сряда, 8 февруари 2012 г.


В Кения буквално на всяка крачка откривах ново цвете. Такова разнообразие на форми, такова изобилие на багри - невероятна красота!

The Kenyan flowers are amazing - such a variety of forms and colours. Everywhere I stepped, everywhere we passed, I saw beauty. Endless beauty!

Някои от тях ми бяха познати. Като латинката...

Some of them were familiar to me. Like the Nasturtium...

The Roses...
И мушкатото!

And the Pelargonium (zonale) - one of the most famous and loved flowers in Bulgaria!
Тези вероятно бяха гладиоли...

These were probably Gladioluses...
А тези - лилиуми.

And these -Liliums.
Но и най-непретенциозните - дивите...

But the wild ones...

И декоративните...

As well as the decorative ones...

И онези в саксиите...

And those in the flowerpots...

Всички бяха невероятни! Само да снимаш  и да рисуваш... Така ми се искаше да имам свободно време, за да изследвам спокойно и с наслада всяко цветче, да откривам нови. Уви! Всички тези снимки са направени "на бегом", по време на придвижване от едно място на друго, в кратките почивки. В интерес на истината голяма част от цветята разглеждам спокойно и в детайли чак сега.

All of them were incredibly beautiful..., marvellous..., magnificent... As you see, words fail me to describe my emotions - still strong and alive.
И преди да вдигнем поглед нависоко, към дърветата, да се порадваме на...

And before looking at the trees, let's have a glimpse at...



Макар и не професионални, надявам се снимките ми да са ви доставили наслада! И на онези  от вас, които познават тези растения.:0)

My photos are not professional, but I do hope they took you far, far away - in this beautiful land - and put a smile on your face! Even to those of you who use to know the objects of my admiration.:0)

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  1. Without words, the beauty of nature is in the flowers. From the most exotic, even the simplest and wild!

  2. Very beautiful your photos. The flowers must be climate similarity of Africa and Brazil, are the same flowers that we have here.I guarantee that his visit to Kenya was unforgettable.Didn't know the festivals of roses on your parents Bulgarian. Must be a beautiful thing, I will visit the site that you left me, I want to see how it goes. thanks for all your comments.

  3. So, I can imagine then that I've been in Brazil, too!:0))) Maybe one day I must make a post about the flowers we have here...
    I hope you'll enjoy the site, Maria!

  4. oh how beautiful
    that must have been a joy to find
    so pretty amongst my deeply gray snowy winter day!

  5. I'm so glad I sent you a spark of joy! I imagine what photos YOU could take there...:)
    Today I hesitated for some seconds whether to go out with my camera, because the sun appeared and the snow looked beautiful, but I had too much colours in my eyes, just preparing this post, so I gave up!

  6. Such beautiful and delicate blooms, stunning photos :D

  7. I had the feeling that if I took a sheet of paper and drew some whimsical flower that I'd seen only in my imagination, it might turn out that it existed somewhere in the world (and maybe there, in Kenya)!!:)

  8. It's lovely to see some flowers on this cold day, I'd almost forgotten what they looked like! ;o) Beautiful pictures, thankyou.]
    Jess x

  9. I'm looking at them from time to time, too. They save me in a way! Winter is definitely not my season...:(

  10. Hello Rossichka I am sorry I have'nt been in touch lately but I think I got a bit depressed after the Christmas and kind of lost interest in my blog.My sister was in last night saying "oh you have'nt posted anything lately you should keep it up" so I'm going to make an effort.I had a cancerous piece removed from my nose (I know it sounds funny)just before Christmas and I think this has thrown me a little bit but I thank Our Lady i've got the all clear.Again I have to thank you for being so thoughtful -you consistantly visit me and I am very greatful Regards Ross -Talk to you soon-P S I'm still making my dolls !!!and I start an an art class in a weeks time .

  11. Dear Patricia, I'm so glad to see you here! Last summer I felt tired from blogging, too and made a long break. A lot of people wrote me then that they had felt in the same way... So, it's something normal.
    It's so nice that you are going to attend an art class - something new is always refreshing!
    Thanks for the nice words! I'll send you an e-mail!

  12. Thank you for sharing these lovely array of beauties! I think I've seen many of them before...probably because I live in a tropical country. :)

    I hope the sun is shining brightly where you are. oxx

  13. Oh, then you know why I am so excited about them!:) The sun? It run far away again and left us to the snow and the wind. And when there's wind the low temperatures seem to be lower! Brrr! All the schools in the country had to be closed on Wednesday till Monday. I know that this will pass, the question is when? No, I do not and cannot love winter...:( Where's my spring?

  14. Oh, wow!!

    I love miracles of nature! Beautiful! I especially like the one... hm, how should I tell you, which one... the little pink flowers in the "decorative section". :))

  15. I took a picture of them running after the group, that was leaving the place! And my favourite of these is the first flower. I went to see it some days later and it was "gone"! With closed leaves, that never opened again...

  16. All flowers are gorgeous, I'm amazed by their colors and variety of shapes!

  17. I think that the flowers, born by our imagination, do exist somewhere in this beautiful world! At least some of them!:)