сряда, 3 март 2010 г.


Преди десетина дни спечелих изящен подарък от Англия - комплект ръчно изработени пликове и листи за писма от Сю - http://mousenotebook.blogspot.com. За по-малко от седмица те долетяха и мога да ви ги покажа... Хартията е специална, изработени са с много вкус и изисканост... Първо ще им се нарадвам, а после ще зарадвам любими хора с писъмца.
About 10 days ago I became the happy winner of Sue's stationery giveaway - http://mousenotebook.blogspot.com. I 've already received these lovely envelopes and exquisite sheets of paper. Here they are... They inspire me to write the most beautiful letters in the world!:) Thank you, Sue, once again! I'm so happy!
Как да не ти се прииска да пишеш писма?!...(Все още обичам да го правя, макар и доста рядко.)
So, it's time for writing letters!

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  1. So glad they arrived safely and glad you like them too :-)

  2. THANKYOU for you comment on my blog yesterday. It made me cry a ilttle.x

  3. Oh, it's so touching!... I'm sure everything will be all right, tomorrow you'll have a strong start, because you love to make these magic lamps that bring warmth and coziness to people's homes!

  4. Rossichka dearest, you are just lovely to me, so I'm giving you an award which is waiting for you at my blog! xx

  5. What a pleasant surprise -thank you! It's so precious, because it's from YOU!