неделя, 13 май 2012 г.


В деня на Голямото Почистване на България нашата семейна театрална група участва по свой начин.

Yesterday was dedicated to the first national campaign "Let's clean Bulgaria in a Day'' initiated and supported by media, public institutions and companies. Our family theatre group participated in its own way. Through art.

Работилничката ни за малки и големи този път беше на ЕКО тема.

The theme of our Saturday workshop for children and adults was "ECO art".

Задачата - с въображение и сръчност да претворим в нещо весело и красиво всевъзможните отпадъци от домакинствата ни. Ето какво се получи...

Garbage+imagination+inspiration =...? See the result!

П.П.  Вкъщи стана по-просторно, защото всички кутийки, шишенца и какви ли не "боклуци", които съвестно и методично събирахме в продължение на два месеца, вече ги няма. Какво облекчение!:0)))

P.S. I am so relieved that all the boxes and bottles, magazines, plastic bags and cups, eggs' cardboards, etc. we had been gathering for a couple of months finally "disappeared" and now our apartment looks cleaner and bigger!:0)))

Пазенето на чистота не може да бъде еднократен акт. То е въпрос на възпитание, култура на мислене, навик... Докато не се превърне във вътрешна потребност, винаги едни ще замърсяват всеки ден, а другите ще чистят след тях. Но това е друга тема!
За нас е важно, че децата (с помощта на родителите си!) успяха да вдъхнат нов живот на ненужните опаковки и твориха с вдъхновение!
Of course that we should keep our country clean (i.e.our street, garden, parc, river, town, village, mountain, forest...) every day! Not only during specially organized events like that one. 
But we are glad that the children saw beauty in everyday objects, even in those, called "rubbish"...

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  1. Yes yes, that is the way.
    as people do not stop littering, teach children to recycle. And art is one of the best ways!!!

  2. Thank you! Our hope is in children...
    Sometimes I have the feeling that we, adults, behave like naughty, stubborn and bad-mannered children, who can never grow-up.:(((

  3. Here in Brazil we should do that too. We could have a problem, the country is very large, but with the technologies and the social network that would be overcome. The most important thing is the awareness of the people in my country is still very small. Congratulations for the work. Kisses Mariacininha

  4. Hello, Maria! In fact this is a world campaign, that started in Estonia in 2008. I know that several countries have been "cleaned in a day" up so far - Portugal, Finland, India, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, to name a few. If you are interested, you could find some information in Internet, for sure! I hope Nature "takes a deep breath" after such an action.:)))
    But everything depends on people and their consciousness, you are right.

  5. Rossi dear, what a wonderful idea! It's always best to teach kids about the important things in early age. I admire your ways and passion to make these kids better human beings as they grow up. :) oxox

  6. Dear Amalia, my husband and me, we dedicate our time to children through different projects, puppet performances, theatre studios, workshops... This makes us feel happy (and "forever" young)...:0)))
    Yes, children need adults to be next to them in their first steps in life!

  7. Hi, Rossi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, wow! what an analysis!
    (Do you studied, psychology perhaps?)
    ha ha, all is well, Rossichka!
    No sick heart!!!!!! :)
    (Do not say anything to anyone, in any sense, I like "throwing bombs" with drawing and with what I write, otherwise, what I do is so mediocre that nobody would notice it)
    See you!
    (do you saw your other heart?)!!!!!!

  8. Well, I'm ashamed now of so much philosophizing!:( I don't know what's the matter with me that night, but I wanted to share what I saw in your painting... Yes, I know that the artist is "innocent", that he didn't mean "this" or "that"...:0)))
    Yes, I saw the other hearts (all of them lovely)and was completely surprised to see the one that was cut out of an impulse...

  9. so cute to see the little ones and their creations. they are so proud to show what they've made. so sweet! :)

  10. Children love to be shooted! I hope they keep their creations. We know about kids who continue "working" at home and this is nice, because it shows there's sense in what we do.
    Thanks for the sweet words!:)

  11. how wonderful that you did this with the children, they look so happy. and yes i imagine you are happy too with all the stuff out of your way.

