понеделник, 10 октомври 2011 г.


В събота - последният топъл ден, преди да наизвадим спешно палтата и шаловете, решихме да посрещнем есента в първия ни уъркшоп след лятото. Как?

On Saturday - the last warm, sunny day, we decided to welcome Autumn in our traditional workshop for children and parents. How? By using the first fallen leaves for creating...
С пеперуди от есенни листа...
И цветя от есенни листа...
And flowers...
Децата създадоха толкова красота, въпреки ограничения избор на листа! (Дърветата все още са зелени, само тук-таме грее някой жълт клон.)

Although we couldn't gather a lot of fallen leaves (most of the trees are still green), the children had no problem to create  real beauty with them!!
Нужно бе само въображение, за да си сътвориш градинка!
All one needed to create a little garden was imagination!
Родиха се и невероятни колажи - eто какво успях да заснема.
Children made amazing collages, but I was too busy  and took only these three photos.
Всички се трудиха усърдно и с огромен ентусиазъм. Дори си изработиха гердани от кестени - може да ги забележите на вратлетата на децата на всички снимки!

Everybody worked hard and with enthusiasm. They learned how to make necklaces from chestnuts (my husband taught them - see the photos above).

Пробвайте и вие да измайсторите нещо - особено, ако навън вали или духа силен вятър и трябва да си стоите вкъщи.:-)

If it's cold and rainy outside, you could try to make something similar from autumn leaves, that will make your stay at home more pleasant!:-)

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  1. Beautiful collages Rossichka. Perfect for little hands!

  2. Children have so much creative energy! We are glad that their parents and grandparents participate in the process, too!

  3. Little works for fall. What a beautiful thing to do with the leaves. And to think that there are people who do not look at the leaves on the ground.
    Beautiful work, like the butterfly.

  4. голяма радост носите вие двамата на малките, ех, да бяхте ми тук, в София... :*

  5. Hi, Maria! I hope THESE children will never turn into such people! And their children, too... After all beauty was transformed into a new form of beauty!:)

  6. За "ех!" си е, Ясминка!! Знаеш ли колко е хубаво, когато деца на наши приятели или познати пораснат достатъчно, за да ги доведат на куклен театър при нас?!

  7. Wonderful, Rossichka!
    beautiful place, very bright, beautiful space. It is always pleasant to work with children. My wife and me have had a pottery workshop for children, for many years, they worked with total freedom, we only taught them how to get the air to the mud and how to use glazes. and never broke any work (into the oven) of any child, and every class ended with a war of mud, haha​​:D we had fun with the children and they with us.
    I congratulate you and your husband!
    kiss and hug!!!!

  8. I wish I was there, Roberto!! Pottery is my secret dream, but we don't have such kind of a workshop here.:))) What a nice discovery to learn that you are "a master of clay"!! Yes, working with children is such a pleasure! I can never get tired of it! I'm glad you know what I mean...
    My husband sends "hi!" to you, too. He invented the necklaces and was happy to make all the holes at home, so that nobody could be hurt...
    By the way, we have an actress in our theatre group, too.
    BIG hugs!x

  9. Oh, no, please, I'm no master of clay, I am ashamed to hear that,
    I learned everything by natural curiosity, I think.
    on this site you can see some of the pottery made ​​by my wife.

    today, we have three ovens, two are for ceramics, and one for porcelain, (currently, we only decorate porcelain)
    thank you very much!!!!!!
    I send a HI!!!!! for the man of the edible necklaces :)

  10. Beautiful pictures and creations. I love the absolute focus children have when they enjoy creating art :D

    Your mountain pictures and those of the stones you decorated are wonderful. I'm glad you're having fun with your blog again now. Sometimes we all need a break, or maybe life takes over for a while.

    Take care sweet friend.xxx

  11. Roberto, dear! I'm feeling so miserable - this afternoon I stumbled and fell very badly outside and now my knees, legs and palms ache...:((( So answering you is a small consolation!!
    For me making pottery, ceramics and porcelain is pure magic and a difficult craft, so... don't be so shy!:)
    Your wife's artworks are very beautiful and exquisite!! Give her my regards!
    As for the chestnuts - the idea of edible necklaces is great, only those ones were Horse-Chestnuts, that grow along the streets and in the park ("Aesculus hippocastanum"). (Viva Internet!)
    Good night!x
    P.S. Oh, I think this will be interesting for you both - http://radilina-bg.com/ - the famous Troyan ceramics. (Troyan is a small Bulgarian town, situated in the Balkan Mountains - we love to go in that region.)

