понеделник, 5 декември 2011 г.


ПРИВЕТ от Кения!!!!
Какво да ви покажа по-напред...

HELLO from Kenya!!!!
What to show you first...

Невиждани цветове на всяка крачка...

Trees and flowers unseen...
Прекрасни кукли, направени от младите артисти...

Amazingly good-looking puppets, made by the young artists...
Навсякъде - красота...

Beauty - all around...

Думите са излишни!...

Words fail me to describe!...

xxxxxxxxx :))))))

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  1. You're visiting Kenya? What a lucky woman! Beautiful plants in these photos. They look like some of the non-native plants we can only get at the market!

    Enjoy yourself!

  2. In fact the most amazing thing for me are the trees (up so far!)... Thank you!:)

  3. Не мога, снимките се точат с часове или прехвърлянето пропада!:((

  4. Hello!Isee you´re gone for a nice trip!!

  5. ....I feel like writing something, May I?
    Here I go,
    ...May the music fade away at the end of the night, but only after we sang and danced
    May the paintings get old and damaged, but only after we looked at them and touched them..

  6. ...May this moment end, but only after we've lived in its rhythm and have tasted it...
    Thank you, Bea!

  7. Rossichka Hello!!
    How are you? I have something to say to you:

    Enjoy, learn, look, smell, taste, talk, listen, dance, feel, laugh, cry, let the wind caress your face, bringing your perfume to your home, far away now. And when you return to your home, give a big, big hug to your loved ones ♫♫♫!!!!!!

  8. Hey Rossee Cheeka! Just a quick visit to smell the flowers, those white ones smell like honey mixed with ground rapunzel seeds.

    Hope you are well and working not too hard. I found another rock on the beach with a hole in it today.
    I put it to my ear and could hear the Black Sea

  9. Oh, Roberto, dear! Right in my heart!:) Attentive and kind to me as always - thank you!
    A Big hug!:)

  10. Txs, dear Andrew, I'm O.K., but working really very hard! Tomorrow we are going to have our second day off and I hope I'll have a lot of interesting things to tell you about it later. The Kenyan trees and flowers ara amazingly beautiful!!
    You and Roberto took me back to my country and family with what you wrote...Eh!:( x

  11. Imagine your excitement for this work. The flowers have the same here in Brazil. And the puppets made with so little material, are so precise. Congratulations. Kisses

  12. Thank you, Maria for the encouraging words! The young artists taught, on their turn, the children how to make such puppets. And I can't stop admiring the incredible trees I see here, but I'll post photos later, from Bulgaria, because the Internet is slow. Bye!:)xx

  13. Hi Rossichka I hope you're having a wonderful time -I'm dropping in to wish you a Happy Christmas

  14. Здравей Росичка )) Поздрави от студена ветровита Варна. Прекрасни снимки!

  15. Rossichka, Merry Christmas to you and your family and I thank all the beautiful comments I received from you this year.

  16. Hello Dear Rossi Cheeka!
    I am here to wish you a Merrie Chrissie, and may all your blessings come at once (one after the other) You don't want them to arrive at the same time! There's only a small amoluintg of icescream we can eat before it melts

    Hope you are well and taking care :)

    hugs from oz!

  17. Анонимен22.12.11 г., 22:42

    Ohhh! These are amazing images! I love the bright mixture of flowers, fruits, creatures...and then...the most beautiful, brilliant puppets! They are so full of life and wonderful character :-) Really lovely to see this xx

  18. Hello, Rossichka!!
    I hope that this Christmas, you have close to your heart one star for each of the people who loves you
    I'm sure your heart will be completely enlightened!
    because you are a very good person
    Merry Christmas!!

  19. Hello, Patricia! Merry Christmas to you, too! I'm back home again, just on time for the holidays!:)x

  20. Здравей, Виолка! Вече и аз съм на студеното - направо от 30-те градуса и блузките с къс ръкав! :0)Ще се опитам да пусна пост преди Нова година с МНОООГО снимки!
    Весела Коледа!!!!!!

  21. Dear Maria, Merry Christmas to you, too! I hope you'll spend wonderful time with your beloved ones and later on all the emotions will be re-born in your amazing paper collages!xx

  22. Hello, hello, dear Andrew! Thank you for being such a good friend - always finding time for me, always sending good words and smiles through the continents!
    Merry Christmas and wonderful holidays!!
    See you!xx
    P.S. At last I'm back!

  23. Dear Linda, it's so nice to see you've been here - in my small world for sharing with others! I'm back from the long trip, so I hope to have a new post soon - with lots of photos from marvellous Kenya!
    Merry Christmas!!:)

  24. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  25. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

  26. Roberto, my dearest friend - always concerned about me, so gentle and open-hearted... I'm so happy to be back home just for the holidays! Well, it's snowing here and is very cold, but is beautiful in its own way (especially after the heat in Kenya!) The change of colours and rhythm of living shows me how diverse is everything on Earth. Only people are the same and it's amazing to find friends no matter where they live...
    Merry Christmas to you and your beloved ones!xxx
    And oh, yes, I'm so happy to hug my family again that I'm shining!:)))
    P.S. I'm so absent-minded, that I made a lot of mistakes - that's why I deleted the messages...

  27. Hi Rossiccka-its great to see you back!You obviously had a wonderful time I've never been myself but your photos make me wish-'specially when I look out at the wind rain and frost and it seems to be going on forever.I hope you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you

  28. Hello, Patricia! Well, it was beautiful, when it rained, but very, very muddy! Thanks to the hot African sun the soil dried quickly, so we didn't wear our boots all the time!:) I'm late with my Kenyan posts, but I have so many other things to do after a whole month away from home...
    Happy first week of the year!

  29. how wonderful to see your images and to know you enjoyed yourself and saw new things. I am so happy for you.

  30. Thank you, Tammie! A lot of new things, forms, colours and emotions, yes! All my feelings were stronger there...