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За "Рапунцел" започва есента на фестивалите - в Пловдив,  София, Украйна. Тръгвам към Сливен за репетиции. След това пътьом се отбивам в Стара Загора за половин ден, който ми показва, че за приятелството времето няма значение, само дето губи възможността за бъдещи спомени, когато разстоянието се изпречи на пътя му.

This is going to be the Autumn of Festivals for "Rapuntzel" - in Plovdiv and Sofia (Bulgaria) and  then in Ukraine. I'm starting my trip. First to Sliven - for rehearsals. Then to Plovdiv with a stop in the town of Stara Zagora where I visit a close friend of mine with whom we worked in their puppet theatre many years ago. My stay there only reassures me that time strengthens old friendships.
 Стара Загора ме посреща с този крокодил...

This crocodile welcomes me...

А ето и обитатели на Южния полюс, които  изникват насред площада...

Later on I meet these inhabitants of the South pole...
В градската градина както винаги е пълно с любители на шахмата...

In the Central garden there're a lot of chessplayers, as usual...
В Пловдив международният куклен фестивал "Двама са малко, трима са много" вече е започнал. Успявам да видя няколко спектакъла, всички заедно ходим по оживените улици, придвижвайки се от сцена към сцена и коментираме.

In Plovdiv at last! The International puppet theatre festival "Three are too many-two - not enough" has already begun. I succeed to watch some of the performances.
Този коминочистач с готовност позира за снимка... 
I ask this chimney-sweeper to pose for a photo...

Открадвам си време за Стария град - не съм била там 5 години. И той ме посреща под припека на септемврийското слънце с очарователната си самобитност, за която допринасят...

I can't resist a walk in the Old town - I haven't been there for 5 years. Look how unique it is with...
живописните  къщи, които сега ми изглеждат по-силно  белязани от времето...

its picturesque houses...

църквата "Св.Св.Константин и Елена"...

 the church "St.St.Konstantin and Elena"...

символите си - един от тях е Етнографският музей...

its beautiful symbols -  one of which is the Ethnology museum...
магазинчетата с традиционни български сувенири като тези шарени черги, например...

 the small shops in the yards of the houses offering Bulgarian souvenirs like these many-coloured rugs...
или пък чановете  и козметичните продукти от българска роза...

or these bells and the famous Bulgarian Rose cosmetics...
сгушените в пазвите на къщите магазинчета-галерии...

the little galleries, snuggled in the bosoms of the old buildings...
и антиквариатите, които примамват любопитните и колекционерите... 

and the antique shops, tempting with treasures unseen...
И - отново скулптура. Този път на художника Цанко Лавренов.
And - a sculpture again, representing the famous Bulgarian painter Tsanko Lavrenov

След това следват в забързан ритъм представления, сладки приказки с колеги от другите театри,  безсънна нощ, ранно ставане, тежка техническа репетиция и чудесно представление на "Рапунцел"! Притихнал пълен салон, който следи и реагира. Аплодисменти, усмихнати лица и поздравления. Какво повече ми трябва?

And again performances, chatting with colleagues that I haven't seen for a long time, a sleepless night, getting up before dawn, a strenuous set-up on stage and a wonderful performance of "Rapunzel"! Attention and reactions in the saloon, applauses, smiles, congratulations.... I don't need anything else!

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  1. Много успехи пожелавам на "Рапунцел" през новата театрална година!... а ти да не забравиш да пишеш тук, ей ;)

  2. Oh, I love this post, Rossichka! There seems to be so much to discover in Bulgaria! The old buildings are beautifully preserved, something I admire from most European countries. Well, call me old fashioned, but I prefer rustic vintage buildings to skyscrapers! Hahahaa...

    Anyway, the more I know about your puppet performances, the more I wish I could see them! Have you ever thought about doing tour performances? It would be a huge hit here in Indonesia!!! oxx

  3. Мерси, Ясмина! Аз най-много се радвам, че нивото на спектакъла не само не е паднало, ами и расте! Лошото е, че ще влиза нова актриса, обаче... И ще стане различно! Така е с днешните млади актьори!:( Иначе - обещавам да пиша! ХУУУУБАВ септември и на добър час на ученика! За него ще е толкова различно всичко!!

  4. Yes, there's so much to be seen in Bulgaria! I like old buildings, too! I'll have in that connection a special post about my town Rousse whose architecture is unique for Bulgaria because of the influence of Europe, coming to the town through the river Danube. (It's situated on its shore.)
    Oh, it would be a great experience to show our art in Indonesia, although it sounds nearly impossible and quite exotic!!:-) My husband and I - we created a small family puppet theatre and are working very hard to build a good repertoire. But this is another theme... Have a lovely September, Amalia!xx

  5. Please, check the link to Tsanko Lavrenov, Amalia! You'll see some of his works as well as the paintings of other artists!

