петък, 20 януари 2012 г.


Не знам за вас, но за мен Африка беше някак неясна, недостижима мечта. От онези, красивите, дето си ги носим в раздела "мечти" като образец за Мечта, но не правим нищо, за да ги постигнем, защото си мислим, че сбъдването им е не-въз-мож-но. Е, оказа се, че понякога мечтата сама идва при нас. И тогава остава само да се хванем здраво за крилете й и да полетим...
I don't know about you, but for me Africa was an impossible dream, all romantic and mystic. One of those  that we wear with us all life long on the list with beautiful Dreams, making our days colourful and our imagination thirsty. I did nothing to make it true, because I thought it was just an impossible-to-ever-happen one. But... life disproved this. The African Dream came to me, all of a sudden, without calling. "Are you coming?"  And I decided to follow it. On its wings.

От София през Амстердам на отиване... Ох, рано ми е за Коледа през ноември!

From Sofia through Amsterdam.... Hmmm - isn't it early for Christmas in November?
И през Париж на връщане.... Коледната украса и светлинки са навсякъде - леле, колко сме закъснели!

Back home through Paris... Wow! Christmas is in a few days - we are so late!
А между полетите - ТОЛКОВА НОВИ ЕМОЦИИ...
And in between - NEW EMOTIONS...
 пресичане на Екватора
crossing the Equator
залез край езерото Виктория
Lake Victoria's sunset
 и хипопотами в езерото Виктория
and hippos in Lake Victoria
 евкалиптови дръвчета
Eucalyptus trees
и чай
and tea
 разказвачи на кенийски приказки
спане в легло с балдахин
sleeping in a baldachin bed
и пазаруване (с пазарене!) в Масай маркет, Кисуму
and shopping at Masai market in Kisumu

нощуване в банда
one night in a banda
 и сутрешно сафари в Национален парк Лейк Накуру
and a morning safari at Lake Nakuru National Park
 Но преди всичко - проектът за млади артисти и деца, в който участвах и който завърши с феерия от цветове, ритми и огромна радост!
But above all - the project for young artists and children I participated in. The final performance was a feast of colours, rhythms and pure joy!

П.П. Повече за него - в следващите постове...
P.S. Read more about it in my next posts...

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  1. Oh, you went to Africa! I am so happy that you got to live this dream of yours. It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Each time you post pictures of his trip to Africa, I wonder how much excitement you felt. In addition to the people that you lived, being close to these animals, must be an incredible experience. Beautiful photos

  3. It was a month of a really hard work, Tammie, but I used every possibility to "steal" from the beauty around us. And now, looking at the photos, I see some details that remained hidden from me in the moments of shooting. It wasn't a vacation, oh, no, but I had a wonderful time, yes!:)

  4. Oh, the animals... I'll write a special post about them, Maria! They have got used to all those people, coming to see them, to the dust from the vehicles, to the shooting of the cameras and the voices... My favourites were the giraffes - so calm and somehow unreal, with long, long lashes and beautiful eyes!:)

  5. Rossichka !!!!!!
    What a wonderful experience, I suppose, transcendental in your life!
    something which surely you learned lot of things.
    and bearing in your mind, in your eyes, and in your heart the rest of your life.

    thanks for stopping by, I am these days with little time to draw, but anyway, something old show in my blog (old like me haha)

  6. Hello, Roberto! I think you are right - I will wear in my mind, heart and soul everything I saw, felt and learned during my stay in Kenya. Till the rest of my days. It's a huge emotional expetience for me...
    Your self-portraits are wonderful, much more precious than the photos!:))

  7. много хубави кадри, умирам за такива пейзажи :))))) принцеса Роси, и аз искам в такова легло поне веднъж да преспя, представям си как под балдахина живеят само мечти... :)

  8. Мечти, спомени и копнежи... И горещи надежди да не се появи някой комар през нощта,случайно през мъъъничка дупчица в балдахина!:0)))) После имаше второ легло, много по-широко и дълго, а балдахинът му се разгъваше от тавана! Я да се мушвам на топличко под одеалцето...

  9. Thank you very much for your visit and comment. I am indebted to you yet, the work of last year was much, only now I have time to catch up with my earrings, be so kind to send me your e mail popita63@hotmail.com to send the book promised, forgive the delay, but the days I have been in their hands, from this corner of the world gets a big hug. I see you had a nice walk!

  10. Dear Paty, I would be really happy to have a book of yours! So, I'm sending you my address in a minute!:) But don't bother, if you are busy now, I can wait...
    Wishing you a lovely February and new, wonderful projects in the year of the Water Dragon!!xx

  11. oh thank you rossichka you are the second who sent a vote and i'm really really happy now and I'm reading Sirli, Siim and the Secrets by Andrus Kivirähk which is quite good actually though i tend to have been a lazy reader lately cos i'm busy with my diary and i have Mary Poppins on my shelf but i've not read it there are lots of interesting books to read hard to choose and as i said i'm a bit lazy. Oh you've just written again of course i remember that santa and it's so good you to keep it and neither that nor this snow peguine can be considered as perfect ones but i had to hurry cos it was almost friday which meant almost the end of forward on the if so that's way but anyway i'm happy you voted thanks again bye LiLi out

  12. Dear Lili, I know that nowaday children nearly don't read - they have so many interesting things and activities that swallow their free time. Still, there're some amazing authors of children's books that one should read in a lifetime (no matter at what age!) And among them are HCAndersen, Astrid Lindgren, Tove Jansson(!!!! - my favourite one), Michael Ende, P.L.Travers, A.A. Milne, Lewis Carroll, etc., etc. So, happy reading, dear girl!
    I found some brief information about the Estonian writer you mentioned above, but still we don't have his books translated.:(
    Bye, have a great weekend!

