сряда, 4 август 2010 г.


Най-неочаквано получих покана да ръководя лятно театрално ателие в детския отдел на библиотеката. Беше ми любопитно да работя драма и приех. Едно преживяване, което още отшумява... Две седмици с 14 деца на  8, 11 и 12 години. Умни, артистични, пълни с идеи, ентусиазирани... Чудни!

Unexpectedly I was invited to direct a  theatre atelie for children - a part of the Local Library Children Department's summer project. To work drama was a challenge for me, so I agreed. Two weeks with a group of 14 children, aged 8 to 12! All clever, artistic and full of enthusiasm! The exhaustion is far away now and the excitement continues fulfiling me...
Първата седмица фантазирахме истории съобразно прекрасните костюми, които ни предоставиха. Абсолютен "брейнсторм" си беше... В уикенда написах сценария, а после за пет дена (всъщност за 10 часа!) поставихме пиесата както си му е ред - с обиграване на музикално оформление и реквизит. Истински рекорд!

During the first week we had to create the story, taking into consideration the beautiful costumes they had given us. Interesting ideas were born, but I had to choose one that included all the young actors and gave them the opportunity to show their best... During the weekend I wrote the play and for 5 days (to be exact - for 10 hours!) we put it on stage - with music and props. A true record!!
И се роди една забавна приказка с бунтарски настроените Спяща красавица, Снежанка и Пепеляшка...

And a new, contemporary fairy tale was born... With the rebellious Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella...
Зорко пазени от Вещицата в Музея на приказките...

Locked and guarded by the  Witch in the Museum of Fairy Tales...
Имахме си Червена шапчица, натоварена със секретна мисия...

There was the Little Red Riding Hood, having a secret mission...
Както и Зла Царица с Огледало - в дъното на всичко.

As well as the Evil Queen with her Mirror - the reason for all the mess.
Техният нещастен Принц, обикалящ царството с обувка в ръка и изпълненият с решимост за промени Цар...

Their unhappy Prince, wandering the Kingdom shoe in hand and the King, ready for general changes...
Но нищо добро нямаше да се случи без този "отбор юнаци" от различни любими книги, готови по всяко време за чутовни подвизи!

But nothing good would ever happen without these courageous heroes, coming from different favourite books, ready for adventures any minute, any time!
Всичко завърши с цветя, усмивки и аплодисменти! И много повече от това, но то е в сърцата и спомените ни...

Everything ended with bouquets, smiles and applauses! And much more than that, kept in our hearts and memories...

На 10 август блогът ми навършва една годинка! По този повод реших да направя подарък на двама от вас - така наречения в блог пространството "giveaway". Тези картички с хартиени изрезки. Победителите ще бъдат определени на случаен принцип в 13 ч. на  Рождения Ден! Просто оставете коментара си за този пост, както обикновено. Успех!

On 10th of August my blog is going to celebrate its first anniversary! So I decided to have a little giveaway for you -  two cards with paper cuts! All you have to do is to leave your comment here as you ususally do.  I'll pick the random winners at 1.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 10th of August. Good luck!

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  1. иска ми се когато се приберем, да мога да въвлека и Ясен в такава вълшебна щуротия, звучи много надъхващо и най-важното - отива в безкрайността на въображението :))))

  2. Непременно! До ІV-V клас е най-подходящото време за куклен театър, а след това - за драма. В Русе има ежегоден ученически фестивал, от няколко години е национален. Нямаш представа колко много деца се занимават с театър! Те се забавляват, играят, няма превземки, няма комплекси... Много развива въображението и освобождава, помага да работиш в екип. Мога да пиша, пиша... А иначе си беше голямо изпитание за мен, защото аз винаги се придържам към оригиналите. Сега обаче нямаше как, костюмите бяха несъвместими един с друг и беше страшно смешно! Радвам се, че се обади!:)

  3. Hello Rossichka! Wow, you must have had a blast writing and directing a play like that! I can't imagine how all those heroines could mingle on one stage together! Hahahaa...

    You know, I wanted to study stage arts when I was still at school, dreaming to one day be able to work with the artistry. But life doesn't always happen according to plan, and here I am. Thankfully still following my aspirations. Hehehee... :))

  4. Okay well I always wanted be the princess ..... heh just kidding. My legs are not good enough.
    Wow Rossichka, you've really pinned the characters well in this. And that false nose (it was false wan't it?) has given me such inspiration. Thanks for posting. Wonderful papercut down the bottom. I only discovered HCA papercuts a few months ago.

    cheers from the land of Oz

  5. Роси, поздравления за пиесата. Ще ми се да бях присъствала на цели я процес на създаване...
    И честит ви рожден ден! :))

  6. Dear Amalia, I couldn't imagine all those heroes and heroines in one and the same story neither! But it turned out to be that it's possible and I think the audience enjoyed the performance! Having in mind that I prefer the traditional approach to the texts it was quite an experience for me!!!
    Graduating from school I dreamt of becoming a translator, but as you see my destiny offered me something else and I don't regret. Still if I have the choice, who knows...?????
    I think that your artistic and sensitive nature has found the way to reveal its hidden treasures in the best possible way. Maybe the best thing about you, the artists, is that you are free to work alone! While the director, for example, always depends on all the others...:0)

