понеделник, 13 декември 2010 г.


A big and sincere "thank you!" to all who participated in my Christmas giveaway! Well, it was quite a modest one, but I like all your ideas! I think they are wonderful and I'll weave some of them in greeting cards or just pictures with this angel.

Last night I asked my son (he's 16 years old, for those of you who don't know) to choose the lucky one. So he did. Here're your names in the glass...
He's just picked up the name....
And the winner is....
Congratulations, Ale! Visit her blog, full of so much joy, love and optimism and enjoy her beautiful watercolours and bookmarks!

Thanks once again to you all... I'll have more giveaways in future, I promise!:)))

When I finish the card, according to Ale's wish, I'll post it here, before sending to Mexico!

Bye for now, keep your smiles and have a really wonderful week!!:)

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  1. нали ще покажеш после каква картичка си сътворила специално :) поздрави за хубавите идеи и честит първи сняг, Роси :)))

  2. ...а тук какви чудни десени хартии в дебели пакети открих в един магазин... главозамаяха ме... жалко, че нямаме такива места, само за "Слънчоглед" се сещам като подобен тип магазин, но е далеч по-малък от това, което е тук като изобилие на материали за какво ли не.

  3. Ох, написах отговор, но в последния момент нещо бутнах и той изчезна... Та... За първи път не пиша пост на български, защото в случая няма за кого.:(
    Иначе - да, ще покажа картичката. Идеята ми беше спечелилият да получи СВОЯТА картичка, затова исках да чуя идеите на участниците. Всичките са хубави!
    Ако вляза в такъв магазин, особено с хартии, сигурно ще се побъркам!:))))) Тук се опитват да привнесат така наречените crafts, но освен хора с въображение и талант, каквито си имаме, са нужни и много материали. Ето един магазин в София, който е специализиран - www.2elshi.com. Вече си купих някои дреболийки оттам.

    Надявам се, че двете с бебка сте добре! Мама пристигна ли вече? Целувки от все още незаснежения Русе!!


  4. What a great surprise to start this week, Thanks so much!!

  5. то ти си си написала, ама аз изобщо не прочетох поста :) мама идва на 21-ви, а от днес съм в деветия месец, всичко е наред сасега :)
    а този магазин, Роси, невероятно изобилие не само на хартии, но и на прежди, копчета и платове. и за първи път виждам да се продават малки парчета от всеки плат, толкова много различни десени и материи, че свят ми се вие като тръгна да разглеждам. и сериозно съм се замислила какво бих могла да сътворявам от такива неща, когато се прибера вкъщи, искам да го помъкна целия на гръб. сто ти линк, просто ако ти е интересно, може да се поръчва онлайн, но незнам дали ще изпращат до БГ:

  6. Congratulations,Ale! I hope you will like the card.:) Please, check you mail and send me your address!

  7. Е, хайде, леки последни седмици, Ясминка! Поспивай си до насита и се остави да те поглезят! Щастливи празници!!
    Мерси за линка - вече поразгледах. Само ножичките ми стигат да въздъхна... Между впрочем, по подобна поръчка имам вече специален нож за рязане на хартии.:)
    Хайде, до скоро и знай, че двамата с Илия мислено сме с теб!!!хх

  8. Congratulations to Ale and what a beautiful card. I know I've said it before, but you're so talented :D

  9. I'm blushing... Thank you! I'm sorry you didn't participate, but there'll be another giveaways...:)

  10. Rossichka Hello!
    It's good to hear that when spring comes you will take some time off with your husband. Maybe you could do that before too. Is so lacking. yes, after our walk. we realize that time is never wasted when you spend it yourself. you're lucky. Perhaps, it has certainly been a day when a love wave went around the world, and walks and meals were better!
    Thank you for your comment, always read very carefully, knowing that your words come from your heart.

  11. The first time we go somewhere to breathe fresh air and spend some time just for relaxing (no matter in spring or in winter) I will really think of you and your wife! It would be nice these "love waves" to appear more often... Good night!

  12. hello Rossichka from Bulgaria,

    you're right, the moon is so lonely :((

    "Sad eyes, moon face,
    why cry, moon face?"
    perhaps because the deer wont hug the moon for a hundred years... they were lovers, once upon a time.

    -mita from Tír na nÓg.

  13. But still the deer is there, where he should not be - on a branch, in disguise like a bird!! He's obviously still loving the Moon. But maybe she doesn't want to see him anymore or there's something she cannot forgive???

  14. Congratulations Ale! I'm sure Ale will enjoy your thoughtful gift!

  15. Rossi dear, I can't help but think how deep your insights are when it comes to interpreting art! I kept nodding as I read your comment, just amazed that you had some points spot on. Well yes, the circus is a grand, magnificent yet ironic world. But then so is life sometimes, don't you think?

    I hope you're having wonderful days over there! oxox

  16. Dearest Amalia, about five minutes ago I visited your blog hoping to find your comments. How strange and nice that in this very moment we are really talking to each other from two so distant countries, cities, rooms...!
    Well, it's pleasant to know that to a certain degree I feel things in the way you feel them, concerning your art! And what about the interpretations... this is my profession, my friend!:) I must analyse carefully and profoundly the play, so that I could work with the actors and lead them to the goal of the performance (and always be a step ahead). Directing is analysing before all.
    Yes, life is ironic sometimes, but this side of it is bitter and sad... I prefer to avoid such thoughts...
    Have a lovely weekend!!xx

  17. Sending our love this Christmas for you and your family.

    Best Regards,

  18. Oh, how sweet of you! See you in 2011!:)))

  19. Hey Rossichka!

    Well someone is very lucky eh? I hope you are not covered by snow? In Australia we are covered by sun so we must cover ourselves!

    I am wishing you and your family wonderous Christmas Joys!

    I have enjoyed your work very much and look forward to your next masterpieces...

    Oh I saw a paper cute here by the way


  20. Hello, Andrew! Yes, we have snow, but we are still not covered by it! They say the weather and the snow are perfect for skiing in our mountains and during the holidays a lot of tourists are expected in the ski resorts. Unfortunately my family is in the trap of illnesses and I hope the New Year will bring us health before all, because I am sick and tired of pills and sleepless nights!

    Thank you for the blog - a very interesting one, with its own style. I'm curious to read more from it during the holidys. You are a friend!
    I wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy, Smiling, Inspiring and Successful New Year!:-)

  21. Rossichka Hello!
    Well, I just came to wish you happy holidays and thank all the visits you made to my blog and the comments you left me. always very intelligent, which, surely I've learned a lot, because you are very intelligent and cultured.
    Well, I'll wish. My wish is that all the friends I've had this year, we continue seeing us next year.
    A kiss. And Happiness!

  22. Thank you, dear Roberto, for the compliment! I like to "talk" with you, too!:) You know how much I like your style of drawing, don't you? I wish you and your family an unforgetable New Year! But I'll say more in your blog!:)