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От 10 до 22 юни нашата театрална група, подкрепена от няколко помощници, осъществи летен проект за деца от І до ІV клас, за който се подготвяхме с голямо желание и очаквахме с нарастващо нетърпение. Приютиха ни три от музеите в града!
Our theatre group organized a summer project with children aged 7 to 11, that took place from 10th till 22nd of June. We waited for it to happen with impatience and curiosity. Several professionals joined our team. We were happy to work in three of the city's museums!
Сега, когато всичко е минало, мислите ни са все още там - в онези дни, изпълнени със смях, творчество, откривателства, радост, възторг! Кой ти помни умората, притесненията, свръхусилията понякога, за да издържим  на темпото...? Ние сме "болни от любов" към невероятните деца, с които работихме! Изумени, окрилени, с преизпълнени с обич сърца! И благодарни на техните родители.
Now, when it has all passed over, we go back in our thoughts to those two weeks, full of laughter, joy, discoveries, creativeness and fantasy! We miss the amazing children and our hearts are full of love and gratitude to them and their parents!

Основната ни цел беше да помогнем на децата да създадат собствен театрален продукт, провокирайки въображението, изобретателността и артистичността им.
The main goal was to provoke the children's imagination, artistry and creativeness and to hep them make a theatre product of their own!
Имахме си драматурзи.... Деца с невероятна фантазия. Творбите им събрахме в мъничка книжка, а по техен сценарий работиха останалите две групи.
We had dramatists... Children with amazing imagination! They created a screenplay for the other ateliers. We made a small booklet with their works.
Имахме си сценографи.... Освен че рисуваха, апликираха и моделираха...
We had scenographers... They drew, moulded, made masks...
... те създадоха скици за кукли и ги изработиха почти изцяло самостоятелно!
... and also created  sketches for puppets and made them with a liiiiitle help!
Имахме си и актьори-кукловоди... Талантливи и ентусиазирани.
We had actors-puppeteers... Talented and ehthusiastic, full of energy.


Забавлявахме се много...
We had fun...

Но и много усърдно работихме!! 
But we worked really very hard!!

Имаше няколко дъждовни дни, но те не ни уплашиха, защото при нас грееше слънчице!
The rainy sky didn't scare us, for we had our sunny!
Децата се влюбиха в нашата стажантка - студентка от Холандия!
This is our trainee - a student from Holland, with whom the kids fell in love!
Снимаха ни даже за телевизионно предаване... :) 
The TV came  to make a film about us... :)

П.П. Моля, прочетете и Втора част!:)
P.S. Please, read Part Two - the previous post!:)

*Photos - me and the team


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  1. I can only say: Wonderful!
    do you want to know something?
    I felt a bit of envy for your work with children.
    really, I admire you, Rossichka! :)))

    1. I agree with Roberto. When I saw these photos, I just thought how enriching your work must be.

    2. I can add - for both the children and us, the team...:) They learn from us, we learn from them and thus new ideas are born...:)

  2. Welcome back Rossichka. It is always so interesting to find out what projects you've been working on while "away" from blogging.

    Could you perhaps post more photos of what the children created? Today's photograph brought a big smile to my face!


  3. I am now laughing, Rossichka. Just after I submitted that earlier comment, I saw more pictures! Magic!

    1. And there's one more post...:) This is just a small part of all the photos we have. We gained financing for the project by the city's municipality and we're very proud of it.
      I know you UNDERSTAND and really appreciate our work with children, Frances. Thank you!

  4. Congrats on another successful project, Rossi. What you do is amazing... :)

    1. Thank you, dear Amaia! Did you have a look at post №2? There're pics from the performance. Tomorrow I'm leaving to take part in another project. My husband and son are already there - in one of our beautiful mountains...:)

  5. Again: you are a wonderful person with lots of energy. To be the motor of a project, to work with children with such joy, you must be very passionate. I admire that! Have a nice stay in the mountains. I'm looking forward for the pictures of that project. Good luck! And don't forget to take a rest every now and then. Love, Hedwig!

    1. Thaaaaank you, my friend! I'm leaving right now! This is a beautiful place, I've written about here - Shiroka Luka (you can see posts.). Knowing that you are thinking of me and supporting me, gives me strength... Actually, I'm pretty tired...:)xx

    2. I've looked at the old posts. Very beautiful place! The old houses and nature. And that beautiful name: Rodopian mountains! It sounds a bit as Transylvania. I hope it's inspiring and not too hot. So nice that you are there with your family. Good luck and have fun! Love you, Hedwig.

    3. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

    4. Hi from Shiroka Luka!:D The village is as beautiful as ever. I thought I won' t make photos this year, 'cause I' ve taken quite a lot the previous summers. But... I couldn't help the charm of these houses and used my mobile today, tomorrow I'll take the camera with me.
      Hot? Oh, no! This is another Bulgaria here...The sun is hot, but actually the air is chilly and fresh and the nights are cold. We use blankets, jackets, pullovers, socks... How very strange!
      It's so nice to be with my two boys here - everyone of us has his own duties, we work in different ateliers but for the whole - the final performance which will happen on Saturday!
      Thanks for writing to me, Hedie!xx

    5. Hi Rossi, is everything oke in the Rodopian mountains? Singing and dancing with happy children and then a glass of wine in the cool evening? In Holland it's sunny at last. Love you, Hedie

    6. Hello, Hedie! Everything was just fine! Lovely young people (the team), happy children, hot noons and chilly evenings, friendly chats, bagpipes and floklore songs... We came back last night and I am "fighting" with the luggage now... Will have a special post next week.
      I'm so glad you have summer at last!:))) xxx

    7. What a cute little violin player you have there! Welcome back and good luck with the laundry etc! XXX

    8. This is a very old papercutting.:)
      Thanks, it's nice to be back home, though my thoughts are still there, in Shiroka Luka. I have no patience to see the pics I've taken, but it will happen after a week, because the camera is not with me now.:( Hope you are O.K., Hedie!:))x

  6. it is wonderful that you do these things
    i think these types of things inspire memories that last a life time and makes children want to do things like this when they have children later in life.

    1. I hope so !I also believe children become self-confident and they can see beauty everywhere around and make their lives more colourful through the means of art!

  7. just stopped by to see if you have shared something new. sending a bright smile.

    1. So nice! Did you read the previous post - it's about the Great final day...
      I read about those sweet birds nesting and their babies - you did amazing photos!! But I won't take part in the giveaway, that's why I didn't comment.:) Have a lovely day!!!