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Откога не сте получавали "истинско" писмо? Писмо от приятел или любим човек? Помните ли вълнението да го откриете в пощенската кутия, да го извадите и отворите?  Тръпката е с нищо несравнима! А радостта... Ех!... За мен такъв ден се превръща в празник!

Do you remember when you last received a "real" letter? From a friend of yours or from somebody you love? Do your remember the excitement of finding it in the post box and opening it? A joy that you cannot compare to anything else!...
Преди няколко дни получих най-красивия плик, изпращан някога до мен! От моята мила приятелка  Хедуиг. Единствен и неповторим, със знаци и послания, които само ние двете разбираме!
Пощальонката звъня "на пожар", твърдо решила да го върне обратно в пощата, в случай, че не открие никого у дома, за да не го тъпче в кутията.
Мисля си колко ли усмивки и искрена радост е предизвикал по дългия си път до мен? (Забелязахте ли колко красиво е изписано "България"?)

Some days ago I received the most beautiful envelope ever sent to me. Amazing and funny, it's unique with the signs only my dear friend Hedwig and I can "read". The postwoman had decided to take it back to the post-office in case there was noone at home - she didn't want to damage it with pushing in the post box. (Please, note how beautifully my country is written in Bulgarian!!!)
I try to imagine the smiles this envelope has provoked on its way from Holland to Bulgaria!:)

Вътре открих тези сладурски рисунки и една много специална - "На крилете на приятелството", която Хедуиг нарисува специално за Роберто и мен. Ще я сложа в рамка в най-скоро време!
Here's what I found inside: some lovely drawings and a very precious one - drawn specially for Roberto and me! How happy I feel!!

Въпреки че се крепи на онлайн писането, блог пространството доведе до размяна на "хартиени" писма. И до раждането на истински приятелства.
Преди една година получих плик, пълен с красиви изненади, сътворени от друга моя приятелка - Рози. Ето повод да ви покажа част от тях.
Although the online communication, blogging led to writing "real" letters and to creating of true friendships...
A year ago I received an envelope, full of beautiful surprises, from another special friend -  Rosi. I'm using the occasion to show you some of them, created by her hands...
Хартиеното водно конче отдавна е кацнало на прозореца до бюрото ми.
This charming dragonfly found its place on the window in front of  my desk.
А птичето с две лица целогодишно краси балкона и мога да го гледам постоянно.
The birdie "lives" for now on the balcony where I can see it hundred times a day.


Пожелавам и на вас подобни мигове на радост! 
I wish you many happy moments of the kind!

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  1. Dear Rossi, what a beautiful presentation! The paper you reading a letter. I so like that everybody has his favorite way to express themself and you had to make a paper cutting! It makes me happy that you are happy. And guys, Rossichka sent me a letter first with a beautiful and delicate paper cutting inside, specially made for me. I love you, dear blog friend!

    1. Hi! To be honest this is an old paper cutting of mine, but it was inspired from letter-writing. Did you notice it's made out of an envelope? Its time to see the world has come!:)

    2. Old or new, doesn't matter, you are the paper puppet artist! I recognised the envelop. Have a nice day! (Did you sleep well?)

    3. Yes, I did, but the next two nights I slept very little. So, I hope to "recover" this night...

      Thaks for the sweet words!:)

  2. Rossichka, I imagine the thrill of receiving this envelope, and the gift of Rosi
    Always, always, I say that modern mails (often written with misspellings, for so young people now written, combining words and inventing and changing one letter for another) never have the charm of old letters written on paper, never, because when you receive a letter, you know that paper was in the hands of the person who sends it, somehow has something of her/his, her/his scent, her perfume.
    within that envelope there is something about the air that that person breathe. the envelope that our friend H. has created is wonderful, only she can do that. congratulations to both, because your paper cutting is a marvel.
    and congratulations to Rosi, as their work is beautiful, I've read the word Love on one side of the bird, one person who sends the word Love can only be a good person.
    Chau, girls, see you!
    PS: I'm thinking of something about to send handwritten letters and drawings, as soon as I have finished the idea I will connect with you. OK?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You are absolutely right that letters bring the presence of those who have written them! The hand writing, the additional paper and the choice of its colour, a paper-clamp or a dried flower, etc. - everything speaks of the person's attitude and feelings towards you...

      I'm glad your liked Rosi's beauties! She always makes marvels with her hands!

      Well, you surprised and inspired me with your lovely idea, Roberto!
      It will tour the world in an envelope,
      it will fly like a bird miles and miles...
      Every card will be sent with the sweetest hope
      to be welcomed somewhere with smiles!

  3. как сте дама?
    Аз дойдох да ви пожелая приятен уикенд.
    (I hope Google translator have not translated something inappropriate) :)))

    1. Oh, don't ask me how I'm feeling right at this moment! After having slept only for a few hours, I had a mad, mad day and another one of the kind is expecting me! At least I'll be free in the afternoon! So... my eyes are closing, but I'm drinking coffee in order to endure till midnight - I have some more samples to do for the workshop! I promise to write tomorrow!
      Your Bulgarian is very good!;D Only, instead of "дама" (lady), it's better to use "госпожа" (Mrs.)...So... Как сте, госпожо? And I'm answering: " I'm O.K., thank you!" = Добре съм, благодаря!

    2. What a busy life you have, Rossichka! Is this only for a period, or is this the normal way of life? Well, all the best and good night. Hope you can sleep after all that coffee.

    3. Hi! I don't have a problem with the coffee - late in the evening it's just a delicious drink for me!:) I have such busy periods, yes - weeks or months, it depends on whether we have rehearsals, performances, tours, projects to do... It's the same with my husband; most of the time we work together... Sometimes it's tiresome, but always interesting!!!
      Today I had a very special day in personal plan, but the workshop in the morning was great and I can't stop thinking of it! I'll make a post about it these days!
      I'm going to read Roberto's proposal in details now - I wasn't at home this evening!

      Good night and sweet dreams, Hedwig!:)))

  4. such wonderful mail!
    and art, treasures
    that make the heart smile!

  5. What an emotion to see my little bird again.
    You're so nice to put it in one of your posts.
    It's like I am a little bit in your home!


    1. Yes, you are!:) I'm so glad you've read this post!
      The birdie is O.K., enjoying life from the balcony, saying "bye" to the sun every afternoon!:D