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В един чуден есенен ден бях "отвлечена" на кратко пътешествие от моя съпруг и няколко приятели...
An unexpected journey out of town with my husband and friends...
Къде? Който е бил тук, веднага ще познае -в Трявна!
Where? To the town of Tryavna, situated in the Balkan Mountains.
Отдалече не личи, че известната часовникова кула е в ремонт, нали?
One of its symbols - the Clock Tower, built in 1814, was under repair.
Този малък планински град притежава особен чар. За уникалната му атмосфера допринасят красивите  възрожденски къщи...
The unique, magical atmosphere of this little town, is due to its traditional architecture...

Намиращата се под земята църква "Св.Архангел Михаил" ...
The "St. arch. Michail" church, built under the ground level ...
Романтичните кафенета...
The romantic cafes...

Но може би най-вече народните занаяти, чиято традиция e запазена жива.
But mostly to the unceasing tradition of some of the Bulgarian national crafts (mainly - the wood-carving).

Магазините за сувенири, които често са изработвани на място, са на всяка крачка.
If you walk there, you'll be tempted by the little souvenir shops, situated "at every corner" (you can even watch how the craftsmen work).
Тревненската зографска школа е най-старата в България.
During the Renaissance, Tryavna became famous with its Tryavna School of Iconography. You can admire more icons here!
Тук се намира единственият музей на иконата у нас!
One can visit the unique Museum of icon-painting!
В Трявна  тачат своето минало и именитите си съграждани...
Here the past is being cherished...

На всяка стъпка по калдаръмените улички те очакват изненади!
The cobble-stone little streets are full of temptations!
Изкушението да си подсладиш душата с халва, локум и кафенце е голямо!:)
Such us to taste the delicious halva, lokum and to drink Turkish coffee!:)
На моменти ти се струва, че времето наистина е спряло! 
I had the feeling that time had really stopped at some places!

Навсякъде - следи от миналото, пълни с тайни...
Abandoned houses, full of secrets and magic... 

Запустелите къщи все още са красиви по своему...
And still wearing traces of beauty...

А животът си тече...
But life was going on...

И е пълен с красота...
Full of sun and marvel...

Вълшебна ранна есен!:)
What a wonderful early-autumn afternoon!:)

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  1. no doubt your photos show us an unique and magical atmosphere. thank you for sharing!

    1. I haven't been there since I was a child! So, everything was new to me. I'm glad you like it!

  2. Cool place, great photos, would love to visit. Especially since I adore wood carving.

    1. You are welcome:) There're always tourists there...
      Here's a short video I found about the famous Daskalova kushta(i.e. house) -


  3. Hi, I found you over robertos blog and your photos are all absolutely stunning and it is so beautiful all this wonderful old building, the crafty tradition - thanks for sharing them.
    Barbara Bee

  4. What a glorious place, I would so love to visit here one day. You live near a beautiful place

  5. Oh, I'm so happy that there is a new Rossi-post again! What a beautiful little village up in the mountains. So old, so romantic. How nice that you made this trip, falling in love with your country again. You make very good pictures and sometime, sometime ever, I'll come and vist Bulgaria! Thanks for sharing and showing. Love, Hedwig. And thanks for your comments on my blog!

  6. There's nothing special about my camera, but I did my best! The sunny weather helped a lot, too! I'm glad my pics attracted your attention.:)
    Of course that you'll come to Bulgaria one day! There's so much to be seen!:D By the way, we haven't visited all the beautiful places we want to... You know how it happens: you fall in love with a certain place and go there again, and again, and again...
    What about Tryavna - maybe I'll post more pics of this charming town in future...

  7. Whisked away to Tryavna.... what a treat! So much to see and love. Since I started wood carving as a little girl I have known that Bulgarian woodcarvers are amongst the best. Your photo makes me wish to visit the Tryavna art school. Thank you so much for your sweet message on my blog. You always leave such lovely, caring comments.

