събота, 14 април 2012 г.


Отново е Великден! Не мога да повярвам колко бързо е изминала една година! Вкъщи е хубаво - украсите излизат от кутиите и намират местата си, нови красоти се прибавят всеки път...:)

It's Easter again! It seems to me that a whole year has passed so very quickly! I like to make decorations at home!:)
Закъде сме без яйца... Цялото семейство ги боядиса с настроение и вдъхновение и тази година имаме само едно спукано!
Thursday morning. The whole family coloured the eggs. We felt light-hearted and inspired.
В съботната ни работилничка за малки и големи изработихме великденски петлета и висулки. Толкова много настроение, цветове и радост!

The task of our Saturday workshop was to make Easter roosters and pendants. So much joy and nice spirit moved everyone...

Вълшебницата-пролет ни е омаяла всички. От събуждане до заспиване - красота и нежност!

The Spring is reigning outside! It's so, so beautiful... Words fail me to describe!
С тази моя картичка пожелавам на всички Светъл Великден!

I'm sending you with this card of mine warm wishes for a Happy Easter!

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  1. Hi Rossi! :)
    When I was a kid, my parents bought at the bakery, an Easter cake. was a kind of donut-shaped cake with an egg on one side, but best of all was that the big donut brought inside a small porcelain doll, sometimes it was an porcelain animal, and all we hoped that on our part was that surprise gift.
    time passed, now the kids have other diversions not so simple and traditional. but I can see that in your country children always play and have fun doing things with their hands. This is very important to their development and growth, you know better than me.
    I know you and your husband are two good souls who are always working to give culture to children. I congratulate you and say to you both (although late) Happy Easter!:)♥
    Have a nice weekend!!

  2. these tree branches with a kind of green roses, in my country we call Olmos, right?
    those green roses, are actually seeds, the seeds are first and then the leaves, I have several in my garden, are great trees, which are now putting their leaves brown (this is autumn)

  3. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  4. Hola Rossichka

    Happy Easter to you and all your family, yes Easter again, time flies so fast, and spring is back, better weather now here and there, your Easter decorations are beautiful, I love the rooster, it´s amazing how good the childrean are too making their own roosters. They are so talented, and they are so lucky to have a great teacher, I´m sure they love to go every week to work with you, Congratulations, you always do a great job!!

  5. Happy Easter, my dear Rossi. So nice to see you enjoying the wonderful time you have. Those eggs look marvelous! :)

    PS: I was reading that "bird" poem you wrote me again, and I can't help to think how beautiful it must be in its original language. Thanks so much for sharing it. :)

  6. so many lovely Easter treasures!
    so lovely to see.

    sweet spring to you~

  7. Hola, Roberto!
    Thanks for your sweet words!:) We are very happy with my husband to do what we do for the children and their parents! We can see a big development in some of them, especially in the little ones who become more self-confident, independent and skilful. The adults create with pleasure, helping their children and thus they spend one or two hours making something beautiful together, in a really close contact. Most of them visit the workshop every week!
    What about the tree - I saw it for the first time on a street, where I pass maybe once or twice in a year! I liked very much the colour:) I'll go there again to see the leaves and I'll try to learn its name in Bulgarian!
    Happy belated Easter to you, too!:)
    Mmmm, tomorrow we'll have the traditional breakfast - with eggs and Easter cake! I'm so impatient... Bye for now! I suppose you enjoy a beautiful autumn!!xx

  8. Hola, Ale and thanks for the encouraging words! Maybe when you work with love, the result is good?... We are always amazed at how creative people are - we are showingthe samples and then they use their imagination and make incredibly beautiful things!! The roosters are very funny, especially their long legs, when you put them to sit down.:0)
    I'm so happy when you come to visit me!

