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След броени дни поемам за Лисабон! Поводът? Участието ми на международна конференция по случай 200 години от първото издание на приказки от братя Грим.

Here's the news - in a few days I'm going to Lisbon! I'll take part in the Intertnaional Conference "The Grimm Brothers Today - "Kinder and Hausmarchen" and Its Legacy 200 Years After."
Светът чества появата на тази книга, подарила му едни от най-любимите приказки за всички времена. Годината е 1812!

This is the first edition of the Grimm brothers'  "Children's and Household Tales", printed in 1812. So this year the whole world is celebrating the appearance of some of the most beloved fairy tales for many generations.
А това е паметник на сладкодумната разказвачка Доротея Фииман - един от най-сериозните източници на приказки за братя Грим, ползвала се с уважението и благодарността им!

And this is a monument of Dorothea Viehmann - the woman who told brothers Grimm a great amount of fairy tales, a lot of them coming from France!
Докладът ми, който за моя радост беше одобрен, е посветен на интерпретирането на приказките на братя Грим за куклена сцена. Всъщност писането му бе основната причина за  дългото ми мълчание...

I'm going to read a paper about how I've interpreted brothers Grimms' fairy tales for puppet theatre stage. Writing it was one of the things I have been so busy with during the last several weeks. :)

Изкушението да видя Португалия е  толкова силно! Тръгвам с едни представи, а с какви ли ще се върна??? До скоро!:)

Portugal!! I'm so excited and eager to see the beautiful land of great navigators, to feel its magic!
So, bye for about two weeks!

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  1. за пореден път казвам - гордея се с теб, Росиииии :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  2. Ех, миличка, не ме засрамвай...:) Друг път ще ти разказвам през каква перипетия минавам в момента...:(

  3. Oh, what joy Rossichka!! :DDDDDDDD
    Hope you enjoy your trip. You can buy some bottles of Oporto to take back to your home :))))))))))
    There will be two weeks in which we will miss you,
    OK, I do not know if the Portuguese were the greatest navigators, do not forget the Spanish, ha ha​​, thanks to them I am here, HA HA ;)
    Well, take sunbathe and have fun, and at the evening looks to the horizon to the South West, I will be there waving my hand to greet!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My dear friend, I'll look to the horizon, 'cause I know you'll be thinking of me then!:0)
    Well, I corrected the text, sorry for not being precise (before writing the post I had just read an article about all the great navigators)... I hope everything will be O.K. I'm all alone this time... Thanks for encouraging me!!

  5. Hya Rossi Cheeka! Ahh that is so wonderful for you, I am very excited. You must be stoked! (Stoked i s Surfing talk for full of excitment and jumping up and down) I think that you will just have the bestest time :) :) Thanks for your kind words after my accident. I appreciate them very much.
    Looking forward to seeing your pic when you get back!!! Yowza!! :)

    Hugs from Oz

  6. Hmmm, look who's been here?!!!!:0) I'm so glad that you are in a mood to write, Andrew! I hope you are in a perfect condition - refreshed and smiling! No pains, no bad moments...
    Well, when I come back I'll tell you whether I was stocked or not... But I jumped out of joy half a year ago when my application was approved! Cross your fingers on Saturday, please!!!
    See you!xx

  7. Buen viaje Rossichka, have a good trip, I grew up with many of the fairy tales of the brothers Grimm, I remember my mom telling us (my brother, sisters and me), every night one, so I have so many good memories of those moments,

    Enjoy your trip, enjoy your visit to Portugal, and I know, we will see it when you get back home, and you will tell us how your trip did go!

    :o) Ale.

  8. Thank you, Ale! I'll put your good wishes in my luggage to make my trip lighter!:)I'm expecting to hear very interesting papers about brothers Grimm, because the main part of the participants are literary researchers, professors, translators... We wear our whole lives the fairytales heard from our parents!:)) See you!xx

  9. That great Rossichka! I'm proud to be your friend, I have the greatest admiration for his work, I believe until you exit is a fairy tale of Grimm, and who now lives in the 21ST century. All kidding aside congratulations on work by the book and I'm your fan, good trip to the land of my grandfathers.

  10. Dear Maria, I came back home this evening and to tell you the truth, I didn't have time for Internet during the last six days and I didn't miss it!!As I expected, Portugal is a very beautiful country with a special atmosphere and such a blue, blue sky!!!I'll have a special post about your grandfathers' land, I hope you'll like it! Thanks for the sweet words!:)))I really was in a fairy tale with the brothers Grimm by my side all the time...

  11. Very good project. The Brothers Grimm are the most.

    Thanks Rossichka, I would like to take some wine with you. But here is winter and very cold.

    Greetings and I hope your comments on my blog, but spaced.

    Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

    Proyectos - Illustrations
    Alexiev Store - venta de originales
    @alexievg en twitter

  12. I'm preparing my post about the project, Alexiev! My soul is still there... I remember another bottle of wine that met me in a soft, dark evening with wonderful people. A Bulgarian wine that was one of the accents of a delicious dinner, prepared by a lovely Portuguese woman...
    I'm sure the bottles with your drawing on them will make someone's reunions very delightful!:)

  13. Hi, R. I guess you already came back from Portugal and you put something here, but do not know why I can not see :((((((((((

  14. How wonderful that you're going to Portugal. I wish I was coming with you. :)

    Have a great time and be safe!

  15. Hola, Roberto! There's still nothing to be seen... I'm preparing my post about Lisbon, just be alert not to miss it!:) I can't choose what photos to show you - they are many and all of them interesting!! See you soon!:)))

  16. Hello, Michele! I had a great time, yes! You should visit Portugal - everything you can see about that amazingly beautiful country in the Internet, is true!!!

  17. A few months ago I saw a book on Grimms fairtales for sale in a book shop(online) and I thought I'll treat Rossichka to that -it turns out it cost over 500 euro!!! (way beyond my budget)-but I think the owner of the shop felt sorry for me and he sent me free tickets to a fair in Dublin !!!!

  18. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  19. It must have been a rear book... It's really very expensive... But sometimes when one door closes to you, another opens, isn't it?! Did you go to the fair?
    I wish you a wonderful July, Patricia!x (By the way I haven't stopped using the lovely little bag you sent me! Yesterday I noticed it has a place to be mended...)