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Почти невидимо сред многоцветието на пролетта, глухарчето - толкова нежно и изящно, показва забележителен характер. Стои изпънато като струна, бори се с ветровете, а е толкова крехко, че може да изчезне за миг в облак малки бели парашутчета. Както се случва понякога с настроението ми - да рухне неочаквано...

I love dandelions! Tender and beautiful like lace. Ephemeral... Could be destroyed in an instant, "broken" in many tiny parachutes. Like my mood: right now it may be high, but in the next moment - unexpectedly smashed.
We celebrated Easter over the weekend.. Why now? Because "most branches of the Eastern Orthodox Church still use the Julian calendar for calculating the dates of moveable feasts, including Easter ".

Великден е сред любимите ми  празници, в които семейно боядисваме яйцата и очакваме сутринта, за да закусим заедно.

Easter is one of our family's favourite feasts. We (husband, son and me) coloured the eggs in different techniques and waited eagerly for the breakfast with the delicious kosunak.

В почивния ден решихме да се откъснем от шумната и изнервяща обстановка на междублоковите пространства, която ни държи в плен и само пойните птици я правят по-поносима, а и редките минути тишина. Прекарахме дълъг обедо-следобед в едно селце, пълно с история - Червен .

Then it was time for a refreshing change. I spent the Sunday afternoon in a picturesque village, called Cherven .
Surrounded by imposing rocks, it has played a significant role in our history between 12th and 14th centuries.
Въпреки че и тук хора от града си купуват къщи, има много запyстели, с изпочупени прозорци и буренясали градини, чиито порти не са проскърцвали кой знае откога...

There're houses that haven't heard people's voices for a long time...

Но наоколо кипи живот! Цветя - на всяка крачка: диви или грижливо посадени. Звуци и движение...

But the revival of nature holds Cerven to life and gives it a specific charm... There was so much movement everywhere....

Това паяче беше тръгнало на празнична разходка ...

Someone had gone out for a walk...
Изумително красиви водни кончета си почиваха за секунди върху сочно-зелени листа...
Others were having a short rest on rich green leaves... (I didn't believe my eyes - what a beauty, isn't it?)

Или под магически синьото небе... Or under the magical blue sky...
А две буболечки бяха срещнали любовта върху шипков цвят... :)))

Or had found their love on a dog rose blossom...:)))
Всеки с мечтите си! Тези са вероятно за превръщането в зрял и вкусен плод...

This small fruit was dreaming of becoming  ripe and sweet...
... заедно с многоройните роднини! :D

... together with its numerous family!:D
Въпреки че пътят с отсечени череши ме шокира, сега откривам оптимизъм в снимката - по всичко изглежда, че отново ще има череши... Някога, в бъдеще...

Although sad at first sight, I find this cherry tree optimistic, looking to the future, when it will give fruits again!

Да се върнем към заглавието. Всичко описано и показано досега са съставките на моето добро настроение. Поръсени с малко слънчева светлина, сянка на прелитаща лястовичка, птичи хор и смях на приятели в изобилие, те правят работната седмица по-лека и приятна...!:)

So... if we return to the title of this post, I've actually introduced to you the ingredients for a good mood... You should mix them pretty well, paying attention not to miss anything, then sprinkle with sunshine, add friends' laughter,  bird songs and... enjoy life!:) Now I can meet the new week, full of deadlines, duties and noise!:) But who cares?;-0)

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  1. You make beautiful pictures of a beautiful country! Sounds like a perfect day. In Holland spring is everywhere. Trees blossoming, birds singing, and people smiling and talking about the nice weather. Good mood season!

    1. Is there anybody in the world who does not love spring? I doubt it!:) So glad you are enjoying beauty around...xx

  2. Hey, there's my cup!! I saw it!
    Ha HA!
    Rossichka, happy Easter!! again!
    Oh I would have wanted to be in that breakfast!
    Blowing a dandelion is like sending our desire to become realitie.
    (I think when I was a child, before blowing a dandelion asked three wishes, I do not remember)
    I saw a blue flower, similar to ones that grow in my house. is like a creeping plant, right?
    I also saw a wild rose. here called "rosa mosqueta" and with his seed some people do a sweet very tasty. I have in my house several plants, I like it because its leaves have a nice smell, is this the one I saw in your photos?
    Well, my friend, soon, here is the dinner, I should go home, greetings to you and your family!