  13. Greetings Rossi-Cheeka! So, what a grande trip.! So colourful. It's amazing what people with darker skin can wear, isn't it? Any colour goes and looks great. On me it makes me like an albino to wear bright purple - though it goes with my eyes :) So did you see puppets? Or i Africa they turn their whole bodyinto a puppet perhaps? Or maybe just the head?

    You are so lucky to go visiting Affrreeeca! And we are lucky that you shared your pics :) thankyou!!

    be back soon

    have to work

  14. Hey I came before and must not have hit the secret code!!!

  15. ahh I wait for approval :)

    Now I comprehend!
    Sorry I have not been around.
    Have you seen those big electrical fans, the ones in the landscape that generate electricty.?
    Well when you do have a close look at the tip of one blade and you will see a speck on it. That speck is me :)

    are you well?
    I hope so!

    greetings from the land of rocks with holes

  16. You are one of the fortunate ones, Rossi, to be able to live a dream that way... thank you so much for sharing this, it's so inspiring.

    PS: I'm in love with those dolls!! Did you get one for yourself? :)

  17. Hello, Andrew!!!! I'm releaved that you are not lost somewhere there - far, far away in your magical land of Oz, full of sunlight and... rocks with holes!:0)
    Yes, maybe my main association with Kenya is colours - pure, direct, without nuances. The African people look so beautiful, dressed in their bright clothes - simply amazing!!
    No, I didn't see puppets (I brought there from Bulgaria some professional ones to show and work with), but I saw masks on dusty shelves in the smallest shops, I've ever entered... There was some magic around them...
    And I prefer to see you here, not somewhere "in the air" - writing funny comments, making me laugh, showing your wonderful pieces of art, feeling your wisdom!:)))
    Bye, see you!x

  18. Yes, Amalia, I had such a luck!! It's so sweet when it's unexpected!... No, I didn't buy such a doll - I liked them with my eyes, but I didn't have a good feeling about them, if you understand what I mean... So, I bought small souvenirs for my relatives and friends and maybe it'll be interesting to post pictures of some of them here.
    I'm so sorry, dear friend, for not commenting regularly in your blog - I cannot organize myself, I still have a lot of work, connected with the Kenyan art project to do. But I read and saw everything and I'm so happy that you find time to keep your inspiration alive!:) Hugs!xx

  19. Hello dear friend Rossichka!
    I took the scissors, did you noticed? ha ha,:) not so well as you.:(

    ok. here three days ago, was 45 degrees at the sun. Luckily it rained today, because a month ago it was not raining. is unbearable.

    I send you a parcel with sun, and you send me a parcel with clouds and snow, ok?
    ha ha.
    thanks for stopping by!!
    your wise words always touch my heart!♥

  20. I noticed, oh, I did! And you managed so well, Roberto, you should take the scissors again:)We had guests from Argentina and they were lucky not to miss their flights back home, but we were all worried, because of the bad weather. I suppose they are sunbathing now after the severe cold here!:)))
    I'll send you a small parcel of clouds and a bigger one of rain to refresh you!
    Bye, I must put a log in the stove!:0)

  21. Ok. Rossichka, I will say the obvious: nothing can beat the power of love.
    About the funny photo,
    our household is always making jokes and face life with humor,
    humor often helped us to endure some pain, and is a way to attract positive energy around us.
    Returning to the principle: I will add: nothing can beat the power of love... and humor.
    (I miss the pleasure of putting a log on the fire)
    have a great week!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I agree and add: and the positive energy one wears as an aura even in hard, dark moments. What about the sense of humour... I think I'm not such kind of a person, but my husband has for us both. And even more, much more... Have a nice week, too!:)))

  23. hello and thank youuuuuuu SO MUCH!!!! ♥
    no, i havent read Michael Ende's novel "Momo"...
    will buy the book if i find one in the bookstore (and i will remember you of course!!!)

    yes yes yes my birthday, i am now officially old =(

    ps: AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!! wow... amazing... did you meet an african witch perhaps???

  24. The man who was selling the masks was a good magician.:))) But there, at Masai market - some of the craftsmen/women were a little bit odd, so - who knows?!:))) I suppose if I have a spell on me, it's a good one - to return there again... some day...
    I hope you'll find the book. I'm sure you'll love it!
    Old? You'll never get old, Mita, I mean your spirit... Don't get sad, just enjoy your youth-time!xx