  12. Their smiles are the award...:) As a matter of fact it's quite a hard work guiding them in the creative process and teaching them some skills - we are three or four and they are so many!
    Thanks for the encouraging words!

  13. Hey, I showed the parcel's heart just now, because I really had not seen before!
    is an excellent heart, as all! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  14. I didn't expect that you would. It was just an impulse...:)

  15. Dear little happy faces! A good way of creating awareness and such fun too.

  16. Through fun and entertainment children learn a lot! They are like "sponges"...:) We feel full with energy after every workshop!

  17. Oh, my dear friend Rossi, do you know how it began, that of the hearts? You sent me the first, remember?
    and lots of friends, continue sending me, today I received three more, and I keep showing them, my blog will be the blog of hearts, ha ha! :)
    Thank you for your words, I can not believe that seeing these hearts improves your mood
    That you tell is enough to justify display hearts on my blog, really

    Oh, children, go! :(
    one must understand that the pigeons should fly from the nest ... even though it hurts
    (actually this chick is married, ha ha, have long flown the nest)
    A year ago I did not see her for a hug.
    I am happy knowing that she is happy in the place of the world where she lives.
    OK, enough, I dont want to cry :)!
    Hugs and kisses, up the spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥☺♫

  18. I think it hurts a lot, especially when the connection between a parent and a child is strong and special... I receive hugs from my birdie every day, so what shall I do in future?! Maybe then I'll share with you how I feel... But now, don't cry, please! I didn't mean to make you sad! And you are right - if our children are happy, we are happy, too! There's a Chinese proverb - "The child is a guest at home".
    If I stumble again upon an interesting heart, I'll send it for your "blog of hearts!"
    Have a nice day, Roberto! I'm going to sleeeeeeep...xx

  19. hello, hihihi i am here finally home sweet home :DDDDD
    hope you and your family have been well!

    what a great campaign, i hope there will be "Let's clean Indonesia in a Day" someday, i want my country to be clean so people who visit my country could see the beauty of Indonesia because i believe they can't now :/

    stay beautiful, Rossi!

    Love, Mita.

  20. Welcome back, Mita and thanks for visiting me! I hope you had a marvellous holiday and you are full of energy and nice memories!
    What about the campaign... I could see the difference when I travel, because people throw a lot of garbage along the roads, in the grass, in the fields... I heard the statistics and obviously there's a result. But this is today... What about tomorrow, next week, next month? That's the problem...
    I'll visit your blog later!xx

  21. Hello Rossichka! Ahhh so sweet! How clever are those kids? Those puppets are so gorgeous :) I remember making such things as a kid out of toilet rolls and cereal boxes. It didn't matter that it was rubbish, it was just fun!
    (and btw - I've loved reading about your African adventures, I'm so jealous!)

  22. Every Saturday is a feast of Imagination! It's nice that not only the kids, but also their mums,dads and grandparents participate with enthusiasm and enjoy themselves in the workshops!:)
    Oh, Afrika! EVERY day I think of my stay there - no matter the reason. And I love to go back there through the photos I took, which are numerous! By the way I'm preparing a new post about the project we held in Kenya, so - check up the blog!
    I'm glad you were my guest, Nadia!:)))

  23. Great work... The kids enjoyed it and made some beautiful dolls ...

    Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

    Proyectos - Illustrations
    Alexiev Store - venta de originales
    @alexievg en twitter

  24. Thanks for the nice words,Alexiev! Children always amaze me with their creativity. I began to ask myself what happens to it, does it really disappear as they grow up or just some of them don't find the way to express it!

  25. "You know, when a person is very, very sad, they like sunsets."

    - Le Petit Prince

    haha yes, i didn't mean to illustrate that scene from Le Petit Prince though, but i actually have been wanting to paint that scene for a very long time but i’m always scared that i won’t do it justice so i never did. Turns out my latest drawing makes some people think of THAT scene!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, i am keeping myself busy ;)))

  26. But the atmosphere is alike that one in the book! And our reactions prove it.:)Your sensitivity fill your paintings with "a soul", Mita! They talk to us and we talk to you in return!:)...
    I love "Le Petit Prince". And although I'm not that young, I still don't dare to put in on stage. But one day maybe I will... This is my mum's dream - she was a teacher in French and adores St Exupery...

