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През цялото време на едномесечния ни престой в Кения единствените животни, които срещахме, бяха познатите ни крави, овце, биволи, кучета, котки, петли, кокошки, пилета... Освен няколко маймунки на пътя, никакъв намек за това, че някъде наоколо, може би съвсем наблизо, живеят така екзотичните за нас, познати ни само от снимки, диви африкански животни! (За птиците не говоря - те бяха безбройни, повечето нечувани и невиждани!)

During our one month stay in Kenya, the only animals we saw were the familiar cows, sheep, bulls, dogs, cats, roosters, hens, chickens... There was not a single sign (with the exception of some monkeys) that somewhere there lived the famous, but never seen by me wild African animals! (I'm not talking about the great variety of birds and their endless concert!)
В деня на отпътуването ни имахме може би най-прекрасното си изживяване (поне за мен) - сутрешно сафари в Национален Парк Лейк Накуру. (Езерото Накуру е  едно от най-старите и дълбоки езера в света.)
In the day of our departure we went on safari - an unforgetable experience that took its special place in the stories of our lives. We visited Lake Nakuru National Park.
Той привлича туристите с голямото си биоразнообразие. Над 300 вида птици...

A lot of tourists visit it, because of the big biodiversity. Over 300 species of birds...
Цели колонии фламинго...
Many flamingoes...
И пеликани...
And pelicans...
Представата ми за сафари беше: джунгла, жега, открит джип, хора с тропически каски и пушки, които постоянно са нащрек за дебнещи ги опасности. Но това е във филмите!:) Нашето сафари беше една бавна разходка с микробус по прашни тесни пътища, сред огромни площи с оскъдна суха трева, причудливи дървета и много вода, която се сливаше с хоризонта. Почти всички снимки са "зумнати", защото разстоянията бяха безбрежни. Когато се случеше да доближим животни, изгасяхме двигателя и се чуваше само щракането на фотоапаратите, смеха и приглушените ни коментари. Патрулиращи полицаи следяха да не се слиза от колите и да не се отварят вратите им. Табелки упътваха в коя посока какви животни можеш да видиш.
To go on safari turned out to be quite different from what I had seen in the movies: open jeeps, people with helmets and guns, all alert for some kind of a danger.:) But instead we had a long, peaceful walk by minibus (there were jeeps in fact), along narrow, dusty roads, among vast spaces with dry grass, weird yellow trees and endless water - mingling with the horizon. When we were passing by some animals, we were as silent as we could - with a turned off engine, whispering and commenting in a low voice... There were policemen, watching for no open doors or people out. A lot of signs were leading to the areas, where different species lived.
Аз лично се чувствах като натрапник, нахлул в нечие лично пространство. Но животните явно бяха свикнали на "медийното" внимание, шума от колите и огромната пушилка, която те вдигаха...! Като този симпатяга, който не се събуди, въпреки че минахме на сантиметри от него!!:0)

Most of the time I was feeling like an intruder, having rushed into someone's life without an invitation. But the animals obviously had got used to the people, their cameras and voices, the noise of the vehicles and the dust they were leaving behind them! Like this cutie, who didn't wake up, although we were very close to him!:0)

Или този носорог, потънал в сладка дрямка, нехаещ за нас!...

Or this old rhino, who was snoozing, completely indifferent to our presence!...
Ето КОГО видяхме!

We met...
Но жирафите грабнаха сърцата ни!

But the giraffes took our breath away!
Човек никога не знае какъв подарък може да му поднесе съдбата, затова мечтайте!:)

Don't stop dreaming, because your destiny can send you a gift.  As it happened with me!:)

П.П. Ако сте пропуснали предишния ми пост, моля прочетете го!

P.S. If you have missed my previous post, please, read it!

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  1. You are so fortunate to have seen these African beauties in person, Rossi. Those rhinos are my favorite! It's incredible how these animals could adapt to sharing their habitats with prying eyes and moving cars. :)

  2. Oh you lucky thing!!!-lovely memories I don't think I'll ever get there but I suppose I can dream!!.We have very spooky weather here at the moment,the norm is wind and rain and it's like mid june so we are all hoping that its not an earley summer.This has happened for the last 2 years -summer seems to be coming earlier and only lasting for a few weeks.What yours like -good I hope ,it cheers everybody up

  3. Hello, dear Amalia! Can you believe that this happened on our last day there? We had only two free days and two days to move from one place to another... So, it was really like a dream at the end of the whole project! I'm still wondering how these animals survive there!!

  4. Dear Patricia, I had never ever thought I could go to Africa, but... it happened. So... keep on dreaming!:)
    We are far away from summer here. Spring has just come and the trees became to burst in blooms. But tomorrow we are expecting wind and rain. Springtime!:)
    Hope your summer will stay longer this year!

  5. What a great dream to have come true for you Rossichka. I would so enjoy seeing these wild beings in their natural habitat. Thanks for taking us along with you on the tour. :)

  6. At the end of the safari we have somehow got used to the sights of pelicans at the horizon or grazing zebras, or running antelopes, or... So what is unfamiliar for us is common for the others. And vice versa!
    If you are interested in Africa, you can read the other parts of my journal, Michele...:-0

  7. Rossichka, you've been in a movie!
    these wonderful photographs, I've only seen in movies, and you've been there!
    that experience will have been wonderful.

