събота, 17 август 2013 г.


Тази седмица си купих черен тънкописец. Извадих новите цветни моливи. И рисувах всеки ден по мъничко. Главно сутрин, на слънце...

This week a sudden desire to draw with coloured pencils appeared. I did it mainly in the mornings, with my first cup of coffee...

Не се опитвайте да откриете логика или история - няма такива. Просто следвах ръката си.  Минути на отмора и покой... Наивни рисунки, но те са си за мен!

Please, don't try to find some logic or a story - there're not any. I just followed my hand... I know my drawings are naive, but I felt great, while creating them in quietness!

Това беше началото...

This was the beginning...
Прекрасен бележник с бели листи - донесен от куклен фестивал. Имам го отдавна. Използвам го рядко.

The notebook was brought from a puppet festival abroad. I use it once in a great while.
Много години по-късно преоткрих и тази ваза, която май никога не съм използвала по предназначение. Eто че сега се превърна в изящен моливник... Ех, как така не помня кой ми я подари?!! Помня, обаче, че е от времето, когато бях млада, млада.... режисьорка.:) Например, изглеждаща така. А може би даже още малко по-млада...

Lots of years later I rediscovered this vase - now as a pencil-holder. I'm really sorry I've forgotten who has given it to me! It was so long ago - as if in another life, when I was young and made my first steps in puppet theatre directing. And I looked somewhat like that. Or maybe I was even younger...:)

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  1. Анонимен17.08.13 г., 19:05

    beautiful drawings! made with lots of love and care :-) so full of color and joy. Best wishes!

  2. Your vase is beautiful. Old, but not broken! You created a small and happy world in your seldom used notebook. I love the caterpillar with its red shoes and funny tail. Old pictures make me melancholic. You look so young and full of expectations. That's how we all looked long ago. It is touching to see.
    It's getting dark much earlier now. We still have guests. My husband built a fire and they are sitting near it, talking and laughing. I'll join them with my cuppa tea. Bye!

    1. Having been nearly not used, the vase looks like new. I like its colour and how the glass shines through it when it's sunny.
      Full of expectations? Yes! That was exactly such a period for me...
      How nice - to sit with friends around a fire in the night! A perfect occasion for singing...:-)

      Thanks for stopping by, when you are so busy! Have a wonderful night with lot of stars, Hedie!:)))))))

  3. Dear Rossichka, all your drawings are so beautiful, all look happy, but, oh my, your snail, with a pic-nic basket on its shell, is it going for a pic-nic?, or is there something else in the basket?
    Fox is wondering what is in it?, ha ha, well, you know already Fox, jumping on my work table, and hoping and wishing it is a pic-nic basket, and maybe your good looking snail will stop here one of these afternoons, before trees change color here.
    Have a great week-end!

    1. The snail is "hurrying" for a date.:)) That's why I put him a tie. Then he asked me for a suitcase and I drew it, without thinking about the detalis. But, yes, you are right - it resembles more a picnic basket!:D And inside there're sandwiches, a bottle of wine, two glasses plus a chocolate. Not to forget a sweater and a blanket Just tell the Fox...
      Thank you, Ale, I'm so glad you liked the snail. Who knows, maybe around Autumn he'll appear in your garden?:)))))))

  4. Rossichka, my current knitting projects are blocking my drawing time. I do love doing the knitting and playing around with colors, so it's okay.

    However, how wonderful it is to draw with colors in the morning, when perhaps any inspiration from the previous night's dreams are still lingering somewhere in the subconscious. I do think that I dream in color. How about you?


    1. I haven't payed attention whether I dream in colour or not - I don't remember my dreams lately, even I suspect that I don't dream much... But it's nice to begin your day with something pleasant, in colour! Of course, it was just a short period... Maybe I'll keep doing it from time to time, when I feel in that special mood again and have more free time...
      From what I've seen, I think you are a master in knitting, Frances! Using colours in different combinations and patterns is something difficult, but it seems so easy with you.:)

  5. Loved that first photo, great colors & mysterious shadow! I was trying to guess what it was, I thought it might be a plant. But colored pencils... I hope I get to see more of your drawings!

    1. Hello! Actually I wanted the first photo to be a little bit mysterious...:) For me it's like a castle in the night... Maybe I'll keep on drawing for a while - it's like a therapy.

  6. Hey, Hey, Hey! Many surprises here!!
    The photography!
    Rossichka! years do not pass for you!
    You look wonderful in black and white (just yesterday) and in colors (today):))))))

    Well, now your drawings!
    Please do not classify it. Naive? who cares!
    do you have fun doing these drawings? Enough.

    I see your drawings as perfect, really, still drawing please and please show your art here.
    You know something? I wish your blog had less photos, and more of your drawings and I would like you to write a story or poem (I know, you know how to do it very well) and accompany it with your drawings. Do not talk, about shy, or low self esteem please!
    I love your drawings! :)))))))))))))

    1. I'm surprised! But it's a pleasure, thank you! I don't know what to say... So the only thing I can do, is to follow your advice, instead of searching explanations.:)))
      About the photo... Now, 20 years later, I play in the same performance, but with another puppets...:0) C'est la vie!!

  7. Hi, R. I came to say "Oh, Rossichka forgive me, please, I am very impulsive, I should not say what you must to do with your blog"
    but.... I see you liked my idea.
    Now I say: Yes, please write and draw on your blog! you will see it will be fun!
    good week for you my good friend!
    ps. Age is a number do you know that? what means 20 years?
    I like positive thinking, "Yes I was 20 years younger, but I did not have the experience that I have now" :)))))))

    1. I'm not mad at you, how could I, Roberto?!:))))))))))))))))))))))))

      20 years is a lot of time, full of exciting things, that one by one, step by step have led us to the life situation we are just now in... And I appreciate nearly everything I've passed through... I like to go back to my memories - it's like to open randomly a book...

  8. such charming sketches

    i love doing what you did, just let the pencils guide
    or our spirit

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately in the period that I am going through now, those few days seem like a beautiful dream...:(

  9. I love how you let your imagination guide you with the drawings! It might be interesting to look at in a few days to see what was on your mind? :) Sometimes when I draw I don't know why I pick a particular subject until some time afterwards! I find coloured pencils very freeing, I must do it again soon!xx

    1. Maybe I'll inderstand why I drew this and that... But the "afterwards" won't come soon for me, 'cause I have sunk into some problems, that don't leave me desire and enough time for blogging! That's why your comment was like a tiny gift, thank you, Jessie!