сряда, 28 декември 2016 г.


Заваля... Вървя под дъждовните капки и усещам как се превръщат в снежинки... Тогава се сещам за ей тези снежковци, които видях в Кисуму в края на ноември, при 30 градуса температура. Усещането беше странно - за нещо, което сякаш не е на мястото си...

It's snowing outside. At the end of December. And I rememberеd these Christmas decorations in Kisumu from the end of November... So peculiar to see them under the hot sun and the blue sky!:D

Кисуму и PAYA... Толкова съм благодарна и щастлива, че бях част от един много силен европейски екип и че преподавах и работих с невероятни млади хора... Усилията си заслужаваха!

Kisumu and PAYA... I was a member of a fantastic European team, worked with wonderful young artists and it was all worth the efforts!

Сякаш преоткрих част от себе си... Едно мое позабравено "аз"...

I was happy there... As if I rediscovered my other "me"...

Скоро след завръщането в България работата ми с деца продължи... Снощи Детска опера-Русе имаше представление на мюзикъла "Скрудж". През януари ще има още и, съответно, репетиции...

Back to Bulgaria and back to the work with children...:) Last evening the Children's opera in Ruse performed the musical "Scrooge" - a year after its premiere. In January  there are more performances to come.

Проведохме и кастинг за следващия мюзикъл "Красавицата и звяра". Постановъчният процес обещава да е много интересен...

Meanwhile we had auditions for our next project - the musical "The Beauty and the Beast"! We have 4 months for work...

Но сега... най-после дойде времето за истинска ваканция! Да, Коледата отмина, но новогодишната вечер е толкова близо! И дните след това...

But now... my true holidays begin! Time to spend with my husband and son, to relax, to read books, drink coffee, watch movies, meet friends, cook (and eat!) delicious food... You know what I mean!:D Christmas is over, but its festive mood is still with us, the New Year is around the corner!

Това сладко шишарково семейство ни е подарък от едно дете, което обичаме! В момента виси на входната врата и всеки път ме кара да се усмихна...

We received this cute deer family as a gift from a child and his mum. It touched me to tears. Now they are hanghing on the front door and make me smile every time I come in...

Точно както бях свикнала да се усмихвам в Кения. Всеки ден! Ето, последната ми снимка оттам го показва... :)

Smile... Just as I used to do in Kenya! This is my last photo taken there - no better way to express how I was feeling. ALL the time!

Затова, мили приятели и незнайни последователи, пожелавам ви през Новата година да се усмихвате по-често! Доброто настроение е чудодейно! Бъдете здрави и щастливи и до нови срещи тук!

So... What I would like to wish you for the New Year, my dear blog-friends and followers, is: SMILE! Smile and laugh as often as you can! And you'll feel better, and everything will be easier! Be healthy and don't stop to follow your dreams!
Thank you for stopping by in 2016 and for all your sweet comments - they mean so much to me!

 See you next year!:) xxxxxxxxxx

П.П. Снимки от "Скрудж" - Васил Йоргов

P.S. Photos from "Scrooge" - V. Yorgov

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  1. Dear Rossichka, this post is so uplifting! The spirit that you generously share with others is a treat to behold. I like the idea to receiving such happiness and then...being able to share it with someone else.

    What you write about smiling has encouraged me to tell you a little story. Last spring, I went into a neighborhood shop to try to find a new lipstick color. It was a MAC shop, and I had never before used that brand, but had been told by friends that their colors were good.

    A sweet lady, with many tattoos and piercings attached to her natural beauty, came to assist me. She was a good listener, and suggested several colors to me, encouraging me to stay for a while in the shop to try them, and and any others that appealed to me. And so I did. I bought two lipsticks, but one of them was my absolute favorite.

    Now...for the funny part. I wear that lipstick color almost every day, and because I like it, I smile more. And...I notice that perfect strangers I encounter also smile back at me. The color is a sort of pinky purple and it called Up the Amp.

    I have returned to that MAC shop to thank the lady who changed my smiling habit with her expertise. And when I told her, of course she smiled!

    I wish you and yours a fabulous 2017! xo

    1. Dear Frances, thank you for sharing this story! It's a fine example of how our behaviour impacts the people around us... I'm not a person that laughs very often, but there, in Kisumu, I felt the power of smiling and laughing and I do hope to keep this doing during 2017. Wishing you to have many reasons for smiling, too! Happy New Year!xx

  2. Such a beautiful post and I agree about smiling. I do it a lot as there is often things to be happy about, even in dark times. It's all a matter of perspective. I love Frances' idea of a happy lipstick :D

    I wish you all a happy New Year and I hope you get back to Kenya soon.xxx

    1. Yes, the smile has a magic power! Maybe this was the lesson that I learnt in Kenya!
      Happy New Year to you and your family, Kimberley! May your guiding star protect you in everything you do, be healthy and happy!

  3. Dear Rossi, it makes me very happy to know and to see that you had such a good time in Kismu. Your post made me smile :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Enjoy your free time with the family!
    Love, Hedwig

    1. My dear Hedie, meeting you was one of the highlights of 2016! I am so happy for that! Happy New Year to you and your family! May joy and smiles fill your days, I wish you health, love and new journeys in the world of drawing/illustrating! Kiss you!xx

  4. така ми се иска да си бяхме по-наблизко... весела нова година ви пожелавам, мили ми, с много хвърчила:)))

    1. Ще има и за вас! Какво е морето без хвърчило?
      И вие сте ни МНОГО обични, да сте здрави и Новата година да е пълна със смях и нови приключения!

  5. Happy New Year Rossichka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Happy New Year, dear Roberto! Let it bring you and your beloved ones fantastic days, goid health, new adventures and joy! Xxx