понеделник, 13 февруари 2012 г.


В един от последните си постове аржентинският художник и илюстратор Алексиев Гандман, когото много харесвам, публикува една програма за рисуване. Това ме подсети, че някъде имам скици, правени с  подобна програма. Разтършувах се и ги открих. Ето някои от тях. Може и да са наивни, но рисуването беше толкова забавно! :0)

In one of his latest posts, the wonderful Argentinian illustrator Alexiev Gandman gave a link to a programme for sketching and drawing. Then I remembered that last year I had used a similar one and found out the sketches. Here are some of them. I know they are naive, but I had so much fun, while drawing! :0)
Трябва да опитам пак...

I should draw again...
Ако решите да порисувате с тази програма и искате да споделите резултата, изпратете една скица на електронния ми адрес и един от вас ще получи светивалентинска висулка, която ще направя специално за него/нея, подобно на тази. А ако сте съгласни, ще покажа вашите творби в специален пост!:)

Maybe you are curious to try? Enjoy yourselves! In case you get inspired, send me a sketch to my e-mail address. And  one of you will receive a pendant of this kind, that I will cut especially for him/her... And if you agree, I could make a special post for your drawings!:)
Тъй като отдавна не съм изпращала подаръче на някого, този "любовен" книгоразделител вече чака притежателя си. Кой ще бъде той, ще разберем следващия понеделник. И двамата късметлии ще бъдат изтеглени на случаен принцип. Просто напишете коментар и/или довършете изречението "За мен любовта е...".
Хубава седмица, пълна освен със сняг, с много нежност и любов!:)
 I haven't had a GIVEAWAY since a long time. So I am giving this "love" bookmark with a papercutting, too. Leave a comment and/or finish the sentence "For me love is... ". The two winners will be chosen randomly next Monday!
Enjoy St Valentines' Day and let love make your life brighter!:)


14 коментара:

  1. Your art pieces are fabulous!! Love each and every one of them. As are your paper cuttings.

    in this moment the word that rose for me is: care
    when people show care, through listening, offering, doing it feels like love to me.

  2. Thank you, Tammie, I'm glad you like them! And thank you for commenting - I had nearly lost hope that anyone would write something this time...
    I'm so eager to know what is love for my blog friends... "Care" - by all means.:)

  3. Your sketches are so intriguing Rossichka, gosh... The birds and all of the faces are especially striking. You are a such a talent! I'm definitely going to have to try out this program.

    Sooo... to your question now: For me love is... something you must work hard at, pay attention to, and never take for granted. Only then will it grow into something strong and robust that will not wither at the first sign of difficulty.

  4. Yes, we should not take it for granted. And it needs a lot of time and cares to keep it flourishing - just like a flower!:)
    Thanks for the nice words, Michele!I'm blushing...:)

  5. That drawing technique is unusual isn't it? It reminds me of the Spirograph game we used to have as children. I really love the shapes. :o)
    Jess xx

  6. Hello, Alexiev, I'm glad you saw it (the programme). I must try the other tools - they are interesting, too!
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Me, too! I think that this programme is created for non-professionals - just like me, but it could bring joy and fun to artists, too:) Thanks for stopping here, Jess!

  8. Dearest Rossi,
    I'm sorry you've been sick, I hope it is nothing serious and everything is ok now.
    What a nice comment you left me, it has filled my hearth with joy.
    We had lots of snow and I didn't go to school for 2 weeks
    Discomforts were a lot even if the first snow was welcomed with great joy and excitement.
    If you want to see other photos of the snow, you can visit my daughter’s facebook album,
    I am in those photos too.

    Wonderful the drawings you realized! Ingenious and original.
    Really beautiful!!!
    For me love is sincerity...

    A big hug, Rosi

  9. My dear Rosi,I'm O.K., don't you worry! The schools in the whole country were closed only for 5 days, but there were towns and villages, where the children didn't go to school maybe for 2 weeks and more... And all this because of the snow and the problems with the transport and the low temperatures in the classrooms...
    Thank you for your nice words about my drawings, they make me really happy!x
    I'll post you an e-mail tomorrow! Now it's high time to go to bed...

  10. Hi Rossichka -thanks for visiting me .I love your drawings and I don't think they are at all naive I think they're arty -there are loads aof people who would love to be able to do this(including me!!)I start my art class Tues next I'll keep you posted on my progress All the best for now M P xx

  11. Sweet Patricia, thank you!:) It's such a pleasure to draw with this programme, you should try sometime! I wish you a lot of happy moments with the art class, new things to learn and new friends to meet! xx

  12. Rossichka, you should not apologize because your drawings are naive.
    No No, please, who cares about that?
    You say you had fun ...
    It's OK, that's enough
    There is a point where we're all on the same level
    and is to enjoy and have fun with what we are doing
    you can be Picasso, the man who painted Altamira
    Rossichka, or I
    We had fun doing what we do?
    A kiss and a hug, a caress in your heart :)

  13. Yes, Roberto, that's the clue to be delighted with your work/art and even maybe to have a success - if you enjoy it, have fun (especially in art) and do it with love! Otherwise the product of your work is without a soul and people remain indifferent.
    Have a smiling, happy, sunny week!xx
    P.S. Thanks for the sun you sent us - the snow didn't melt, but the weather is now normal for a winter. Brrr!:)