  6. Hello Rossichka, I'm glad it all went well. What a beautiful town, the buildings are just so lovely and almost regal looking. I'd love another post about the architecture and it's making me want to visit :D

    Take care and can you get some rest now? I hope so.x

  7. No, dear, I can't take a rest till the end of the month, because there's another festival "on the horizon" and I have to finish the rehearsals of "The Steadfast Tin Soldier". Yes, it's a new production, but two of the actors left the theatre, so I am working with new ones! Everything from the beginning...! But, here's the weekend - hurrah!:-)
    The Old Town of Plovdiv is a unique place, really and is worth seeing! xx

  8. Amazing photos! thanks for sharing :O)

  9. Dear Abi, it's so nice you've been here!:-) Sharing my experiences I'm trying as well to show you all my country in the way I see and feel it!

  10. Rossichka dear, just dropping a line to thank you for that kind comment... yours always encourage me to keep venturing deeper! oxx

  11. If we only knew how our words and behaviour reflect upon the lives of others... I'm thankful that my humble opinions mean something to you!:0)

  12. Hi Rossichka, I thank you so much for your visit and your very nice comments, now I know we share the colors in our flags, I came to visit you and I found a very interesting blog, you do great work with your paper cut art, all of them are great.
    You also share your beautiful country with great photos, I will go to take a look to all your blog now.
    Take care and have a fantastic day.

  13. Hello, Ale, and welcome to my world! You said so many nice words, that I blushed...:0)I'm thinking how nice it is to discover new themes, beauties and inspirations in each other's blogs. I keep your lovely bookmarks and they bring me joy! Have a nice end of the week!

  14. Okay you have convinced me. Bulgaria here I come! You have the job at the tourist advertising agency by the way. IYou should be the manager!!!

    Thank you for the pictures. It's a great sculpture of that painter.

  15. I feel so sleepy and still tired in the beginning of the day, but you made me laugh! To work in a tourist agency??? Hmmm, that's an idea for the times I become old...:))))) You are welcome to Bulgaria, Andrew! The nature here is really beautiful! By the way, a lot of foreigners have a rest at our Black Sea or come for skiing in the mountains. So, check my posts "for further information" in photos!:-) Have a lovely weekend and I, I'll read your interview when I come back from the theatre and will write you.

  16. I would love to wander about the Old Town, along cobbled streets discovering little galleries and antique shops.Congratulations on the success of Rapunzel, one of my favourite stories during childhood.

  17. The Old Town of Plovdiv is much more than what I show here. I'm sure you would like it, Robyn, especially the antique shops... Thanks for your congratulations! I'm going to another international puppet festival with "Rapunzel" on Monday, It is held in our capital - Sofia...

  18. Rossichka Hello, I just wanted to thank the greeting you left me for my birthday blog. I tried to send a drawing by email, but I could not find him.
    Thank you.BTW: beutiful your country!!!!!

  19. Hello, Roberto! I'll send you a message, so you'll have my e-mail address. What is your surprise??? 'm glad you like the photos! I'll have similar posts about Bulgaria, I promise!

  20. Hello Rossichka, I love the way you communicate with your fellow bloggers, your personality reaches out across the miles :D

    As for oil paints, they are very good, but take a long time to dry. Can you get acrylic paints? Wood is far different to work on than paper or canvas and the beauty of acrylics is that you can paint over it. Mind you, with oils, you can always scrape it off and start again!

    What ever you do will be wonderful and good luck with the next festival, I'll be thinking of you again.x

  21. Dear Kimberley, you are so kind to me!:-))
    Well, maybe I'll try with acrilic paints - thank you for the advices!!
    What about the festival - it's without awards, but is quite prestigious. Thanks for your support!

  22. Thank you for taking me on a tour of this beautiful town. I love the cobbled stone streets and the public art.It is so clean! The buildings look rich with history. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments. Old friends are precious indeed and worth keeping; new ones are to be made...

  23. Yes, before starting to blog, I didn't expect to make new friends, but as if it happens and the feeling is very exciting. Maybe because our spirits communicate... "For old lang zyne..." - that's another thing. That's our personal stories... They are on a different level!
    I admire your style of drawing, Ces!

  24. Best of luck in Sofia, I'll be thinking of you and sending you love and luck.x

  25. Hello my lovely friend :)

    You wondered about the book I illustrated? Well, it's a compilation of stories based on folk tales and legends of the prophets. Among them are Noah's Ark, Moses & Pharaoh, and King Solomon. I had a great time doing the project because it opened up a whole new world to me. All the sleepless nights were worth it! Hahaha!

    Hugs oxx

  26. Oops, how rude of me! I forgot to thank you! Well, thank yoouuu...! As always, you are the sweetest friend! (^_^)

  27. Hi Rossichka, thanks for posting these beautiful places and thanks for the mini tour, i hope you are having a great time.

  28. Qué bello viaje Rossichka, un gran abrazo para ti.

  29. - My lovely Amalia, I'm so glad for you! I'm sure your book will have a success - you deserve it! And you'll have a lot of new admirers - children adn adults!!xx

    - Hello, Dave! Yes, I had a great time in Sofia - join to my new mini tour!:-)

    - Dear Evangelina, I hope you'll like my newest post, too!

  30. so many wonderful statues and photographs
    looks like such a wonderful place to explore!

    1. This is the second biggest Bulgarian city - I took photos from the Old Town, which is situated in the centre of Plovdiv. Yes, there's much to explore there...:) I'm glad you like it!