    I do not mean you feel sad for a heart that I show
    I only show hearts, and I see how many opportunities to express it, from a heart I have,
    are hearts, not my heart :)

    You ask where are the hearts 1 and 2?
    You already saw, and wrote comments on a previous post, do not you remember?
    I will make 50 hearts in the three months of Autumn.
    OK, good weekend for you!!

    PS:I like your photo, which you show your back, you do not you show us your back, you're looking beyond us! :)

  8. Roberto, of course that I remember those hearts! I simply didn't make the connection, because I hadn't payed attention they were numbered. Besides your post isn't in English, so I understand just now that you are going to post 50 hearts! So... everything comes to its place then!
    Oh, I'm not turning my back to anyone.:) No! I'm just showing my new hair-do that I wore for a few hours and I find quite interesting. So... maybe I should change the photo.
    Yes, yes, yes, I was in a movie... And it happens only once!

  9. wonderful that you gave yourself this gift!
    wonderful sights, unique sights
    i live where there are lions and bears and wolves''''' i walk quietly
    listening, but i rarely see them, ever really
    thank you for sharing more of your trip

  10. In fact I RECEIVED this gift, Tammie! I took part in a project for training young Kenyan artists in puppets, masks, dance, visual arts, as well as working with children from orphanages. I will dedicate one post to this, but it's so difficult to organize the whole information and to choose in between the numerous photos!...
    We couldn't see the lions, because we were told they went out too early - long before sunrise! Oh, we have wolves and bears in Bulgaria, too - high in the mountains. They can be dangerous, so take care!!:)

  11. Hello dear R.
    I have enlarged the picture you put in your profile, to see your hair.
    How strange is the hairstyle you have, is very good :) :)
    Do not change the photo, it's OK :)

  12. Hey Rossicheeka :)

    Oh I will enjoy these photos :)

    Just a brief visit, have a look here


    march 28th post a little HCA

    see you, I will be off line for a while soon (no keyboard use at least - unless I use dragon dictate :) so I will see you when I am next on the planet !

    hugs from Oz - I picked up some holey rocks the other day !

  13. Rossinchka, how wonderful that your trip to Kenya. Must have been an unforgettable experience. I was impressed with his assertion that you felt a intrusa, entering a house without being invited. I think it's an attitude of humility, what alias is so rare in humans, which is superior to other animals. Increasingly you ad

  14. Thanks, Roberto! Still I'll change the photo, but I had an impulse to put it in my profile for a while, because my hair-dresser made it unexpectedly and I really liked it. (I never make hair-do-s!):) I'm worrying about my parcel for you - it's been travelling for a month now!!!!!

  15. Thank you, Andrew, for that link! I find Marta Vicente's illustrations amazingly beautiful and strong... "The Ugly Duckling" has turned into a contemporary tale and that's wonderful, because its problems exist in our life, too!
    I haven't written in your blog soon, sorry for that!
    Hope we'll keep in touch! Have a lovely April!:)))

  16. Dear Maria, it was really a strange feeling - to walk "on tip toes" among the wild animals and observe what they were doing. I still can't get rid of the feeling that we were not invited. But it was very, very exciting! And in fact... we were welcomed.:)

  17. firstly, those pictures are just amazing!!!!
    arent those animals just beautiful?
    i love that old rhino... i told andrew that unicorns aren't extinct, they just gained weight and are now called rhinos :DDD

    secondly... heheh... i just sent you a little email :D


  18. Oh, dearest, beautiful Mita! You made me such a present! THANK YOU!!!! I'm so touched! I feel really honoured to have this wonderful drawing, dedicated to me!:-) I'll keep it like a treasure! I'm going to send you an e-mail!
    As for the suggestion who is hiding under the rhino skin - well, it's quite possible, but maybe it happens when the unicorns get old and really tired from all the magical adventures they have had in their life!...

  19. Rossichka, Thanks for leaving me the link to come and see. :) What a wonderful safari and beautiful photos! Giraffe are so graceful aren't they. So glad you had a magical time in Africa. x

  20. I'm glad I brought you joy! We talked to the giraffe and he/she? listened to us carefully, with interest!(Maybe he hadn't heard Bulgarian?) :) They became everyone's favourites, I think!:0)

  21. Thanks for inviting me to see your images. And part of your journey ... that incredible. I made my memory jurafa in a bar. And the truth that I came out the tube. But as this cute.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leave comments.

    Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

    Proyectos - Illustrations
    Alexiev Store - venta de originales
    @alexievg en twitter

  22. You are welcome! I hope you'll draw new giraffes... They are such beautiful animals!:)

  23. Yes, they are!
    By the way, there're lots of cows, hens, sheep, goats, cocks, dogs - just like in Europe!:) We saw the African animals in the last day of our stay!

  24. Lucky I am on the net right now, I hardly ever have the time to blog!! LOL!
    Thanks for your link, yes, all the animals ring quite a bell, we have lived for 16 years in South Africa and we used to see all these guy regularly! :)
    A pity digital photography was not discovered before we got there, but we were very busy with our parrot breeding facility... see under the my banner.
    If you want to see flamingoes mating, go here:
    Second accouplement de Flamants roses (Camargue)
    Kenya is a fabulous experience but we only know the austral parts of Africa.
    Now we intend on going to Australia for good! :)

    1. Thanks for spending some of your free time to read, see and write all this!:) I'll see the links!:) I was three times in Kenya, taking part in an international project for training young artists on how to work with children (mainly orphans), using different arts.(I have posts about the experience). So... this safari was a pure luck, in the day when we were leaving...:) Merci beaucoup et bonne chance!