понеделник, 20 февруари 2012 г.


I don't know about you, but I was eager to learn who would win my giveaway.

Thank you all who left comments to my Valentine post - it was such a pleasure to read and re-read them and to know that there are people who spent some mintutes of their time to "talk" with me and to share their emotions!
I asked my son to pick up the winners...
 So the bookmark goes to...
Alexiev, congratulations!:)

I hoped so much to receive someone's sketches, but obviously everyone was quite busy to draw...:( 
Nevermind, I decided to make the promised pendant for someone else among you and...
 Roberto, that's you!:)

Dear ladies, thank you for your warm, friendly, emotional comments - your words are so precious to me!!
And you, gentlemen, give me your addresses, please, so that I could send you the little gifts, while we are still in the month of love!

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  1. congratulations to the winner!!
    I did go and make a drawing, but i did not save it. Still it gave me this wonderful new feeling of being able to create, i love it. Thank you for that link! lovely day and beyond to you!

  2. I'm so happy that you experienced something new, Tammie, and it brought you joy!:) I'm going to sleep now and I'll dream snowy mountains; frozen rivers; lovely, but deleted sketches; a cup with pink sheets of paper and tne faces of my friends (seen and unseen)...!
    Thanks for your warm words!

  3. Congratulations to the winner!!
    and a hug for you!

  4. Roberto, you are a winner, too!! I'm waiting for your address...

  5. oh Rossichka! (:O
    I really am very foolish I ask your forgiveness,
    fool fool a thousand times!
    I saw my name among those who are in the first picture and then I read that the winner was Alexiev, haha
    oh and thank you very much
    I will be very anxious to receive it :)
    then I will send you my address!
    jumping for joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can not believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks, really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know that was random
    but yours was the intention of giving a gift♥♥♥

  6. Ah Pity as I have not seen this contest before? Must be because of the atmosphere of Carnival here in Brazil I did not participate in the Carnival ... but everything is kinda confusing. Another contest I won't lose.Kisses to you Rossichka. Mariacininha

  7. Dear Roberto, I hope you'll jump out of joy when your receive your gift, too, not only now!:0) I got your address and am going to send the pendant VERY soon! I think to surprise you...!)))
    Enjoy your days, hugs!:)x

  8. Hello, Maria! I'm sorry that you missed the giveaway, too! But... maybe next time you'll have luck! The Carnival must be a great event, bringing so much strong emotions, beauty, passion and happiness! Enjoy it!!
    Every year we watch a little bit of it in the TV news.:)

  9. Thank you very much ... is honored to have received such an award ...

    Greetings from the warm south.


    Proyectos - Illustrations

    Alexiev Store - venta de originales

    @alexievg en twitter

  10. You are welcome, the pleasure is mine!:) I need your address now...