    1. Dear Robyn, can you imagine it? To come here one day, to visit Tryavna and the woodcarvers' ateliers, the museums and the famous Daskalova kushta (i.s. the house of the Daskalovs) with the wooden suns on its ceilings. Here's a short video to see...(There're more in You tube).
      I'm so glad you know about the Bulgarian woodcarvers! :)) It was a wonderful experience for me, too... While my husbnd and friends had some business meetings, I was absolutely free to go and see, to watch and admire or simply to wander...A perfect way to forget for a while about the tears....:(
      It's always a great pleasure for me to visit your blog, because it's another universe!... Congratuations on the happy event once more!xx

  8. Beautiful photos, Rossichka!
    Greetings, RW & SK

    1. Oh, thank you!:) Maybe I'll share some more moments of this afternoon...

  9. so wonderful to see your journey through your lens and artistic eye. So beautiful and interesting details! I hope you had a wonderful time!

    1. Yes, I did! Thank you, Tammie! How I wish I went there again...
      Can you believe it? I had just read your new post and was trying to write some verses in my comment!:))))

  10. So good to see you back here, makes me smile, wow, what a nice town you have this time for us, wish I could visit it one day, thanks so much for sharing your magic moments with us.
    A big hug for you!

    1. As things go by, I might meet lots of blog friends here one day!:0-)
      Have a lovely new week, Ale!

  11. I came by to look at your pictures for my daily portion of autumn sun on old roofs and streets. Hello and goodbye, dear friend!

    1. Hello and good night! I'll send you some pics of golden trees for calm dreams, Hedie!:)xx

  12. Hello dear friend.
    If you allow me, I will say: Dear friend of my heart.
    I want to thank you've worried about me, because lately, I do not "give signs of life"
    First at all, I want to ask you apologize, because I know very well that I did not respond to you an email, and not stopped by your blog.
    I'll tell you this: thanks God, I'm fine, just happens that in this time of the year I always have a lot of work. this is because, here in my country, the holidays, usually are taken on January or February, then all the people who works in the publishing, want to leave their job done, because the magazines should continue going on sale even at holidays time, then ... Do you know who make all that work with illustrations and drawings, so that children's magazines may be published in January and February, when the people who works in the editorial office are under the sun on the coast of the sea?........ YES!! Roberto!
    then ... my time for the blog, and my friends, is very little, sorry for disappearing!
    these days I'm doing my last work for the month of February 2014 and everything will return to normal.
    Thank you very much, my friend, I really love you. (You know I love my friends and I want to say it, not the love of a husband, not a child's love, not the love of a man, not a woman's love; the love of friend)
    see youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :)))))
    Thank you!...

    1. Dear Roberto, thanks for stopping by and "stealing" from your time for me! It's nice to know your friends are doing well, I'm relieved now.:0) Besides, what you do is a very responsible work - just think of how many children won't be disappointed that their favourite magazines are missing during the holidays. Especially the holidays - the perfect time for reading and entertaining!:) So... here he is, Roberto is working for them now!! Forget about the sweat, the nerves, the sun for "the others", think about the kids' smiles! (I know, you do).
      I love you, too, my friend!xx

      Bye! I am going to the Mall, where we will run a special event for Halloween... (To be honest, I don't like this feast, it's a new one for Bulgaria, but children and teens enjoy it!)

    2. I'm making my evening 'walk' along the blogs and how nice to 'see' you two here! I join the conversation. Poor Roberto, slave of the cartoon magazines! I hope you can enjoy the sun when you are finished. I rather go shopping with Rossi, must be great in a Bulgarian Mall. I like the pumpkin lanterns, but it's not a Dutch feast. I know it from my Seattle sister.
      Have a nice evening! Love you both! Hedwig

    3. Shopping? What shopping?!! I spent nearly four hours "debout" and now my feet ache...:D I stood close to the face painting table and took photos of the masks. I'll send you some of them. My husband and our colleague led and commented the long review for most beautiful costume and make-up. The mall was overcrowded by witches, skeletons, princesses, vampires, pumpkins, etc.:D
      We came back home exhausted, hungry, but contented!:)
      Roberto? He's a hero!!
      Gooood night!:))))))))))))))

    4. O yes haha, sorry, wrong association at the word Mall. Now I understand the background in your photo's! Thanks for the pictures, lots of very happy children. Again! You are a hero too! XXX