четвъртък, 7 януари 2016 г.


Празниците отминаха, но аз всеки ден ги преживявам отново и отново в спомените си...
The Holidays are over but I'm still wearing them deep inside! I'm tasting the sweet memories over and over again...

Нашето скъпо момче се върна за кратка ваканция и с желание ни помогна в последните ангажименти за годината.:D
We had the most precious guest - our son, who made us HAPPY and helped us a lot in presenting our Christmas performances.:D

Бодлите на коледното дърво вече се ронят, а така не искам да се разделям с него...
The Christmas tree's needles are falling now, but I still don't want to take the ornaments down...

Обичам да му се любувам. То беше центърът на коледната атмосфера. Особено с подаръците край него!
I love to look at them with the glowing lights above. This was the centre of the festive atmosphere... Especially with the gifts around!

Това е най-скъпият ни подарък - две сладурски чаши, в които сутрин бързаме да си налеем кафето!:)
These lovely cups (the most precious gifts for us!) have turned into our favourites and we drink our morning coffee in them with such a delight!:)

Коледните празници са време за похапване на сладки неща. Като тези бисквити "Ден и нощ", които месихме и точихме със сина ми!
There were Christmas biscuits under the tree (my son helped me with kneading, rolling and cutting the dough!)...

Или този бишкотено-лимонов сладкиш. Ммммм...
I made other sweets, among which this lemon cake...

Като говоря да вкусна храна, да не пропусна трапезата за Бъдни вечер!
Talking about delicious food, I must mention the Christmas Eve dinner, of course - odd number of dishes and no meat, according to the Bulgarian tradition.

В първия работен ден в пощенската кутия ме очакваха тези картички от чужбина! Нищо не мога да сравня с радостта да получиш мила дума, написана от ръката на любим приятел, с когото времето и пространството те дели!
On the first day after the holidays I found these postcards from abroad, waiting patiently in the post-box. Oh, it's such a joy to read warm wishes from people you love, but who live far away!

Ето как моето празнично настроение продължава. Ден след ден. И не мисля, че скоро ще изчезне, въпреки че вече започнах да работя по моите си театрални проекти. Всъщност аз НЕ ИСКАМ то да изчезне. А как е при вас?
So here's how and why my festive mood continues... I think it won't disappear soon... Actually, I don't want it to. How about you?:)

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  1. Great holiday shots.
    Especially that lemon cake.

    1. Thanks! The recipes for the cake and the biscuits are from my grandmothers!:)

  2. It's grand to see these photographs of how your family has celebrated Christmas and the New Year. Like you, I am reluctant to put away all the decorations that symbolize this festive time of the year.

    (I also admit to perhaps being a bit to eager to enjoy tasting all the season's sweet treats. I baked lots of cookies to give as gifts, but still have some Christmas treats in the apartment.)

    May I again wish you a marvelous 2016! xo

    1. I'm glad to find out we are feeling the same way!:D I'll keep some little figures here and there, an elf's hat, a sock with sweets, the decoration on the door, the twinking lamps...
      Mmmm, I intend to bake more cakes!
      Have a wonderful week-end, dear Frances!XO

  3. What a beautiful 'christmas special'! It gives an intimate look in your house, very warm and loving. Just as Christmas should be! I put away the tree yesterday, but is always a bit hard to say goodbye to that good old tree that stood glimmering and shining in the room for the last two weeks. Now it is in the garden without ornaments and looks a bit sad. On the other hand it is a sort of goodbye to winter, although januari and februari can be cold too, but the light is coming back! Every end is a new beginning :)
    Again best wishes to you, dear Rossi! Love, Hedwig

    1. Well, well, we are going to put away our tree in the next few days. I know it was not alive when we bought it, but still it's sad to say "good-bye"... I remember Andersen's fairy tale "The Fir Tree"!
      Here we had a very cold and snowy first week of the year, so I have the feeling this winter will last long...:(
      Warm hugs for you, Hedie!xxx

  4. you two are so cute with your kissing cups.
    sounds like you had a lovely holiday. it is always a dilemma as to when the tree comes down. i did not have one this year, so no dilemma. so glad you had a nice holiday. i did not know that it is a Christian way to not have meat at Christmas.

  5. I can't imagine that we could miss decorating a Christmas tree some day... But who knows?
    What about the dishes without meat - I had in mind the Christmas Eve's dinner. Your comment let me add this link to the post -
    It tells about this old Bulgarian Christian tradition...
    Hope the beautiful winter tale at your place continues, Tammie!

  6. I love the little blue horse! So glad to hear you had a wonderful time, dear friend - and I hope you continue to carry the joyful feeling on into a shiny new year! X

    1. I'm trying to keep this feeling, though it's snowing and it's cold, and I miss my boy, and I have a lot of preparatory work for my theatre activities... But it's OK!
      I wish you to fulfill all your intentions for something new and exciting, dear Gretel!xx