    1. Ah, I was tired last evening, but now I have taken a better look at the pictures. The little blue flower is a creeper. We call it Maagdenpalm = palmtree of the virgins ??? no idea why. The tree is a plloard willow (I think) Holland is famous for them. http://images.google.nl/search?q=knotwilg&biw=1366&bih=643&sei=PUyLUfmMDYSo0wXUioCIDg&tbm=isch
      Your eggs are fantastic! How did you do that? looks like batik.

    2. Oh, that magical number three...! I remember all those fairytales with three brothers, three daughters, three paths on a crossroad, three wishes... How generous! It's calming to know you have another choice!)
      Well, we call that plant "зеленика". I've heard it has a healing power. I found out two kinds of it:
      Yes, Roberto, this is the same "wild rose". So, we have more in common than we suppose!:)

      Hedwig, dear, now I know how you call this pretty plant in Dutch! Yes, it's the same - no doubt! But the tree is a cherry tree - we know the place out of town and were shocked to see lots of the trees there cut down!
      Well, about the techniques... Apart from simply using colours, we made stamps with fresh green leaves, drew with wax (church candles), used cooking oil for patterned eggs and tried a new technique (for us), with onion husk (I don't know the exact word!)... I'm glad you liked them! Under the label "Easter", you could see our eggs from the last couple of years! See you!x

    3. Ah, I see that the willows, that H. shows are very similar to the tree R. shows.but is not the same tree :O
      Admirable willow tree, after being savagely cut by his trunk, he revives, next spring! A great example that nature gives us. do not believe so?

      ah, R. I see, it is a Vinca, I suppose, wild. because at home grows without anyone sow, I know that is a Vinca (I read your link to Wikipedia) because immediately I saw it, I remembered that my wife buys vinca in the nursery, and the flower is similar.
      As we say here: "The world is a handkerchief"
        Referring to that is smaller than we think
      and we share more of what we believe :))))

    4. A handkerchief, besides a remarkably beautiful one! Nature is a great teacher, only that we don't find time "to go to school"!...
      Roberto, did you read my response to you in the previous post?

    5. A lot of work in that eggs. And love and beauty. Don't eat them!

    6. Actually we made this year quite a lot, knowing that we can't eat all of them, but decided to keep some just for admiring and prolonging the feast's spirit!
      Here we exchange eggs and kozunak with relatives and friends . Do you do the same in Holland?

    7. We paint eggs, but only when you have little children. It's a childrens business. We hide eggs in the garden and the children have to find them. We don't exchange.
      My boys are so big. It ages ago that I have painted an egg. I have to wait for grandchildren or introduce the Bulgarian way! XXX

    8. He-he! When that day comes, I'll tell you my "secrets" of painting eggs! Here we fight with them and if your egg remains unbroken, then you are the winner and it means that you'll be healthy the whole year!:)

    9. Like you throw eggs at each other???

    10. Oh, no!!!!:DD
      Here's a short video for you TO SEE how people fight with eggs (I don't have time to read the article.)


      And there's something that might be interesting for you -



    11. Aha, now I see! The eggs are cooked, so no messy business. I didn't know that tradition.
      And in the other link was exactly what I meant with 'batik'. That is wax painting they do in Indonesia. You do it on textile. First the wax, they dye.
      Very beautiful eggs!!! Thank you. Is it mothers day in your country too?

    12. Yes, first we boil the eggs.
      You can see some photos from our wax technique Easter workshop a couple of years ago here. My husband showed the children "what" and "how"...

      No, we celebrate mother's day on March 8th.
      Many happy returns of the Day, Hedwig!!:_x

    13. They are beautiful! Perhaps next year I'll try...

  3. What a delicious post! Of course I am most impressed by the breakfast, would love to taste kosunak! :-)))

    1. Maybe if you find a Bulgarian shop (I know there's at least one in London), you could buy kozunak - it's really very delicious, especislly with a cup of coffee or milk!:)))

  4. Good morning Rossichka, and thank you for the lovely recipe. I think that I will be trying it many times!

    Dandilions always bring me happy childhood memories.

    Your Easter eggs are quite beautiful...you had a bowl of gems sharing the table with that delicious looking pastry.

    i'm very glad that you took your camera with you for that walk around the countryside. Those close up views are remarkable. I share your optomism about that cherry tree's ability to recover.


