вторник, 10 август 2010 г.


За днешния специален ден...
Както писах в един коментар наскоро, всичко започна преди около две години покрай любовта ми към илюстрациите в детските книжки. Търсейки такива в Интернет, попаднах на интересни блогове, започнах да пиша в тях и... ето ме сега след една година с мой блог - рожденик и контакт с прекрасни и талантливи хора от цял свят, част от които чувствам приятели!
Наложи се да отсъствам този следобед, така че изборът на късметлиите остана за по-късно. Съжалявам, ако съм ви накарала да чакате!
Първата снимка в блога ми - Пеперуда от Балкана
The first photo in my blog - A butterfly from the Balkan Mountains

Аbout this special day...
As I have recently written in a comment , everything began two years ago because of my interest in children books' illustrations. Searching in Internet, I came across amazing blogs, began to write in them and... here I am after a year with a blog of my own and a lot of special people and talented artists from all over the world, that I'm happy to know and some of which I feel friends!
My plan for the day changed and I was absent the whole afternoon, so I'm sorry for the delay...

The giveaway... 
 Красавица от екзотична страна
A Beauty from an exotic land

Царят има ново лице
  The King has a new face
The winners...
 Вашите имена...
Your names...

Сама съм вкъщи. Вълнувам се за избора, въпреки че ще се радвам всеки един от вас да спечели! Звъня на съпруга ми и го моля да избере число от 1 до 13. Отговорът му е "9". По ред на коментарите това е Evangelina.

I'm alone at home and am very excited about the choice. I need somebody's help, so I call my husband and ask him to choose one number between 1 and 13. His answer is "9". Well, the ninth comment was that of Evangelina.

Сега ще избирам аз...
It's my turn to choose...
И късметлията е...
And the winner is...
Деничка . Честито!

Бих искала на всички да изпратя по нещо, затова ще има подаръци и в бъдеще! Благодаря за прекрасните ви коментари!!
I would like to make gifts to all of you, so there'll be giveaways in future for sure! Thank you all for your wonderful comments!

N.B. I'll contact the winners via e-mail to take their addresses!

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  1. УуууУрааааааааааааааааАААААаааАаАаААаА!

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::::)))))))))

  3. I know what the feeling is, 'cause I won giveaways three times!! I'll send you the card tomorrow, if you send me your address - check your mail, please!

  4. Честит Рожден Ден на тази уютна твоя къщичка, Роси, пожелавам ти още мноооого вдъхновение занапред! :)))))

  5. Благодаря, мила ми Ясмина! Пожелавам ти го и на теб! Ако искаш да погледаш малко красоти от България, виж последния пост на Илия в "До там и обратно"!... Хубав ден, аз вече заспивам!:)

  6. Ето тук... http://dotamiobratno.blogspot.com/От бързане и липса на време не си е оправил грешките, ама то не пречи на снимките, нали??

  7. congratulations to the winner/s! i envy your butterfly shot, cant find more than one butterfly species here at the moment.

    Q&A: A303 photo, i'll tell you what, Stonehenge is practically behind me when i took that shot, the clouds are, well always like that in here.

  8. I have some more shots with different butterflies from last summer. I don't know whether there're any now. Maybe I should go to the park, because the Balkan Mountains are far away...
    Thanks for your answer, Dave!:) Obviously the place is magical...

  9. rossichka hey! Great stuff, you are very kind to give away such beautiful work. So what comes around goes around? I like your new Picture too. You have a kind face.

    You know Google translated something that reffered to you as a 'he'!! Just can't trust google :)

  10. Hi, Andrew, I'm so glad you like them! They are my first cards... Now I'm full of ideas and energy for the next ones! (A lot of faces in the boxes, you know...) The bodies are smaller intentionally, I had to make them even smaller. Thanks for the compliment, my woman's heart let me blush.:-)))I just wonder what you had "discovered" in Google, without knowing my names???!!
    I answered your comment in the "Gnome" post - did you read it?

  11. Thank you for your lovely feedback! I appreciate it.
    Hope you have a good day

  12. Thank you, Abi and welcome to my blog! Have a nice day, too!

  13. Congratulations to the winner :)

    My daughter's nickname is the Moomin, although I'm not sure how it all started, but the name just stuck. Maybe it was from Moomin Mama :) I grew up watching the Moomins and love Tove Jansson's illustrations. Beautiful :)

    I'll try and get the words to that song for you as the singer is also a blogger and I can ask if she has them all. I'll post a link to her on my blog. She has a new album coming out soon and that song will be on it. Her name is Stephanie Dosen.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog, and isn't it lovely to make friends all over the World.x

  14. Yes, it is! And I feel great in such moments! Although my blog is a privare territory, I get my family involved when something has excited me. Like now... I'm thankful to you for getting me know Stephanie Dosen! I like her voice and the kind of music she plays and sings. I'm not any longer at the age when one listens to music a lot, but she impressed me! (I read about her in Google, thank you!)What about Tove Jansson - my husband and I, we like her books and illustrations very much, although we discovered her as adults... My diploma puppet show was upon one of her short stories, but I'll write about it later. It must be nice to have been influenced in your childhood by a writer like her... Thank you for being so kind to me!x

  15. Hello Rossichka. First I would like to congratulate those who won!!
    I thought I saw my name in one of the papers? can it be?
    Well, beautiful prizes. Only pass to thank you for your comment. And congratulations on your blog.
    You're very kind. Thanks again.!

  16. Hello, Roberto! I'm glad to see you here again! But of course I wrote down your name - you were among those who commented the Giveaway post.:) Who knows, maybe the next time a little paper cut will fly to you?...

  17. Thanks for being here! I forgot to say that the flower is wonderful!

  18. Thank you for the sun you sent to us yesterday, it was such a lovely day :) Back to rain today, but I don't mind, we are all very tired now.

    I'm glad you found Stephanie Dosen, there is actually a link to her on my blog if you type her name in the search bar, but maybe you already found her blog.

    Take care.x

  19. Oh, THANK YOU, Kimberley! I'm so excited that I can visit Stephanie Dosen's blog!! What about the sun - you are welcome, we have plenty of sunshine!:) Today we are expecting some rain, at least somewhere in Bulgaria...

  20. Congratulations on your first bl0gaversary and I wish you many more!

  21. Thank you, Asja! I'm always glad to see you here!:)

  22. Hello! Thanks to the comment you left on my blog I have to know yours. I like it. We share many ideas and goals. Me too I like the puppets, for example, and I think the theater (for children or adults) remains, like poetry, the Cinderella of the arts.
    From now on we read, because I've become a follower of your blog. By the way, I'd like your country illustrators recommended (sometimes difficult to know, because the illustrations are labeled in Bulgarian and I'm not looking for them clarify)

  23. Hello and welcome to my blog! It's such a nice surprise to have a message from you! Yes, maybe you are right that theatre and poetry are like Cinderella in art, but children love her and when they grow up, her story continues to give them a hope that their dreams can become true...:) Well, I don't know many contemporary Bulgarian children's illustrators, but I will try to find out some links. As a beginning I would like to introduce to you the very talented illustrator Yassen Gyuzelev- www.iassen.com/ I believe you'll like his art!

  24. AAAAAAAAAAWWWWW! I missed this! Happy anniversary.

  25. Thank you! "Better later than never", isn't it??