  12. Dear Kimberley, thank you for your support! You always encourage me...xx
    Children's concentration depends on their interest, yes!
    You don't know how much you are right - I needed a rest, I had nearly lost my enthusiasm to blog, but my everyday life also didn't leave me much time for the computer!
    Bye and good night!

  13. Hi Rossichka I haven't visited you in a while I had some minor surgery and I've been out of sorts for a while.I love all the pictures the children did- their imaginations are wonderful-life has'nt spoiled them.I hope you are keeping well.All the best for now

  14. Hello, Patricia! Oh, I do hope you are feeling well now and all the bad moments are in the past!!! You are so sweet to come here... Yes, children are amazing!!! Last Saturday we had a puppet performance and after its end they made puppets like ours...
    Take care!x

  15. толкова вдъхновяваща игра с деца и листа...

  16. Утре ще правим маски във формата на есенни листа. Илия отнякъде изнамери много големи, аз купих нужните хартии и тази вечер ще правя шаблони. Сигурно ще публикувам по-късно.
    Ти си много вдъхновена напоследък, така ти се радвам!:)

  17. Hello Rossi. Wow, you have been busy! It's such a lovely way to spend your autumn season...and the children looked so happy creating away.

    So how are you? I hope you're enjoying your days...take care! oxx

  18. My dear friend, thank you for finding some minutes for me in your busy, busy day!xx
    I can't say I enjoy my days right now, for I'm overwhelmed by tasks... A puppet show rehearsals are "knocking on the door" and a big, exciting project is approaching, but I'm a little bit scared by it. If I'll take the challenge, I'll write about it for sure!
    I have to endure the next 3 weeks...:-)
    Tomorrow we are going to make Autumn masks with the children in our workshop, then learn a song and dance. Maybe I'll post some photos, but now I must hurry to finish the samples, because it's after midnight.
    Bye, sweet Amalia! You are so beautiful on your photo! I hope the little prince is happy and his brother and sister very proud! Give my regards to your husband!

  19. Прекрасна идея Росичка!
    Поздрави ))

  20. Благодаря! Не ме забравяш ти...:-) Хууубава есен!

  21. How lovely! I think the children will remember this for a very long time. :)
    Jess xx

  22. And they will continue to make collages with leaves, especially now when there're plenty of yellow and red ones!
    Meanwhile we had two more workshops, but I have NO time to write a post...:( I'm so glad you like the collages, Jessie!:0)

  23. oh how wonderful. looks like so much fun, such a good time to share together and beauty is the outcome! Fun!

  24. Some of our goals are to let the children entertain and help them to use their imagination in different situations, as well as to be self-confident! Thanks for encouraging me!:))

  25. Hello Rossichka!!!!!!
    Some time ago I'm a bit lazy with my blog, but not for lack of desire,
    A couple of weeks ago I took a few days off. and when I returned home, after catching up with my work, I fell with a heavy flu, which has me in bed for 5 days until today.
    I just, blogging a bit from time to time, but I have no mood to draw :(
    Well, better to put a smile :)
    I am sending you a kiss and a hug!!!!!! Byeeeeeeee

  26. Dear Roberto!
    Everything will be O.K. soon - colourful and joyful!! I'm sorry to hear that you were sick, I hope in a couple of days it will be just a memory...
    Wait for your creative mood to come, don't push it!
    Thanks for thinking of me!:)xx
    After an hour I begin my new rehearsals - as a director and an actress... Oh, I have such a terrible headache at the moment... I must survive, wish me good luck!:0)

  27. Как ще те забравя, винаги имаш толкова позитивни изненади в блога си. Изглеждаш много сърдечен човек. ))

  28. Не съм си давала сметка за позитивизма, но ми е приятно да чуя, че така усещаш нещата!:) "Златен" уикенд!

  29. Greetings Rossicheeka. How are you? :) You are well of course, your beaming smiling f ace could belong t o noneother. Well these are so feel good, they make me feel good all over, sometimes I wish I were a kid again - and didn't know what I know now - which is too much and not enough.

    Autumn makes me depressed and reminds me how close death is (always too close - even when it is further away than we fear).

