събота, 22 януари 2011 г.


Каква приятна изненада в началото на годината -  The Stylish blogger Award , подарък от Амалиа. Ако още не сте виждали прекрасните й рисунки, непременно посетете блога й!

The lovely artist and dear friend Amalia surprised me with a gift - The Stylish blogger Award. It was an unexpected, but pleasant surprise! What I can do is to thank her from all my heart and to try to deserve it in future, too... Please, visit her blog, if you still have not!!
As all blog awards this one has its rules, too. Here they are...
- Thank and link back to the person that awarded you;

  - Share seven things about yourself;
  - Pay it forward to fifteen recently discovered bloggers;
  - Contact those bloggers about the award!

So let's begin...
First I must share seven things about myself, that you don't know up so far...

1. My favourite colour for clothes is green.
2. I like to drink coffee. I change the cups,  according to my mood. 
3. I want to learn Danish and try to read Andersen in original.
4. I like to sing since childhood. I'm very exigent about the music in my puppet performances, as   it gives them "colour and scent". I adore the music rehearsals!
5. I was a rehearsal-pianist of the choir, while studying at high school.
6. I  go to bed after midnight... I'm an "owl".
7. I can't drive.
На свой ред изпращам тази награда на няколко дами, чиито блогове са наистина стилни!   Дано откриете сред тях "своя" блог! (Картичката е мое дело.)

And with this card, made in Corel Draw by me, I'm passing the award with love to:

- Rima from The Hermitage
- June from Sidhe
- Nadia from Wayward Harper

- Abi from Abi Monroe
- Karen from Moonlight And Hares
- Robyn from Art Propelled
- Rosi from Rosi Jo'
- Dawn from Lovely Paper Blog
- Patricia from El pincel de la Paty
- Evangelina from Evangelina Prieto Illustracion
- Afi from Joojoo

- Kimberley from Oakmoonstudio
- Sàlvia from Pinzellades al mon
- Sandrine from Le Petit Monde de Bidouille
- Eulalia from Eulalia Cornejo - ilustracion infantil

Dear ladies, you may follow the Award's rules or not, it's your choice. What is important to me is that I find your blogs really stylish, each one in its unique way. And I would like more people to discover their charm and to enjoy your dedication to art!

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  1. Thank's my dear friend, I get it to my blog, besitos.

  2. Rossichka, I love reading those details about you. Learn to speak Danish and read Andersen. Do you know I read other languages without fully understanding them and try to pick up some words. I probably don't pronounce the words correctly either. Your list of recipients is impressive. I see Rima and Karen!!! Have a lovely weekend. Tsup!

  3. I would like to feel Andersen's way of expressing and writing, because I've read his fairytales,
    translated from Russian! Just some years ago appeared the first Bulgarian translation from Danish... I'm very much interested in his diaries! Besides I've been to Denmark and I dream to visit it again. I will feel good if I could speak a little Danish and understand the others... Have a nice weekend, too!

  4. I love knowing more about you! Actually, I have imagined you as a very musical person, having the occupation that demands it. It must be so nice to be able to play the piano! I don't think I'd be able to live without music, but I am HOPELESS with musical instrument!! Hahaa...

    Funny, I know many "owls", including my husband. Whereas I am the early bird. (^_^) oxx

  5. Thank you so much dear Rossichka, thank you! :)

  6. My dear Amalia, your instruments are the pencil, the colour pencils and the brush... And you are the composer, the conductor and the instrumentalist at the same time! You always deserve long applauses!
    What concerns the piano,I studied playing it for 12 years. And I don't regret! It really helps me in my work! And I enjoy it...
    We are "owls", the whole family! But we have friends of ours who are "larks! Well, after all the important thing is to feel good and to use the 24 hours in the best possible way, isn't it?:) I wish you a nice Sunday!xx

  7. Thank you so much dear friend. I will add it to my next post, and follow said rules.
    Big hugs X

  8. I'm glad I could bring some joy! Your dolls are such a treasure!x

  9. Thanks so much Rossichka :)
    I appreciate your award very much!
    Interesting that you'd like to learn Danish to read the Anderson tales in the original!
    I, too, would love to be able to sing :)
    Hugs from Devon to Bulgaria

  10. You are welcome, Rima! I think you deserve much more, but maybe the most important thing is that so many people love you and cherish your art! For me, visiting your blog is an exciting journey to unknown, beautiful lands!...
    Have you read my e-mail about "Pustono Ludo i Mlado?" I hope you now like the song much more...:)
    What about Andersen - I'm interested in his diaries and autobiographies,too, 'cause they are not translated in Bulgarian! I want to FEEL his way of expression, but maybe I won't have enough free time to fulfil my dream...