    1. Hello, Frances! The bowl with cookies? My husband baked them - with dark chocolate and raisins. Mmmmm!:D
      We are planning to go to the same village again and again and I hope to show how it looks like in summer and autumn.
      Have a nice day! It's time for my afternoon coffee now.:)

  5. Such lovely photos and I would love to visit that little village :D I hope the cherry tree survives, they are quite tough little trees :D

    Take care dear friend.x

    1. They will survive, but we won't eat that much cherries for years...:( Our geographical region is famous for its cherries and peaches.
      Cherven is a very interesting place indeed! By the way, the archaeological excavations there continue and every year students from Great Britain (BA archaeology and history) take part in them. My son has been their interpreter twice, this summer maybe he'll go again - it's good for practising his English and he enjoys to be among young people at his age... A lovely experience!

  6. I am a bit late... but still lovely to see your Easter celebration and your lovely images of the world through your lens and heart. sending a bright smile.

    1. Thank you, Tammie, for the sincere words! It's so nice to come back home tired and excited and to find a comment from a friend!:) Why excited? Today was the Tenth Night of Museums in Europe and my town was among those who offered its citizens a lot of cultural events. It's over midnight. I watched in the Museum of History a lovely performance of a teenager's theatre group (my husband leads them) with the participation of young sudents-musicians and my son - beatboxing. It was full of people (from little children who were supposed to be in bed to old couples) spending the warm, spring night visiting museums and galleries, chatting, laughing, or simply walking!...

  7. hello rossichka,

    so wonderful to hear about your event. that sounds like a fine way to share time with loved ones as well as your community. i love art walk here in our area. one night a month all the galleries are open and the crowds come to enjoy the arts. we don't have a museum. lovely to hear from you.

    1. So it's the same.:) You've said it fine: people enjoy arts and being together, share their impressions and feel closer in a way!

  8. I'm glad your tree will survive and hopefully there will be some cherries at least (I love cherries!). Your son sounds very mature and capable :D

    Please do join my word sketches as I'd love to see what you can do with the ideas. Join in whenever you have the time :D

    1. Thanks for the compliment and the invitation! I'll surely try, hopefully in near future. Good luck!:))))

  9. Rossichka, you are one of the last romantic women on the planet!!!
    I draw a cat looking at the moon, only a cat looking at the moon, and you imagine a romantic story.
    OK. I like it, I also believe in the romanticism (as you can imagine)
    I loved the poem, how do you find these things?
    I said to The WW that I'm old to go out at night to look at the moon, ha ha, maybe, in my other life (if I'm a cat) I will have an affair with the white-faced moon, which, every night she is disappearing little by little, so that I can never reach her!!!
    will be a sad love story :(((
    Byeeeeeeeeeee have a nice and romantic weekend!!

    1. Dear Roberto, this is not "only" a cat looking at the moon, because you've drawn two characters !I wrote all those things, provoked by the make-up of the Moon... Thinking of an impossible love and sad moon-lit nights speaks that you are a romantic, too!

      Today is a very important and exciting day for our family! I'll tell you later why! Bye!!!x

    2. Hi there, friends! Let's go out, look at the moon and think of our friendship. In my bedroom I have a little window. In the old days is was a stable. But... when the moon is full it often shines right in my face and keeps me awake. But from now on I'll be a Minnalouche and just say hallo to the moon, think of you two and have sweet dreams.

    3. OK. I want to say to Hed. that also I have small windows in my bedroom and the full moon always wakes me up.
      look here, Hedwig!


      and here


    4. I haven't seen these drawings , because I began following your blog later. The Moon has obviously an influence upon you! It's interesting to see what you feel about it! I'm sorry you can't sleep well in full moon nights! What do you do then? Is the moon always the winner?:)

    5. Thank you for showing these posts about the moon. I'm to tired now, but tomorrow I try to decypher the spanish and read the story. I can say allready that I'm all excited! I think a have a similar relation with the moon!!! XXWW

  10. Hello, Hedwig! Actually the full moon was yesterday. But she's looking almost that big and round tonight, too. And I'm writing to you. Which means that I'm thinking of you!:)
    You in the bed with wide open eyes, the moon, watching through through the window and... the silhouette of Minnalouche in the mooinlight... I can see this picture!
    Sweet dreams!