    I am so glad that is the opposite for you. We saw some rocks on the beach today with holes. How strange it is - on opposite sides of the planet yet things are so close together. :)

    Have fun and I love these works. You need a gallery with nothing but these I think.

  30. Such a lovely idea - for the moment the gallery is virtual...:)
    I suppose that next Autumn you'll feel less depressed if you remember these photos or simply gather several fallen leaves and take a sheet of paper, glue and something to draw!:0)Don't you forget to show me the result! Then you'll feel like child, for sure!!! I long for my childhood, too and maybe in my work with children I somehow compensate the impossibility to turn time back.
    Hi from the "opposite side of the planet", from me - with not such a beaming face these days, when I'm overwhelmed by rehearsals and projects... But happy, I guess!
    This is one of the most exciting and sweet comments I've received, so thnaks a lot, Andrew!!!x

  31. Excellent work - the children should be proud. They are fortunate to have good teachers!

  32. I blushed - thank you! Children become more and more... This weekend we are going to make together very simple marionnettes!:)

  33. Gracias querida amiga por tus visitas cariñosas y tus lindas palabras. He paseado poco por la Web, estoy ordenando mis cosas pendientes. Si me mandas tu dirección completa a mi mail popita63@hotmail.com te mando mi libro para que lo tengas, te parece.
    Un abrazo grande.

  34. Dear Rossichka always, you are present with your kind words!
    thanks for stopping by my blog but I have it abandoned.
    You're right, this drawing I already showed, but as I was not in the mood to make new drawings, and did not want my blog look so still, I made a little movement, and put him as header. Does it look nice, no?
    Well, probably, this man can escape, or die in the attempt, as happens to everyone :(
    now, I have really wanted to draw to my blog. but unfortunately, I have a lot of work late, to be done. these days, surely I will show something.
    Well, a kiss, and you have a good week.
    PS: sorry, I did not ask you how was your challenge you directed and acted! I hope that very well. :)

  35. Oh, today I wrote, telling a little, I'm eager to drawbut I have no time because I am doing many works that I could not do while I was with the flu, I said that I thank you for your kind words, you're always, and always with a word of encouragement. Thank you.
    Well, you're right, the picture you see now in the header of my blog, I already showed but, as I had no mood to draw, I took that old picture, I added a bit of movement, and there it is. Does it look cute no?
    Poor man, I guess at some point he will escape from his cage ... or die in the attempt. as usual
    How have you been with your acting and directing? I hope you enjoyed it a lot.
    Well, goodbye, good week, and a kiss!!!!!

  36. Dear Paty, you are so kind! Thank you - I really didn't expect that!:)xx

  37. Dearest Roberto,you find always some minutes for me and I really appreciate it very much!!:) Don't bother about your silence - I've been silent for a month now too, but what to do when there's so much work to be done, besides in deadlines!! Well, we have rehearsals every day and the next week is the premiere!! Today we sang a lot and it was such a pleasure, because the songs are wonderful!!
    P.S. I hope that man will escape or stop to take a rest and gather his thoughts, but he won't die...
    I wish you a quiet weekend and a happy new week!
    Bye for now!xx

  38. I'm so glad that you appreciate children's works, Alexiev! I have some more photos from the last few workshops ready to be posted, but I have no force to do it right now...
    I see you've been very active lately and suppose that you feel happy!:)

  39. Hello Dear Rossichka!!
    I hope that if it was the premiere, everything has worked perfect. as a machine, freshly oiled, haha
    Maybe we can see a small video here? It would be wonderful!
    And if it was not even premiere. I wish the worst! ja ja. (Is that how they say in theater, right?
    Well, I do not know in your country, but here it is still Friday, so I'm in time to wish you a wonderful weekend with your family! :) !!!!!

  40. Thank you, my dear friend! Yes, it's still Friday here and the premiere... oh, the premiere is tomorrow at noon!:) I'm so happy to read your friendly words just now, I needed that! WE needed that (with my husband, because he, me and an actress are the members of our small theatre group.) I'm a liiiitle bit tired from the rehearsals and the performances, but I hope everything will be O.K. tomorrow!:) We invited a lot of friends, so everyone expects to have fun with us. A short video? Well, that may happen...:0)
    Right now I am preparing my luggage, 'cause a loooong road is waiting for me, but I'll write about it tomorrow.