  27. Aren't they? Every Saturday I feel refreshed and... younger!:0)

  28. Thank you, Nichole, and welcome! It's so touching that they create together - children and parents (and grand-parents).:)And I believe they become closer Saturday after Saturday...

  29. Ohummmmmmmmmmm, my dear Rossichka, maybe you were not supposed to read it, who knows!
    Well, let's try to remember, I said you were one of the people who deserve to be on my list
    that little bit of heart from my prize, which I share with you, was not enough to thank your great kindness
    and that you are one of the people I wanted, at least once in my life, having close to give a big hug
    Not much, no? ha ha

    OK. kisses and hugs, have a good day, do not work too, do you know that every day I drink coffee in your cup? :)))))))))))

  30. Your words will help my recovery, Roberto! All I need now is hot coffee in That Cup!:)I'll send you an e-mail with the rest... Have a nice day! Here it's just beginning to rain and thunder after so many summer days. And the air smells sweetly of lime-tree!!xx

  31. Rossi, listen please:
    I think like you, we love the person next to us, and with whom we share our lives
    but this is a love of life,
    is a love of skin
    is a love of living
    is a love from which are born beloved children
    is a love which we share joy and pain
    is a love of sunsets and sunrises
    is a love not by choice

    but I also think there is another love,
    is a love that makes you feel good when you hear that person speak
    or singing
    or asks you how you are,
    and you want to ask how this person is
    or write a letter
    or maybe you like what that person does or says
    or just, you know that this person thinks of you
    this love does not originate with an arrow from Cupid, no, no!
    not start thereby,
    this love is simple, just because the other person deserves your love
    and love is free, costs nothing, then why not give it to others, why not receive it from others?
    It is a love that does not interfere with the love that we have with the person with whom we live all our life,
    are two loves walking on parallel paths,
    one, love is life, the other is friendship, affinity to sounds, tastes, sensibilities, and so on and on.
    OK. I feel that love for you all, people with whom I share these things.

  32. Dear Rossichka, thanks so much for your visit and your very nice words, I´m feeling better now, it´s true, I have all the love and the good moments Joe gave to us, and the illustrations I did about him, it helps to know many nice people as you, have also stories about good dogs in your life, that´s nice, we could sit together, drink a coffee or a tea, and keep telling each other the good moments we shared with our loved pets.
    Wish you a very good week, full of good moments.

  33. Dear Roberto,do you know how simple it is in Bulgaria? In our language there're two words for love: "lyubov" and "obich". The first one referrs to the feelings between a man and a woman, when they feel passion, attraction to each other, and all the feelings that let them live together like a couple, like a family. The second one expresses all those feelings you depicted so truly and poetically, trying to explain the other "kind" of love - it's not easy to put feelings in words, isn't it?? I like the image of "the two loves walking on parallel paths"!! It's so true!
    But I can't find the exact words to describe the love for our children... Maybe they are the LOVE of our lives!...:))))

  34. Oh, here in my country (I do not know if on Spanish language) to a friend we say: "Te quiero" and our woman from whom we are in love we say: "Te amo", both words mean almost the same: "I love you"
    the difference is in those parallel paths, as we say
    Anyway, I think in all languages​​, the words "I love you" are very beautiful.
    This dialogue deserved to be read by many people, do not you think? Always, the word love, must be told not to forget it, humans tend to forget easily, or replace them with enticing words
    OK, Thanks for your comments, good week, Rossichka (sorry to have misspelled your name)
    All these ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ are for you!!!! :)

  35. So... it's the same with you - two words to express the kind of love! If you want to write about it in your blog - do it! I have no time, Roberto, because there's a new adventure I'm preparing for.:) I'm not sure any more if I'll succeed to publish my IVth part of the Kenyan diary - the days and nights are melting!:(