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Преди една година горе-долу по това време се върнахме от кратко пътешествие до Англия. Впечатленията си споделих в четири поста под същото заглавие. Тъй като през последните няколко седмици спомените ми са по-живи от всякога, искам да добавя още малко щрихи към това невероятно преживяване!

It's been a year since we came back from a small trip to England. We visited our son and this turned out to be one of the most remarkable life-time experiences for my husband and me. I wrote about it in my posts under the same title, shared with you that I got acquainted with my blog-friends Hannah and Sue and today I can say that the wonderful time, spent together with them, stays untouched in my heart!

Детайлите по сградите - загадъчни, закачливи и красиви...

I would like to share a few more impressions now - during the last couple of weeks I've been on an "English wave" in my thoughts.:)
About the beautiful details on the buildings...

Произведенията на известни съвременни артисти, които се продаваха в магазините на музеите...
Or the works by contemporary artists and crafters, that I saw on display in the museums' shops...

Непредвиденото, но незабравимо посещение на the Moomin shop в Ковънт Гардън маркет, което, като голям почитател на Туве Янсон, ме накара да се радвам като дете!

The Moomin shop in Covent Garden's market that we stumbled upon and which made me feel exhilarated and happy (I adore Tove Jansson's books)!!

The Covent Garden Apple Market - закритият пазар, пълен със "съкровища", пъстър свят и глъч...

And The Covent Garden Apple Market, full of treasures, people and sounds...

И други специални моменти, сякаш по поръчка за театралните ни души.... Като този кукловод в едно малко градче...

Or about this unforgettable moment, so special for our puppeteers' hearts...

Споделен Великден - малко импровизиран, но отново събрал цялото семейство!:)

We even dyed eggs and celebrated Easter - we were so happy to be the whole family together again!

Освен щастието да бъдем със сина ни, в цялото пътешествие се открои един специален ден - този, в който се срещнахме "на живо" с  моята английска приятелка от ученическите години, след близо 40-годишна кореспонденция! Подобно вълнение не може да се опише....

But there was one big day - the highlight of our trip. The day when I met my pen-friend Fiona, with whom we've been having a correspondence for about 40 years now! Can you believe that?!
We took the train and enjoyed the beautiful English countryside through the window. We passed by Colchester - I know it is the oldest recorded town in Great Britain and hope to have the chance to visit it one day....

Заведоха ни на разходка до Frinton-on-Sea - курортно градче на Северно море. Денят беше необичайно топъл и затова плажът беше оживен... Синът ми направи прекрасни снимки!

Fiona's family took us to Frinton-on-Sea. It was an unusually warm day - about 25 degrees Celsius and we enjoyed the seaside! Oh, what beautiful sights! These lovely pictures were taken by my son...


Някои от тези къщички за почивка бяха отворени и доста  хора се разхождаха по брега - сами, с деца или с домашните си любимци.

Several of these lovely beach huts were opened and people enjoyed the fantastic spring weather!

Снимка за спомен - вече пораснали, но по-близки от всякога!

And here we are - the two friends, feeling closer than ever!

Дали ще се върнем някога тук?

Sharing the happy moment...

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  1. Rossichka, these are beautiful photographs and words remembering you UK visit. Something wonderful about springtime in England...hoping you will be able to sample it again.


  2. Wow! I can not believe! 40 years of correspondence! Writing letters! That's a monument to friendship! Why do not edit a book?
    I guess you still keep at least some of those letters!
    I can not imagine.
    And, about storks, here, there in my country there are not storks, for us it is a bird of stories, tales. Also here the stork is associated to bring a baby into a diaper sustained by the beak. (A story that was told to children, when they asked: Where do babies comes from, mom... The stork brings, answered the mother out of the impasse.) :)))
    Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh, yes, I know it sounds unbelievable, but it's true! I keep ALL the letters!:) Our correspondence changed its rhythm during the years, but we always kept in touch. And we continue writing letters - via e-mail and "real" ones, no Facebook, no skype...
      Storks come here from Africa every spring and leave at the end of summer - yesterday we saw four flying over the road, over our car!:)
      Have a nice week-end, Roberto, hope you are doing fine!xx

  3. Thanks for sharing your happy memories. Life is good. :-)

  4. thank you for sharing these treasured glimpses of your time there. you found some wonderful things to experience, see and hold dear for a life time. so glad you had this adventure.

    lovely week to you!

    1. I know I will feel as happy as I was back in those days, every time I come here.:)

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. Sending a friendly wave from England - my eyes spotted the trays of letterpress blocks, I will have to look out for them if I am down there in the future. And thank you for your kind good wishes on my own good news xx

    1. Thank you so much - a piece of my heart stayed in England!:) I am so happy for you, dear Gretel! Have a lovely May!

  6. England is beautiful when the sun shines :))) I love the moomin shop and your golden hair!
    love, Hedwig

    1. A very beautiful country, indeed, with wonderful, magical nature!
      The moomin shop was full of treasures.:)
      Hope you are feeling better, my friend! Big hugs!xxxx

    2. Hello, dear Rossi! I just came by to say hello, how are you? I think you are very busy, because you don't make a post for long times. Are you in the mountains with the kids making theatre? I hope you are happy and fine :) Bye bye, love Hedwig!

    3. Hello, Hedie! I know I haven't written for ages but I can't find time to do it, I really can't! You are right - I am too busy with children's projects coming one after another. But I'm OK right now and have already chosen some pics to share here... Hope you are fine, thanks for stopping by, my friend!xxxxx

  7. My dear friend, thank you as always for your kind words on my blog. I don't think I'll ever stop blogging, but I do feel dragged down sometimes and don't want to write!
    I love your memories of England and how amazing to meet your pen friend after so many years. I guess blogging is like having many pen friends but with pictures!
    I would love to find the Moomin shop and take my daughter so that she would understand my love of Tove Jansson's work.
    Take care my dear and I hope your son is doing well.xxx

    1. He-he, I agree that blogging is like having dear pen-friends. Without the long waiting to receive letters, but marked by the same impatience to read their messages...
      Oh, you'll be happy if you visit the Moomin shop and buy something charming and precious, I'm sure!
      My son is fine, thank you, but we miss him so much!
      I'm sending you warm hugs!!x