понеделник, 16 януари 2017 г.


В последната ни за годината работилничка децата нарисуваха най-ярките си спомени за нея...

On December 31st our theatre group run its last workshop for the year. And the children said "bye!" to 2016 through drawings.

They shared their strongest memories of it!

А началото на тази година посветихме на зимата, разбира се! Изработихме ефектни хартиени свещници... В тъмното рисунките сякаш оживяват!

Then we started the year with winter season's themes. First we enjoyed making simple candle holders. We even lit the candles, but I know that the great surprise was later, at home, in the dark...

Миналата събота научихме малчуганите как да си ушият ръкавични кукли по специално написана за тях история. 

My husband wrote a special winter story in rhymes and last Saturday we showed the kids how to sew glove puppets - they chose the characters they liked most.

Имам чувството, че живеем в Снежно кралство - толкова много сняг не се е задържал от години. Постоянните минусови температури почти изцяло заледиха река Дунав и това ми припомни разказите на баща ми как някога се е пързалял с кънки по нея!:) Снимка: Явор Мичев

We've been living in the Snow Kingdom since the very beginning of 2017! The river Danube nearly froze - we had about 80% of ice near Ruse. My father had told me they used to skate on the Danube, when he was a boy, so now it's easier for me to imagine that!:) photo: Yavor Michev

It was very beautiful outside with the deep white snow... The low temperatures (between minus 10 to minus 17 and even lower) kept it stay, but unfortunately I got a cold, so I couldn't wander to take photos, as I had planned. Never mind, hope to be OK soon and to shoot the new snow (we are expecting it starting from tomorrow...)

Работният ми ритъм е толкова интензивен, че не мога да си изживея спомените за празниците! Но те са си с мен...

We are so busy with the Children's opera and the theatre groups for kids, that I can't look back to the holidays that have just passed in the way I want. But I wear deep inside me the warmth and happiness of sharing them with our lovely son, who had come back from abroad!

И ме топлят, и ме карат често да се усмихвам и да съм благодарна за щастливите мигове!

Тази вечер беше поредното представление на мюзикъла "Скрудж" на Детска опера-Русе  . Следват две представления на  оперетата  "Ани в царството на цветята". А после започваме репетиции на новия мюзикъл... Емоции и музика, усмивки и музика...

This evening the Children's opera - Ruse performed the famous musical "Scrooge" and till the end of the week we have two performances of the operetta "Ani in the Flower kingdom". I wrote about its premiere here.

Добре дошла, 2017-а! Дано бъдеш мирна, светла и добра за всички нас!

So... welcome 2017! I do hope you'll be good and bright, and peaceful for all of us!

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  1. Dear Rossichka, first of all, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderfully Happy 2017!

    It is such a great pleasure for me to be able to connect with you via blogging! Every time I read one of your posts and see the pictures and learn about the creativity you and your husband are encouraging in young children, I begin to smile. Sometimes I am so happy, that I actually begin to cry a little bit, if you know what I mean. What you all do is so lovely.

    When i was looking at this post and seeing the children's drawings, I thought...wow! They are very talented and are finding ways to show their talent. Each child found a unique way to do his or her drawing. Always with spirit! Another thing that made me smile was realizing without thinking about it, that I recognized Ivan's and Stefanie's drawings by their writing their own names. Gosh, even after so many decades I can still remember how to read cyrillic, without thinking about it. Joy! The brain is still active.

    On a more serious note, I assure you that my friends and I are quite concerned about the current political climate here. We will find a way, in our daily lives, to keep positive and to encourage others' kindness and thoughtfulness.

    Lots of love to you. xo

    1. Dear Frances, what a joy to read from you! You are such a good soul, sincere and emotional and generous in sharing the beauty in your life with us. Thank you for the kind words about our work, you always see beyond things!
      Yes, I know what it is to smile to tears...
      And because you were the first to comment here in 2017, I will send you something to bring you joy in these hard times! Could you, please, send me again your address?
      Happy New Year, full of health, smiles and wonderful moments! And...especially,because you used to be such a good student: до свиданья, Франсис!😆

  2. Dear Rossi, happy new year to you! What a nice winter post this is, with the old and the new year. Your creative ideas never come to an end and always you can inspire the kids to make something beautiful.
    The picture of the river is beautiful! It is so big! I hope you get better soon so you can make more pictutes!
    Love, hedwig

    1. Thank you,my dear Hedie! Yes, today l'm feeling better!
      We hope that our workshops provoke and develop the children's creativity! By the way, the adults enjoy the process, too, and make amazing stuff.

      Looking forward to meeting you often in Blogland during the New year! Hugs and kisses!

  3. A very late Happy New Year to you and yours. What a lovely post. The children's work is so good to see, I love the way kids interpret their worlds in the drawings. I hope it is not so cold you cannot enjoy the beauty of a winter world. Love Charlotte

    1. Hello, Charlotte! Happy, smiling and prosperous New Year to you and your family!
      Well, you know pretty well how it is always working with kids - interesting,funny, emotional and always rewarding!
      😉 We've been having a severe winter here! The temperatures are much under the zeroand it's not time for walks, especially if yoy are ill. But I hope to go to the park these days and to finally catch the beauty! Bye! Nice you were here, hope you are doing well!

  4. I love all the art!!! And your header photo is beautiful! :)

    1. Hello, Linda! The photo was taken at lake Victoria! My last posts of 2016 are about my stay in Kenya.☺
      I'm wishing you a fantastic New Year!

  5. for a river that large to get so much ice, yes cold!
    I love watching ice moving in water like that.

    The puppets are adorable as is all the art. Such lovely things to do with children.

    I hope you are feeling better!

    1. Yes, I am, two weeks later.☺ The temperatures are still under the zero, so I will go these days to see the river... I will visit your blog tomorrow, Tammie, now it's time to go to bed!😆