    1. Ah sweet Rossichka! Thanks for the Minnaloushe explanation. Yeats must have loved this woman very much. I like the sound of Minnaloushe! I have a thousand-and-one-night association: something eastern, something moony and mystery. XXWW

    2. Moony and mysterious, yes!!! With an echo when pronouncing...Maybe this cat has fallen into someone's spell and in fact this is not a cat, but A....???? What do you think?xx

  11. I can not ignore a beautiful woman asking a drawing please. the next cat I draw will be for you, Rossichka.
    but you must be patient, this week I'm by far really much work. I can barely write this. and I keep working. forgive me if by the time I'm not going to link you left. but I have curiosity, later I will go to see, OK? thanks for your comment :))))

  12. I have something to tell to Hedwig, about the window through which comes the moon, but now really, I have not a second! :(((((

    1. I know what Not- to -have -a -second -for -something -else means....!
      I've just stolen some minutes to make origami... It's such a pleasure! I'll tell you later...oxo

  13. Hi Rossichka I'm just dropping in to say hello-I hope you're relaxing and enjoying the summer-the weather is beautiful here (for a change ,it normally rains!!)Bye for now- Mary Patricia

    1. Dear Mary Patricia,
      Thanks for the visit! I'm so sorry that I keep silence, but I am very, very busy - till the middle of July! Still, when I can, I enjoy the warm sun and the moments of quietness and joy!
      Hope to post something soon!
      Hope also that you are fine!:)

  14. Hi, my friend, how are you?
    wonder that we do not know of you in Blogland!!!????

    1. I'm O.K., Roberto, dear! But really VEEEEEERY busy. Tomorrow we are starting a two weeks summer project with children and there's such a mess in our apartment right now. Together with my husband we are writing, tapping, printing, checking, making lists, re-reading the schedues, etc., etc. Hope to be able to sleep well and to be fresh in the morning. :D We are very enthusiastic about it! I was just thinking to tell about my last month in photos - but I need time to gather them all.
      Thank you that you don't forget me!
      Much love!:)

    2. I'm very curiuous what you are doing and can't wait to see the pictures. But I'll be patient. You do your thing and show us later. I wish you lots of succes and we will not forget you!
      ps When you have time look on Roberto's blog. He made you a...

    3. Hi, I made a comment last night but it didn't reach the blog?!? I wanted to wish you good luck and succes with your project. And tell you I'm looking forward to your coming post where you show us what you are so busy with. Take your time, I too will not forget you!
      Ans when you have a minute go to Roberto's blog. He made you a...
      Hold on! Love, Hedwig

    4. I'll try to do my best and make this post pretty soon...
      I've just seen the special drawing! I am speechess!:)))

    5. SHTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! shut your mouth WW!!!!!!!!! ;)))
      Rossichka: Oh when you said the things you are doing with your husband to prepare the event I thought I would be there helping. (sharing the excitement)
      Rest a minute!!!! at least :)

    6. Oh, I would love having you near to help us!:) Anyway, we started the project and we are still alive!:DDD
      I liked "my cat" very much! I will comment later.
      My eyes are closing , though it's afternoon, so I'm running to make a coffee...

    7. I had to give her a hint. She is so busy and I just wanted her to see it. XXWW

  15. Rossicka, dont you think that Hedwig is the smallest, three of us, ha ha, she is like a little girl!
    Rossichka, you have the ability, to see positive and negative, in a drawing
    It is true!
    the moon is kissing a black boy!
    You've given me a great idea, I'll start drawing at the moon, kissing people!
    Thank you!
    Take a break, my friend! :))))))))))

    1. I'm happy I inspired you in a way! Maybe I'll have a break in the weekend! Our work with the kids is very interesting and exciting, but exhausting, because we are in charge of everything and continue to discuss, plan and organize things from the morning till midnight...:)

  16. Smallest? Hmm, don't know about that. I shall accept it as a compliment. And now I'm gonna try again to get this comment on Rossi's blog. I don't know what I do wrong, but lots of my comments never reach this blog. Perhaps I'm small afterall. Bye friends!

    1. They don't reach it at once, but after I give them a permission - this happens in certain intervals of time. This is how the comments pannel in my blog works. Don't worry, Hedwig!:)))

    2. Aha! Oke! Have a nice day! Here it's tropical hot.