понеделник, 25 януари 2016 г.


Миналата събота нашата Група за театър "Камила" реши да изпробва нов материал в майсторенето на красиви неща - тампони за почистване на грим.

Last Saturday our Theatre group "Kamila" showed children how to use cotton pads for making winter collages. 

Това са образците, които направих за вдъхновение...

My samples for inspiration...

Децата (и възрастните) бяха очаровани и се забавляваха много! Родиха се множество снежни човеци...

The kids (and the adults!) enjoyed the new material and here's the result of their creativity... Lots of snowmen...

И къщички, които да пазят и красят...:D

Houses with snowmen for guardians...:D

Прекрасни моменти от многоликата зима...

Exciting moments from life in winter...

Улички, пълни с вълшебни цветни къщички със заснежени покривчета...

And many streets - merry and colorful, of course...

Странни същества...

Weird creatures...

И дори поглед към морето през зимата!:D

And even a snowy day at the seaside!:D

Е, как да не се чувстваш зареден с енергия и добро настроение след толкова много радост и усмивки? 

After so much joy and smiles, although tired, I feel always full of energy and a good mood!!

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  1. I see so much creative originality in these creations! How wonderful to just give the children some new materials and a hint of inspiration...and then to see them take off in their own directions.

    Fabulous pictures, Rossichka! ox

    1. Thank you, Frances! The children's ideas are fresh and original and always surprise us! We are happy to see the adult companions being involved in the process, too.:)

  2. it looks as though you all had so much fun! these are all darling and beautiful glimpses of winter fun!

    1. Yes, this time we have so much snow, so the kids expressed exactly how they felt!:)

  3. What fun! And well done to the little artist who thought of snow at the seaside!

  4. Hello, dear friend! Snow is a feast, outside and inside. To built a snowman of cotton and paper and paint is just as much fun as the real thing.
    It is all very bright and colorful, sparkling with joy.
    love, Hedwig

    1. The deep, heavy snow almost melted, but those "snowy" pictures will remain and will keep the memories of the fun the children had outside just a week ago...
      Thanks for stopping by, Hedie! Hope you are OK!xx

    2. I noticed that in the title it says: showy collages. I think you want to say: Snowy collages. Sorry if I am mistaken. I worked as a translator and I am used to read with a special eye.
      bye!!! XXX

    3. Oh, Thank you, Hedie! Just a tapping mistake (the buttons are close). xx

  5. WOW. I'm surprised by the variety of different creations that can be made with white circles.
    (Are those cottons that women use to remove your make-up?)
    I love how you do work children and adults!
    A beautiful and creative way to share time. Something very difficult in these times of busy woring adults, and children only interested in watch the screens of computers.
    PS: Hedwig sees what others do not see! ;)

    1. Yes, these are cotton pads for removing make-up. We have ideas how to use them for creating other objects, so maybe we'll have a special workshop for that.
      I made an inquiry and most of the parents share that they had never before spent so much time in creating something together with their kids, which had made them feel closer! There're adults and children who visit our workshops every week, can you imagine that?:)When we look at old photos, we notice how the children have grown-up during these four years...
      Thanks for the nice words!

  6. And beautiful header on your blog...at first moment i thought it was a rabbit!!!!... but later my slow brain understood that it is a beautiful angel!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. I so enjoy the creative expression and how unique each piece is. I can picture everyone being inspired, cutting and coloring and having fun!