сряда, 25 март 2020 г.


Здравей, блог мой любим! Здравейте, хора! Има ли още някой от някогашните ми приятели и читатели из тези "ширини"? Много време, непростимо дълго време отсъствах и мисля, че сега е моментът за завръщане. 

Започвам с последните приятни вълнения около рождения ми ден, който беше скоро. Предвид тревожното време, в което живеем и невъзможността да поканя гости, реших как да го запомня с усмивка. А именно: приготвих лека МУМИНСКА вечеря, използвайки рецепти от "Готварската книга на мама Муминка" на Сами Малила. Тристепенно меню, при това първи опит. Чиста авантюра с неясен резултат, но пък имах план Б за бърз омлет. Обаче... Оказа се много вкусно и със съпруга ми си прекарахме весело!
„Мама Муминка се съсипа да готви целия следобед. И тъкмо преди да се здрачи, цялата коледна вечеря беше готова и я наредиха в малки купички около елхата.“ (Туве Янсон, „Елхата“)

И аз така... ЦЕЛИЯ СЛЕДОБЕД!

Hello, Blogland! Hello, friends! Is there anyone, whom I know from before? Writing this post is a spontanious act, mainly emotional and unexpected even for myself. But I think that now's the moment to come back here, the place where I loved to be - the blog that I missed so much more than a year. So... what's new around me?

Well, some days ago I had a birthday. And because I couldn't invite guests or go to the restaurant, due to the coronavirus, I found out how to make my day brighter and more exciting. I prepared a Moomin-style dinner for two and the result was yummy! I used recipes from the “Moomins Cookbook”. We had so much fun with my husband! Here're some photos for you to see.
Зимната салата на муминския дом
The favourite winter salad of the Moomin family

Картофена запеканка за гладни мумини
The Potato gratin for hungry Moomins

Сметановата торта на татко Мумин
Moominpappa's favourite cream cake
Моля ви, ако ви е възможно, стойте си вкъщи и се пазете здрави! До следващия пост!

Please, stay at home to keep safe! See you next time!

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  1. Hello!
    Carla here, from New Zealand. Hope you are doing OK in this crazy time. x

  2. Hello, Carla! How nice to hear from you! Honestly, I didn't expect anyone to read my post after the long silence... I'm doing well for now, thank you! Staying at home, enjoying the opportunity to take a rest after the last very busy and tiresome months of work and making things that I love. Of course, I am worried about the situation with the coronavirus. How are you? Do you have a profile in FB? We could meet there. Hugs!

  3. Hello,

    So lovely to see a blog post from you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    I am so glad you found a way to have fun celebrating and sweet that you and your husband cooked together. Sweet photo of you two.

    Wishing you the best during this very unique time.

    1. Hello, Tammie, thanks for visiting! Yes, I tried to make something special for that day by choosing the moominous menu. I knew it would be fun, for we both love Tove Jansson's books. Best wishes for health to you and your family!

  4. Hi Rossi! First: Thank you very much for your comment on my blog. You are right, all of us who make "art" in some way, by not being able to leave our house we are more "creative" (or productive, it would be more correct to say) And everything, even the misfortunes, are reason to express ourselves.
    I'm sorry I didn't say happy birthday to you at the time, but I'm telling you now: Happy Birthday! And ... Nowadays, we must also be creative with meals, since quarantine (in my country is strict and obligatory, we cannot leave our homes, and if you do, and not leave home with express permission due to a just cause "go for remedies "for example, you have an arrest and a court case. That way we have food and supplies that supermarkets bring us home. So in case of a birthday, we should do" magic "with what is in the cupboard. JA JA.
    I don't have time to get bored, I have a lot to do. Since last December, I retired, therefore I no longer have the pressures or obligations of work and deadlines. I am happy drawing what I want. Making pottery, and painting. In addition to the house arrangements, you know, a dripping tap, a wood that needs paint.
    OK. Rossichka, I am sending you a big kiss, and dont forget to wash your hands!!!! :)))) (Do you know? I still drink my coffee every days in a beautiful cup I have since years ago as a gift from a beautiful lady living in a far far far country! :)))

    1. Hello, Roberto! I am not bored, staying at home, either!There're so many things to be done, so much sleep to be taken, so many books to be read and all those new creative ideas to try...:) Our Saturday workshops in the mall are now virtual, so we make puppets and other objects with my husband, take photos of them, he made even videos in a friends'studio and we post them in our FB page. We go out from time to time just for shopping, walking in the parks and gardens is forbidden! But still we have a balcony, where one could enjoy the sun. I'm glad the cup is still "alive"! Hugs from the far, far away country! Stay safe!xx

  5. Dear Rossi, happy birthday to you! So good to hear from you and to see this blog again. I dont know how things are in Bulgaria but in Holland the virus is spreading quickly. We have shortage of IC beds and anxiety risen with the families that are sitting inside all the time. Last year my husband had a heartattack and he got 4 bypasses. That was a very scary time. Now he is at risk by the virus, so we stay at home and see no one. We live in the country and work at home so our life didn't change that much. We are lucky to live so far awy from the city. But its hard not to see anyone, especially my old aunty and my granddaughter.
    I am posting my 'art' mostly on instagram now. I go to Facebook sometimes but I forget to post there.
    What a good thing that you have time to rest now, but obviously this is also a problem because no work no income. I hope we all will survive this awful episode and in the meantime we must try to stay busy and happy. I try not to watch the news all the time. it makes me sad. lots of love and kisses! Hedie

    1. Dear Hedie, I can't believe how unexpectedly and quickly our way of living has changed!I watch the TV news every evening, though they are embarrassing. In FB it's a mess of true and false news... But as I wrote to Roberto, we enjoy staying at home, doing interesting things that bring us joy and making new plans. I'm thinking with gratitude of all those people who haven't stopped to work, at risk, for us!! It's hard not to meet family members and friends, but I believe it's the right thing to keep safe. You are lucky to live in the countryside, hope that you'll be OK there! Take care and don't lose faith that better and normal times will come. I'll post again here soon. Hugs and kisses, my friend! Best wishes to your husband!

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