  11. Hi Rossichka, thank you so much! I am honoured!
    Great to learn more about you too. I never used to be a night owl but since I started blogging I have become one to try and squeeze more into my day.

  12. Dear Robyn, you truly deserve the award! You don't only create beautiful art, but lead us into other artists' worlds with such aesthetic taste and passion!
    It's not that bad to prolong the day, isn't it?:)

  13. Thanks for thinking of me, I'm very flattered!
    I'm glad you have chosen variuos people so I can know them too and I can have the pleasure of sharing their cleverness.
    I thought you intensely these days because, in my school, we started theatre which interests and involves kids.
    Sadly I can't take photos for privacy.
    I hope I can post something next month on my blog.

    Thank you again for your friendship and esteem,
    Have a nice Sunday and see yoo soon.

  14. Dear Rosi,
    The pleasure is mine! Your style can be seen in all the beauties you create, that's why I like your blog so much! I'm so glad you are eager to discover the personalities behind the blogs I've chosen! I'm sure you'll be impressed and I hope you'll find new blogs to follow! That was my deep intention, indeed!...
    What about theatre-making with children, oh, I would like to learn more for sure! Please, don't forget!:) From the beginning of the year, together with my husband and an actress, I play in puppet performances and have workshops with children every Saturday. If the project continues, I'll have a special post about it! Hugs!

  15. Хаха на ред с всички анлоговорящи тук, да кажа и аз едно българско Честита Награда rossichka. Заслужаваш я!

  16. Благодаря ти, Виолка! При предишните награди положението беше по-различно, да...:) Радостна нова седмица!

  17. It's always nice to know more about you!

  18. Maybe these are not the most essential things about me, but they somehow present my everyday life...:)Thanks for visiting!

  19. what a wonderful blog and an exciting post - I can't wait to explore the fascinating links that you enjoy :)

  20. Hello, Naomi and thanks for becoming my follower! I'm sure you'll find remarkable artists and wonderful people behind these blogs! When you have time, you could see my papercuts and the photos from my puppet performances as well...:)

  21. Aaaahhhhhh! I just followed your blog so I can get regular updates. I think I did. I did not understand the instructions. Hahaha!

  22. Dear Rossichka, hello, i dont know if the boy still loves the girl or not :( in fact, drawing them being together as dragonflies changes nothing. The girl knows him yet she doesnt know him. They pledge to one another to be together forever, by together i mean in love. But did you know that theres an ocean between them?

  23. i love love love Audrey Hepburn so much, she's in my blood, thank you SOOOO MUCH for the link!!!!
    im not very fine because of love (love hurts) but youve made so very happy!

  24. and congrats for the award, i like drinking coffee too... in the middle of the night!

  25. You are welcome, Ces! I'm glad we'll meet more often!

  26. Dear Mita, the ocean can be a problem... Sooner or later one of them has to swim across it! And then their hug will be a real one, not drawn...
    I'm glad you are happy about Audrey Hepburn's link...
    Thanks for being here and for your nice words!

  27. Thank you sooo much Rossichka! ♥
    See my name among those wonderful artists I admire make me happy! :) *hugs*

  28. Your place is just among them, June, and I would like more people to get in touch with your beautiful pieces of art - so exquisite and tender! You deserve the award - your style can be felt in each detail of your blog!xx

  29. darling owl,

    I love the way you gave this award; telling people they can make their own rules.

    Lovely to learn more about you. I also pick a cup depending on my mood.

    you asked where my photos were taken; Glacier National Park, Montana USA
    lovely day to you.

  30. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  31. What a nice surprise!...
    Thanks for answering my question, Tammie! The place is marvellous, but you are a very talented photographer, too and this has a main role in revealing nature's beauty!!
    What about cups... I think it's not a good sign when I change several cups in a day...:))

  32. Rossichka, you're always very friendly, very good observer, very intelligent, and very exaggerated.
    It is an honor for me, you come to my blog and leave me your comments.
    and this is no exaggeration. I tell you.
    Thanks to beyond the universe, just here, just around the corner.
    Congratulations on the award, you deserve it!

