вторник, 16 септември 2014 г.


Когато съм изморена, без всякакви сили и енергия...

When I feel tired and have no energy for anything...

Когато имам грижи и тревоги...

When I have troubles and worries...

Когато не ми се мисли за работа...

When I don't want to think about my working schedule...

Когато есента почуква на прозореца, духа вятър и се кани да вали...

When Autumn is knocking on my window, it's windy and is going to rain...

Тогава разглеждам снимки от съботните работилнички на нашата театрална група и ми става светло, шарено-марено, радостно!:0)

Then I go back to moments from our theatre group's workshops for children and I feel O.K. again, and everything becomes light and joyful!:0)

Обувам си топли чорапки, правя си вкусно кафе и пиша този пост...:)))))))))))))))))))))

I put warm socks on my feet, take a cup with hot coffee and write this post for you...))))))))))))))

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  1. Hello my friend, I love your new header picture, so much energy in those waves. Your workshop pictures are so uplifting that I can believe they lift your spirits right up high. I love Autumn and the drawing in of the evenings, it's a quiet, cosy time for me :D

  2. Hello! I took this photo last month - our Black Sea coast is very beautiful!
    I like Autumn, too, with its warm afternoons, when dogs and cats sunbathe and the colours are bright! I believe it's perfect time for drawing!:))

  3. Hi Rossi!
    We are not an island, isolated from the rest of the world. everything comes to us, everything goes through us, everything is good for us, or makes us ill.
    And there are a few people and things, rescuing us, that save us, in moments of doubt, moments of fatigue, in moments of weakness, for you are a few things or peolpe, for me are others, for someone else are different. but certainly, we need each other.
    It is very beautiful that you find your rescue in your theater group for kids, children have a sense of life in which there is no past. everything is new, everything is to do, it all starts every day, then that energy, (if you know how take it) renews to you always.
    Our wealth of knowledge acquired through years, reborn when we transmit to the young children, and they transmit that energy to us, and so the wheel turns, no matter the problems, the working schedule, the arrival of autumn, all is a new experience in our lives, every and each day.
    I liked this post! have a nice weekend!!!

    1. Dear Roberto! This post was born spontaneously, I was surprised at following its fast arrangement and contented when it was ready. You see and say things that I actually feel, but haven't said with words. Maybe that's how an artist / a composer is feeling, when people tell him about the impact of his work upon them. Thank you!! I can do nothing else, but to agree with you. The energy of the kids is really reviving!
      Have a lovely weekend, too!!xx

  4. oh sorry!!!!! I liked very very very much your header!!!!!!

    1. I hadn't planned it either. I just noticed an option for downloading a photo and I chose this one - it's one of my this summer's favourites. Some minutes before that I had written the words... Hmmm, sounds now a bit strange...:)))

  5. Dear Rossi, this is a fantastic post! In your blog you show us symbolic sunrises and sunsets. I am happy that the sunrises are so radiant that they make life beautiful again when it is getting too dark. It's very good to know where to turn to get new energy. And you have the children! But its your own sunshine you are harvesting, because first you made the children shine and smile. Like the saying: One who sows love, will harvest love. You are a strong woman who can help herself rise again!
    Your header is symbolic too ( I see symbols in everything :))) Its no shell anymore but a wide open space with wind and water and a bird ready to fly.
    Love, Hedwig

    1. Hello, Hedie! I see symbols through your eyes, too! Thanks for "opening" mine! :) Do you know, I felt a slight contradiction between the name of my blog and the sentences I wrote below it. But I will leave them, at least for now. Because that's how I'm feeling. My fingers wrote by themselves...
      Well, maybe I've changed, maybe I've "opened" in a way, but I am still cuddling in my shell. And keep lots of things (for good or for bad) only for me.
      I feel somehow confused reading your words..., but thank you! A nice portrait - is this really me?:))
      I took this photo last month at the Black Sea coast!

      Be happy, see you!!xoxox

  6. i love your artful
    cheerful ways
    and the things you do
    to bring light
    and joy
    into your life
    so inspiring

  7. Thank you!:) Tomorrow is a day for my next "dose" of smiles and inspiration... But we must prepare very well for the workshop to make everything look funny and easy! So... I'm still busy with cutting and glueing - this time we'll make frames for photos!:)

  8. Dear Rossi, I have been such a bad friend lately and an even worst blogger for not visiting. Life is eating me up and I'm struggling to sort everything out. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I have missed you, my friend. I hope all is well where you are. XOXO

    1. Dear Amalia, I'm glad to have a comment from you! I know you are short of time, can't even imagine how you succeed to be a mom of three and to continue drawing so much!:) I miss our "conversations" in the blogs, too, but that's obviously in the past... I've passed through some hard life moments, but I am O.K. now and just starting new projects with children.
      Have a wonderful new month!! xox

  9. Thank you for your visit and kind comment. I have never heard from anyone in Bulgaria before! What a cheerful place this too.

  10. You are welcome! I like the atmosphere of your blog, I've been following it for not that long. If you are interested, you could see lots of photos from Bulgaria (mountains, the seaside, etc.) in my posts under the label "Bulgaria".:)

  11. Hello Rossichka !-its a long time since I visited I hope you're keeping well and had a lovely summer.

    1. Hello, Mary Patricia!! Everything's O.K. with me, thank you! Hope you are doing well, too.I will be glad to keep in touch again! The summer was long, dynamic and emotional...

  12. Hello Rossichka! Thanks for your message on my blog - I love your whimsical creations and it's interesting to discover you work in children's theatre. I'm involved with theatre too, as a director, but not as often as I used to. Like other people have said, how great to come across someone living in Bulgaria!

  13. Hello, Carla! We have something in common - I am a puppet theatre director.:) You can see photos from two of my productions here:


    If you are interested, there're more posts under the label "puppet theatre". We have a small theatre group - my husband, an actress and me. The last several years we've been more concentrated on projects for and with children, which gives us a lot of joy and satisfaction!
    You are welcome here!