and you are not there, where you have been, any more, your memories connect you with that place and thus the trip continues. I hope I'll feel happy over and over again - every time I think of Portugal and of my new friends there!:)

  11. Had absolute certainty that your work would shine in Lisbon. You're a sensitive soul, you can tell even so many kilometers away. Glad you liked, I also like very much is the land of my four grandparents. Would give anything to be there with you know it and walk around places so familiar to me. Obrigado

  12. Hya Rossicheeka !! :) Ahh you had a ball and so you should, What an amazing experience you had from the pics. I;m looking forward to the next post where you tell us more :) And I see that picture of the Jacaranda, How beautiful. Whenever I come h ere I find myself wanting to visit the places you show us. Ahh they should be employing you as Tourist Commisioner!! :)

    see you :)

    thanks for sharing those wonderful pics

  13. Oh, Maria, I'm feeling so happy, discovering that there's someone who cares about me far, far away !Thank you for encouraging me with your words and making me realize what kind of experience my stay at Portugal was after all, looking at it through the eyes of other people - through your eyes just now. Portugal is a marvellous country, I've always felt it, as if I knew I would like it enormously, just only if I could go there. And... well, I got the chance to visit the land of your grandparents!
    But there're so many beautiful and enchanting places all over the world! For example, you can't imagine in what charming little village I am at this very moment!!!I'll have a post about it. Bye for now!:)))

  14. Hello, Andrew! How are you? I really do hope all the bad moments are behind your back!:)
    Well, maybe if I was younger I could think seriously about working in the Tourist sphere...:0)) But it's too late for any changes, so the only thing I could do is to travel and share the places I visit, knowing that at least several friends (and you are among them) will appreciate them and maybe will have the chance to visit them one day!
    I'm leading a workshop in puppets for 4 days now in one very small village in the Rhodope Mountains. I'm training teachers and social workers in making puppets. It's very interesting and I feel great. The viallage has an unique architecture and is being visited by a lot of tourists from Bulgaria and abroad. It's called Shiroka Luka.
    I'll write again next week, keep safe!


  15. радвам се с теб, Роси! :))))) а онези сините дървета са Джакарандииииии :))))))

  16. И аз се любувам с теб на залезна Варвара!... Вече ще знам, че са Джакаранди. Явно тях видях и в Кения. Но ухаят теменужено-ванилено като Пауловнията (бях писала за нея), пък и цветовете им са почти същите. Тази година обаче не цъфти. И в града няма нишичко лилаво... Ако още сте на морето - вълшебни дни и нощи!