  33. im not sure about that... perhaps it's better like this. So they'll meet apart. Him there, her here. With an ocean between.

  34. im not even sure if they're meant to be together.
    i used to believe that.
    but not now, no.

  35. Well, if you are not sure anymore, then the ocean between will be the obstacle to show the way... It can't move...

  36. Dear Roberto, am I such a person for you? I'm flattered! And blushed...:) We simply CAN talk and that's nice...Hello from my part of "beyond the universe", from my corner... Two paths can meet in a corner, can't they?

  37. Thanks a lot dear Rossichka! It's my honor to be one of your picks! It was so lovely to know more about you! I also LOVE all shades of green for clothing!

    Many thank again dear friend!



  38. It's a pleasure, Afi! An example for a stylish blog? It's "JOOJOO"..!How nice to have something in common!:) The green colour has many nuances, yes, and very nice combinations with brown, for example ...

  39. Rossichka, I have a special affection for you. So once that I was treated .... Say Mmmmmm ... not in a good way, in a place I'd rather not remember, and people I'd rather not remember .- You're the only one who did not despise my drawings, and you came to my blog, and left me your feedback. It's a long story. that, surely you have passed without noticing. but I remember it very well ..
    So once again, thanks for your comments.

  40. Dear Roberto, I read your words more than twice in order to understand and remember. I think I guess what you are talking about. Your words then had an effect and your advice was taken into consideration with respect and trust!... It is strange to hear how you are feeling about me. We don't know how our deeds and words reflect upon others, do we?... I'm glad to learn you felt better then. I hope we'll remain good friends in future! You know how much I like your style of drawing, don't you? Good night!! Лека нощ! ("Leka nosht!") :)

  41. Hey Rossichika, how's it? Heh, bit of slang for you. Well I must say that going down the blog list of awardees you have just exceptional taste! Rima and the wayward harper are just spine tingling superb eh? I am looking forward to metaphorically mining the wealth of the other awardees

    see you from the land of the long afternoon beer

  42. Hi, Andrew! I had a mess with my newest post - you will all see it hopefully till the end of the day!:)
    I suppose you'll be impressed by these blogs and the ladies behind them, who are dear to me. Maybe you'll find something intriguing to follow? Each of them reveals a new universe... Be my guest again! Oh, I imagine those looooong lazy afternoooons...:0)Here the days are still short, chilly, snowy and... oh, where's the Spring?????

  43. oh? i don't understand... i came by a few days ago and left you a message! it seems something happened and the comment did not go through. i'm sorry! i wanted you to know how much i appreciate this gift as soon as i heard about it. thank you so much for thinking of me! you are so sweet :) a big hug from me to you!

  44. Nevermind - such things happen in Internet! I'm glad and relieved now that you know about the award! You truly deserve it! Hugs to you and baby Sofia!:)) I believe you're having wonderful time together!

  45. Sorry that I have answered before, but in these last weeks I very busy. I am now reviewing the comments and I just realized ... Award. Thank you, thank you friend. We are far, but united in the network. We are united by art, the sensitivity, the word. I love to meet you, if only online. I am excited. You're great!

    To copy you take the idea of the flower-filled words. Also edited poetry blog and I will propose your idea (http://bibliopoemes.blogspot.com )

    We read and share. From my corner, across the Mediterranean ... many kisses

  46. Dear Salvia, seeing how excited you are I feel excited, too! You do a great job by finding and making more popular all these great artists and illustrators you present in your wonderful blog! I can hardly imagine how intensive the process of finding the information about them is. That's why I admire you!!
    What about the flower (as I wrote in my post) I borrowed the idea from Sue - http://mousenotebook.blogspot.com/2011/01/newness-of-life.html,
    who has her wishes on a long thread, hanging from the lamp. She kindly gave me permission to find MY way to have all Christmas and New Year's greetings around me. And I found it - weaved in a paper flower:)
    Yes, Internet connects people, meets souls... And creates beautiful friendships!
    Hugs and very best wishes from Bulgaria!!!

  47. It'll be an honor for me to write about the flower in your other blog!:0)