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Hello, everybody! Here's a question that was born out of sudden doubts, uncertainty and unexpected thoughts, appearing and disappearing like shadows in a sunny day, when clouds travel across the sky... 
Don't you have the feeling that sometimes we idealize, in a way, our life, when making it visible to the others (mostly uknown readers) through putting our experiences into words that differ to a certain extent (consciously or not) from the real situation? We usually write about something good and beautiful, about love and inspiration and I would like such moments to last for long... But then life brings us other experiences that do not deserve sharing and we (at least me) keep silent about them...
My blog turned to be something like a diary - for nearly about everything that has been important for me and has marked more or less my life during the last four years. It's also a very special place to talk with many lovely people I have met while blogging, some of whom I feel very dear to my heart! I'm so happy about my journey in Blogand!
But still that suspicion of not being always completely sincere (with whom?!) sneaks from time to time. Maybe because I continue to hide in my shell a part of me...

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  1. I try to base my experiences and feelings on REALITY, but you may be right.
    My blog is mostly what I see. I leave the interpretation up to the viewer.
    I love your photo!

    1. Thanks, this is one of my flowers on the balcony!


      Yes, in your wonderful photos you reveal life as it is! I do not lie in my posts, but life is not only "roses"...

    2. Hi again! Did you see the photos in my previous post?:)

  2. Yes, Rossichka, I may have a similar approach to yours in how I write my posts. (What a long time it has now been since my last post.)

    There are many topics that I do not include in my blogs. The blog is a journal of sorts, but not at all a complete disclosure.

    I do like the metaphor of the shell.


    1. Yes, "the blog is a journal of sorts"... I like that! Keeping those moments that make my heart leap up.:)

      My Heart Leaps Up

      My heart leaps up when I behold
      A rainbow in the sky.
      So was it when my life began;
      So is it now I am a man;
      So be it when I grow old,
      Or let me die!
      The Child is father of the Man;
      And I could wish my days to be
      Bound each to each by natural piety.

      William Wordsworth

      P.S. I've just found this beautiful poem!!!

  3. I don't know... yes and no... I don't think there is anything dishonest about looking at things from a certain point of view, those experiences are equally true. It is your editorial decision :-)

    1. I agree. And when you choose to write about positive things only, then this is not the whole truth about you (at least about me), but that part of your everyday life, you want a to share with others...

  4. I agree with Sasa.
    If I understood, about what you say, I see nothing wrong with idealize some things about ourselves.
    We all show something and hide something, do not you think so?
    In your blog you say what you want, and if you want a blog more "fiction" then do another blog in which you show more fiction.
    Moreover, there is nothing wrong with showing our lives, we sample and talk about our own lives, because we want to share it, and share is not bad.
    You're very close to the theater, and acting. What is sincere, and is not sincere in a play, life is to act on stage, but no written dialogue. And finally, if you idealize your life is because you're still young! :)))
    Sorry if I speak wrongly, I think you were talking about that, right?
    OK. Kisses. I love your blog!!!


    1. The more I read and think, the more I get confused. Maybe I'm in such a period... But everything will come to its place in my mind. Soon, I hope. And I hardly believe I will change the "face" of my blog. Thanks for your support, Roberto!:) Young? I'm not that young any more and ideaizing is not the best thing I can do, but keeping the feeling of joy and happiness even when they have long disappeared, gives some knid of strength...

  5. Oh oh, I just read your response to Sasa.
    If all of us show on our blog, the positives and negatives of our lives, this either, would be our real life. Our real life, only know each of us.

  6. Отговори
    1. Oh, thank you! I wish you to have exciting moments with your camera today!

