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Моменти от живота в Кисуму...

Some glimpses from Kisumu...

В централната част на града всичко е различно - магазините, тротоарите, колите. Навсякъде кипи живот, строят се много сгради, асфалтират се пътища. Само след няколко години, вярвам, разликата ще е огромна!

In the central part of the town everything looks differently: shops, banks, pavements. New buildings and roads... Kisumu is changing so fast!

Извън града е пълно не само с коли, колелета, мотоциклети, мататос и тук-тук, но главно с хора, вървящи от двете страни на  пътя...

Out of the town you can see lots of people walking along the road...

Снимките не са много качествени, защото повечето са правени в движение, но човек може да добие реална представа за живота тук.

Most of my pics are taken while moving by different vehicles, that's why they are not that good.

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  1. Rossichka should be a beautiful work the sky. My country is changing too, but I also had a lot of poverty, but that you live in a country that does not have any of it, should be happy to see the change. How nice!

    1. Somewhere the poverty is shocking... But people live with dignity. And I'm just thinking about the things in my life I should be grateful for!

  2. Heya Rossicheeka :) Весела Коледа от мен за вас и вашето семейство. Надявам се, че може би духът на този символ режещия хартия и разказвач на приказки Ханс Коледа Андерсън може да дойде да посети!Много подаръци и не прекалено много торта!Видим Hugs от тук :)

    Did you know people who live with dirt fllors smile more often than people who live in sky scrapers? It's a well known fact I just made up :)

    1. I haven't realized that before, but now I know it for sure! I saw so many poor people, smiling and waving for "hi!"! They live for the day, in the present moment. Noone's rushing or hurryinglike us...
      What a surprise - a message in Bulgarian?!:) Thanks! If HCAndersen's spirit appears, I'll tell you... Maybe I should take the scissors at last!:D
      Merry Christmas and sincere wishes for love, inspiration and another exhibitions during the New Year,Andrew!!

  3. Hi, Rossichka,
    How many beautiful peolple you show us!!!!!!!!!!!
    one of the things I want to know is the idiosyncrasies of people in different parts of the world!
    is the best of each trip, the landscapes and geographies, we bring in photos, but the other thing we bring in our hearts, right?

    Well I apologize, because I said that before the end of this year I would send you one of my drawings and still I did not, but it is a promise,
    I wish you a Merry Christmas, and that next year your heart is always full of love to give (as I know it is)
    wish you much happiness with your loved ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

    1. Thank you, my dear friend, for the wonderful wishes! Let the New Year bring you and your family love, health and unforgetable moments!
      I brought with me numerous impressions and I need time to "see" them in peace - probably during the holidays!
      Now I'm so busy with Christmas performances, that part of my luggage is still unpacked, some gifts - still not bought and the Kenyan story - deep inside my heart... I came back home full of energy, but meanwhile "succeeded" to catch the flu and am feeling so miserable at the moment...:(((