неделя, 8 ноември 2015 г.


Правихме поп-ъп картички в съботната молска работилничка. Отгръщаш картичката и пред очите ти се разтваря чадърче! Малка сладка магия!
Yesterday we made simple pop-up cards in our Saturday creative family workshop. With small umbrellas unfolding and folding. So charming!

Това са нашите мостри. За вдъхновение. Едната картичка е рисувана, а другата е колаж.
Here are our samples. Just for inspiration. Showing different techniques.

Огромна радост беше да видим най-малките да рисуват и лепят!
We were more than happy to see the most little children drawing and glueing with passion!

Колкото деца - толкова сюжети!
Many children - many stories!

Имаше дъги...
There were rainbows...

Двойки под дъжда...
Couples in the rain...

Даже жабките от няколко рекламни брошури се преместиха да живеят под чадърчетата.:)
Even the frogs from some leaflets were noticed to change their residence.:)

Особена слабост имам към този сюрреалистичен колаж!
I find this surrealistic collage absolutely amazing!

Напомни ми за ето тези инсталации, които видях в Yorkshire Sculpture Park!:D
It reminded me of these installations that I saw in Yorkshire Sculpture Park!:D

И... любимите ми!
And... my favourites!

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  1. Отговори
    1. Thank you, Maria!
      I'm following your posts, although I don't comment lately. I had some problems and I've given up! It's a grand pleasure to see how you develop your means of expression.:)

  2. I love these! What a great idea using popup paper features in cards :)

    1. Thanks! We made pop-up cards for Christmas, too.
      Should try again - children (and parents) have fun!

  3. Rossichka, folded paper to create umbrellas has revealed so many beautiful resulting images from these talented children.

    Do you think that in sunnier times of the year they would have differing responses to the notion of folded paper parasols to protect their skin from the powerful sun. It might be a fun experiment. From my own childhood, so many decades ago, I don't think I would have had a clue about protecting my skin from sun. Later, of course, I discovered that more care would have been wise.

    Don't mean to be heavy here. I continue to be amazed by your ways of bringing forth fantastic creations from the children in your workshops. xxx ooo

    1. Thank you, dear Frances, for your sweet, encouraging words! They mean much to me/us!
      Yes, we could make a summer edition of the theme. Several children made exactly parasols.:) But I wanted this post to be dedicated to autumn, as this was the main idea of making the umbrellas!xx