  7. Hi, Andrew! I think you could take part in our show if you were here! I would give you the role of the Witch in order to feel the pleasure of wearing the false nose.:) And to discover how a small element like it can change your behaviour, the way you talk and walk... I'm not kidding. Very often men play roles of that kind. Still I think you could be the chief of the Heroes coming to rescue all these beauties, wouldn't you say "yes"?...
    As for HCAndersen - his papercuts are really fantastic and maybe that's one of the main reasons for loving him so much! If you click the label "Andersen" you could see the photos I took in Denmark some years ago, his birthplace, etc.
    Thank you for your sweet comment!!

  8. Мерси, Дени! Голяма лудница беше! Страшно зареждащо и приятно, докато репетираме, но после... Почти всеки следобед заспивах за по 30-40 минути напълно изтощена. Времето беше изключително кратко, но... всичко вече е в миналото.
    Ще се видим ли през септември в Пловдив? Фестивалът е през първата седмица...:)

  9. How wonderful for the children and a huge well done to you. You must be so very proud of what you all achieved :) Creating memories is so important for adults and children alike and this looks like one that will last.x

  10. Oh, how well said! I haven't thought that I create not only mine, but children's memories as well, though I remember so often the boys and girls I have met throughout the years, learning them to make and act with puppets... Thank you for your kind words!:)

  11. Congrats on your play! Must've been a wonderful experience

  12. Thank you! Yes, it was and some of the children played like real actors! I even invited them to join my puppet theatre studio.:)

  13. Hi Rossichka, congratulations and well done on your play, it must be a totally different and exuberating experience to the children and specially for you.

  14. Yes, I think we will all remember it for a long time! Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Hey Rossichka! Oh yes, I would love to be the witch - is it alright if I have bony knees?


  16. Hello to you from New York City. I have visited your wonderful site before ... via the delightful Mouse.

    Perhaps if I visit here more, not only will I be enchanted by your creativity, but also inspired to re-awaken my dormant language skills. Best wishes.

  17. Hi, Andrew! You are ARTISTIC enough, so I won't mind how you are looking - there are
    costumes for the stage!:)))))))))))))

  18. Hello, Frances! I recognized your avatar at once! (known from Sue's blog!)I'm glad to welcome you in my little world of puppets and other themes, important to me.Thanks for your nice words! What about the language, I remember that you wrote you had learned Russian at school. Well, my language is Bulgarian, but seems familiar to you, because of the Cyrillic alphabet, which was created in 9th century by the Bulgarians - the brothers Cyril and Methodius. The Old Bulgarian language is a basis for the creation of Russian, Serbian, Slovenian and other Slav languages. That’s why you can read and maybe understand something in my blog, having studied once Russian!:))If you have time, you can see what's hidden behind the label "Bulgaria"...

  19. I love your work, your imagination, your magic!.
    I leave you a big hug.

  20. What a surprise! Thank you for stopping by and for your NICE words! Do you know, everything began with my searching for children's illustrators in Internet, because I adore children's books (maybe because of my profession). What I found out were some wonderful blogs, which became more and more, so I began to comment and... here I am , a year later, with my own blog, having an anniversary and connected with so many interesting people. So, welcome!:)

  21. Wonderful story! Children were lucky to have you work with them!
    And happy upcoming blogaversary :)

  22. Thank you, Asja! It was really a great fun! Yesterday evening we watched on TV a part of "SHREK 3". I was amazed to see there similar situations, having together those Beauties, for example - so we "discovered America" for ourselves! But what to do, having in hands the costumes, chosen at random by other people, than to use our imagination?:))))

  23. Rossichka Hello,
    Thank you for your kind comment, yes, probably you're right in one of the things that saddened my week. But, well, happened.
    I've seen your creations with paper and are very good!

  24. Thank you, Roberto, for the encouraging words! It's so pleasant to be my guest! I hope that the new week will blow your sadness away!

  25. Hi Rossichka, how are you - looks like you have been busy - thanks for your lovely thoughtful comment on my blog, it's always nice to see you have been visiting! Take care of yourself my friend. x

  26. Hello, Sue, I'm so happy you don't forget me! I'm doing fine, thank you! I have an emotional rest now...:) Well, I hadn't enough time to comment all your posts recently, but I always visit you, even for a while, 'cause I like the special atmosphere of your blog!! Have a nice summer week!x

  27. Rossichka, you do such wonderful work with children. Thinking back to my school days, my happiest memories are of the theatre productions. They leave such an impression on children.

  28. Yes, when you are a child, the theatre performance is a game, that brings laugh and joy! You have the chance to try to be someone else, to reveal your artistic talents and to enjoy yourself... I love to work with little children! My husband works very well with teenagers, so we complement one another in our theatre projects. By the way, just like you, I had such an experience in High School (though I was shy!), without knowing that it will turn out to be my profession one day...