  9. Hello, my dear Amalia! I can't help stopping for a while and enjoying the holidays, although we have plenty of work to do just now! Yesterday after the workshop we had a rehearsal for a new project, Monday and Tuesday will be quite busy and tense again, because the project starts on Wednesday!Even this afternoon I have some puppets to make, but it's a pleasure...
    If you speak or read French, I could send you the original poem. The French language is very special for me - so melodious and tender!!
    I'm sending you kisses and wishes for lovely moments with your family!xox

  10. We turn the objects and the moments into treasures, by giving them our special attitude or connecting them with very special emotions. And Easter is quite an opportunity for that, isn't it, Tammie?
    Thank you for stopping by!x

  11. What a wonderful Easter you've had, Rossichka! Look at those chicks and paper garlands, they're awesome! You can see the kids enjoyed making them. And you've got a stork as a neighbor! Thank you also for your sweet message on my blog, it made me happy!

  12. Hi, Kristien! The stork is living with another one in a village close to my town! We are always excited to see storks, because we believe they bring the spring!
    I hope you've had a lovely Easter, too and that you manage well with your studies! Best wishes!:)

  13. (this is a comment that I should have done before, but unfortunately I read your comment just now).
    Hey, R. You are surrounded by hearts, you have only to look around you! there they are, maybe some more sad than others, but there are
    Good week!!:) :) :) :)

  14. And this sounds so inspiring and soothing in a way! Thank you, Roberto, dear friend!:)

  15. What a lovely fun and creative time you had with your gorgeous little ones! This is such a pretty time of year isn't it? Your pictures are lovely. :)
    Jess xx

  16. Oh, yes, Jess, I love Easter so much! Colouring the eggs, "beating" them, going to the church... So many emotions! As if we are taking a deep breath after the long cold winter!

  17. Dear Rossi,
    whta a beautiful atmosphere in these post dedicated to Easter, a moment of rebirth and big spirituality.
    What a tenderness the kids with their little works and beautiful the stork in its nest!

    Hugs and kisses

  18. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  19. My dear Rosi,
    I'm glad you enjoyed reading my post! I'm sure you had similar moments of joy and excitement with the kids from the kindergarden, as well as with your family! I saw storks earlier this spring, this one was seen by my husband and son some days ago... xxx

  20. Hello Rossichka belated Happy Easter to you too.Is'nt it a shame its such a short holiday.You are great putting up your decorations I never got around to doing it.Do you work full time doing your puppets and theatre?-the kiddies projects look wonderful you seem to be so busy.

  21. Hello, Patricia! I used to work full time as a puppet theatre director for many years. Now I am freelance. We have a small family theatre group and we hold performances, Saturday workshops and tour with our shows, as well as organize and take part in different projects for children... Yesterday we had a premiere - maybe I'll have a post about it.
    Thanks for the wishes! It's more beautiful and cosy in the house with feast decorations!:)

  22. Hi!!!!R.
    could you take a ride, on my blog, please? :D :D :D

  23. Oh, thank you, Roberto! I feel so honoured to be your guest!:) You are very gentle and kind!!xx

  24. hi Rossi, i dont really celebrate Easter but i wish you happy belated Easter! :DDDD
    oh i read the post about your "heart" at Roberto's!


  25. Hello R. I already said, and now I say it again: you are (and have) a sensitive heart.
    Everything I write, with my poverty of words, is for sensitive people like you, when I read a comment so kind as yours, I feel that while my words are not those of a poet, at least, are appropriate to say what I feel. Thanks a million times ♥ :)

  26. Dear Roberto! Maybe you are not a poet (a professional one), but you a poetic soul... Most important for me is not whether you write in rhymes or rhythm, but what you say. And you have so much to say and do it in such a wonderful way - with not many words, but all of them important, strong, deep... And you touch us (me!) in your own, cherming way. So, please, don't belittle the texts you write. Strong and beautiful as your paintings...x

  27. Hello, Mita! Yes, you are right - the post with my "hearts" as if turned out to be one for me and I feel so special, because I haven't expected such an attention... I'm wondering how my heart looks like? I mean, if I was a painter, how would I draw it? Maybe if I find the answer, I should try to make a Papercut!... Can I post your gift (you and the Ram) on my home page, please? Just for a while...!!xx

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  29. I wish you to take part in Bologna fair again!!:)
    I'm so glad to hear that my letter has finally reached you after so many weeks of travelling...:)