  7. O, what an interesting topic! I have no time to go into it very deep. I have guests and have to get the groceries and think about dinner and feet my horse and make dinner and talk with my friends. But you are my very dear friend too. There's no law that says: a blog has to be the truth and only the thruth! When you come out of your shell, it's no must to come out completely and stand there naked before the eyes of the world. You gives us the highlights and they are true. Everybody knows that life is more then highlights, so... even if you never tell us about the difficulties, dispappointments, doubts and sadness, we still know that you experience them. Just like the rest of us. So don't worry, you can not do it wrong on your blog! Have to run. Love you, Hedwig

    1. I love you, too, my dear friend! You made me feel good in the sadness, thank you... It was important for me to understand what the others think and how they manage to join together life matters and blogging...
      I wish you a wonderful evening - merry, cosy and... delicious! :)

  8. Анонимен9.08.13 г., 17:19

    yes very intersting topic indeed! I've wondered sometimes about it to. Like everybody i had and have very difficult times,sadness and los, but i never made the choice to talk about it on my blog. Some people do it , and i appreciate it very much. But for me it just not comfortable, instead i like to share my work process a little bit, for me that's enough for now. Just wanted to say that i understand your dilemma, and my only advice is, just follow your instinct, your hart. Best wishes for you!

    1. Thank you, Darja, for the support! I've never thought to share the hard moments, they are too personal... But when I feel like that, I cannot write posts about something that I like, that brings me excitement and joy. Such moments influence my mood and then sometimes blogging turns to be the only remedy, it saves me!:)

    2. For me the same: blogging about something good can save you. Help you overcome being sad, for a moment. There's a corner in the world where you can just be you and that's blogland. For me it's a corner separated from real life with all it's problems where I play and can forget about struggle and show a side of yourself that you had almost forgotten.
      And I agree with Darja: follow your instincts about what you want to share!

    3. Thank you, Hedie! I love this small corner - it's full of wonders, smiles and even... tears of joy!:) How strange - last summer I felt overdozed with blogging. Now I need it, really I do. It's keeping my balance...xxx

  9. Анонимен9.08.13 г., 17:59

    It's always good to think about why we do things we do, it gives the opportunity to change something or to embrace the good things we already know. Thank you for sharing this question. Trough your question I and the others on your blog could think about what it means for us as well, and feel connected :-)

    1. I'm glad you feel it this way. These questions hit me all of a sudden and I decided to share them at the moment, instead of pretending that everything's the same and nothing had disturbed me... Do you know, I think we communicate on a different level - everyone revealing his/her best side, talking about art, inspiration, love, good, beauty... And that's great!!:)))))))

  10. Hi Rossichka,
    Your photo is a really eye candy, well, here, we (fox, bird and me) agree with the comments on this post.
    I could say, for me, as I can talk from my own point of view, its ok, there are so many blogs, everyone can post about the topics they choose, some are more personals than others, and some talk about true more than others,
    Some make the best of it, and some not, but think its ok, when Im thinking about a new post, I wonder what do I want to talk about, but one thing I have for sure is, Im happy posting about what makes me happy, and hope my visitors find a place in the bloggerland to take 5 minutes of calm,
    One thing Im sure about your blog is, your blog always gives me those 5 minutes of calm and happiness, from your own post to the lovely comments all your friends do.
    Walking in the morning or evening in a new place you are visiting, or talking to us about your family, its always a pleasure.
    Im sure, if some day, you want to talk about another kind of topics, here with us, you will find good friends to listen to you,
    but if you want to keep those topics for you, its ok,
    From this little corner of the planet, Fox, Bird and me send you a big hug, and lots of :) :) :)

    1. Dear, dear Ale, you said it better than me - I also write about things that have made me happy, that's how it happened to be! This blog of mine is obviously a place to collect the happy moments and experiences I've been so lucky to go through . About that part of my everyday life, that I would like to keep like a treasure island and to share with you all... I'll come back to read your words - thanks for the friendship and the discovery how do you feel when you come here!...
      A very big hug to you, Fox and Bird!!xx

  11. Hi, my friend, I've read a little here and a little there, and I think that I agree with-Ale. when I come to this blog enjoy five minutes of calm. Enough.
    tell us about what you want.
    I do not think anyone thinks that you (or anyone in Blogland) should tell their life as it is. this is not a confessional, please.
    I think you're a little sensitive, look, I am sending you my smile, take it and paste it into your face please :)

    1. I took your smile, prettified my face with it and now I'm leaving for the Saturday workshop.:))
      Thanks for helping me find the answers... It's nice to feel you close. To tell my whole life? Oh, please, this is not me! I just lift up a little bit the curtain here... Otherwise my blog should have been called "IN the shell" xxx