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Публикувам част 2 отново, защото малко хора разбраха как завърши всичко...:) 

Here's this post again, because a few people understood it had been published before Part 1...:)

Някак бързо дойде последният ден, а с него така очакваният ФЕСТИВАЛ НА АТЕЛИЕТАТА!
Here came the last day and brought THE FESTIVAL OF THE WORKSHOPS!
Той започна с представяне на част от творбите, написани от децата...
It began with the little dramatists, presenting some of their  stories...

Продължи с изложба на младите сценографи....
Continued with the scenographers' exhibition...


И завърши с кукленото представление...
And ended up with the puppet performance... 


А после - поклон, аплодисменти, прегръдки, усмивки и обещание за нови срещи. Непременно!!!
And then - applauses, hugs, kisses, smiles and promises to meet again!!! 


Скъпа Гали,
Аз съм зеленият ти шал, който стои в гардероба от един месец. Чух, че си ме търсила. Синият шал ми каза.
А да ти кажа – щях да умра! Отвори се една дупка в гардероба ти и оттам излезе цяла топка пера от червена кокошка с лилави крака. Да, тази, която танцуваше “Gangnam Style”!
Ох, беше ужасно, едвам дишах.... но след малко Лисицата от същата приказка дойде и ги взе. Но останаха още малко пера, колкото да ме дразнят.
Това е.

С много перушина:   Шали.
                                                                                                                         Галена, ІV клас


Dear Gali,
I am your green scarf, which has been in the wardrobe for the past month. I heard you were looking for me. The blue scarf told me.
And let me tell you – I thought I was going to die! A hole appeared out of nowhere in your wardrobe and a ball of red feathers from a purple-legged hen came out of it. Yes, the same one who danced to “Gangnam Style”!
Oh, it was so devastating that I almost stopped breathing…but a few moments later the Fox from the same story came by and took them with her. But there were some feathers left, just to disturb me. That’s it.

All in Fluff: Scarfie
Galena, 4th grade


Една лятна сутрин кучето Бъки намерило една ябълка.
Отхапало една хапка и станало телевизор, който яде кашкавал.

                                                                                                                          Михаил, І клас


One Summer morning Bucky, the dog, found an apple.
He had a bite and became a TV, eating yellow cheese.
                                                                                                                      Mihail, Ist grade

П.П. Моля, прочетете и Първа част!:)
P.S. Please, read Part One of this post!:)

*Photos - me and the team


4 коментара:

  1. I bet this sort of experiences must all be one of a kind and completely memorable! Nice job.

    1. It happens to be just like that. The memories don't leave us... Everyone is happy - the kids, their parents (especially!), our team. Now we are thinking of repeating the same project sooner than the next summer.
      Thank you for stopping by!:)

  2. I returned and went to see your previous post, and this time I saw the face of a boy with yellow shirt that caught my attention, he keeps a hand over his mouth, a look of fear. and I thought, "this child must be a great actor", and then I thought, "maybe this child to become a great actor internationally recognized", and then I thought (again) (I'm thinking too haha) "what a beautiful job you do Rossichka", (with other people too)
    I guess that you should fall on your bed at night, exhausted, but with the satisfaction of having your heart filled with goodness.
    I wish for you and your family a week with sun and scent of flowers! :))

    1. Hello! I went to check out who's that boy. Oh, yes, he's so flexible and talented. He did his first attempts in acting and manipulating puppets and he did it great. I didn't expect that someone would pay attention to the children's expressions, like you did, thank you! I'm glad you were impressed, so I put one more photo of him.:)
      Well, one never knows... We influence the kids' lives for sure. Some years ago, during a puppet festival, I met a wonderful young puppeteer - it turned out that he was "my child" from a puppet studio that I had led many years ago!! Of course I couldn't recognize him, but I still remember a character he played when he was a little boy!!! I was (and am) so happy!

      Thanks for the wishes, I hope it will be a "normal" week, without a lot of things to do!

      All the best to you and your wife, too, Roberto!:)))_